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Hello there! How are you doing? I am doing well, and I am excited to introduce one of  the Japanese traditional techniques called Kitsugi.

I guess many of you wonder what Kintsugi is. Well, it’s the techniques to fix broken pottery. I started learning it to fix my broken porcelain from the earthquake last year.

A couple of days ago, I finished my first work of it! It took more than six months for me to finish it, but I am very happy with the result.


Last year an earthquake broke my favorite Dresden piece painted by Alfredo Toledano who was my Dresden teacher. I bought his hand-painted piece more than eight years ago in Arizona, USA from my other teacher San Do.

When I looked at the broken piece, I was very shocked. That’s because Alfredo had passed away, and it’s impossible for me to buy his new piece again. I felt very sorry that his piece was broken.  Now, I am very happy that I could fix it.




The other piece is a lid from my mother in-law’s favorite tea pot. I needed a practice piece, and she asked me to fix it. I haven’t shown the piece to her yet, but I am sure she will love this.



What do you think about Kintsugi? Does it look like Frankenstein in pottery? You may think the way, but I think Kintsugi is not only to glue broken pieces, but also to create a new art piece from the broken pieces. I am totally involved in the techniques now. I just started learning it. So, I don’t have so many pieces that I can show you. You will see more and more on my blog from now on. I am looking forward to showing how broken pieces will turn into different art with the Kintsugi techniques.

You can read bout Kintsugi more here:

Thank you for visiting my blog! See you around again!!








Japanese Cuisine in Kyoto

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The Spirit of Japan

Hello there! How have you been so far? I think I haven’t posted anything on my blog for a while, and I apologize my laziness. You know once we get lazy, it’s hard for us to start again, right?

Today I want to write about Japanese cuisine in Kyoto and the cuisine is called Kyo-ryori in Japanese.

I went to a Japanese fancy restaurant called Tan-kuma (たん熊)with my husband and two of our mutual friends and eat together. We had a lot of fun there to chitchat.


This is called sesame tofu made from sesames.


Fish soup called sumashi-jiru


Fresh raw fish called sashimi


Main dish


My favorite, eel rice! Mmmmm, yummy!


Desert: green tea ice cream and kinako mochi with red beans

I went to kyoto again with my other friend on a different day, and she and I ate different Japanese cuisine at another fancy restaurant. The restaurant…

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I Went Antiquing with My Friend in Kyoto

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Hello there! How have you been so far?

I am excited that I finally can update my blog again, lol. Today I want to show some photos of Japanese porcelain shops. A friend of mine and I went antiquing in Kyoto and I took some photos there.

First, we stopped by an antique shop. Here you can see a bunch of Antique porcelain.




The shop owner was very nice and when I asked her to take some photos of the inside, she let me take some photos. So, I can show you them.






The shop owner explained to us that she has owned this shop for over thirty years. Most of the china here were made in the Edo period. It means they are 500 to 600 years old! Wow!!!










I bought some antique porcelain to practice Kintsugi techniques. Kintsugi is a part of our traditional techniques to fix broken porcelain. I started learning how to fix porcelain after the earthquake in Osaka.

Here you can learn about Kintsugi more:

After looking around the shop, we walked and found another nice shop.


This shop is not an antique shop.  I explained to a worker at the shop  that I was looking for some practice pieces for my Kintsugi techniques, and she told me that when I come back to the shop at the porcelain festival in summer, she can sell broken pieces for very cheap. Then, to contact me she wrote down my address and phone number on a piece of paper.














This corner is Kintsugi. I didn’t know that we can sell fixed pieces with the Kintsugi techniques. They were broken once and fixed with the Kintsugi techniques. So, we can use them again.


We ate Japanese noodle called Udon with some chicken tempura.


Since we were very close to Yasaka temple, I asked my friend to go there. That’s because I wanted to see and take some photos of cherry blossoms there.







Although the weather in Kyoto on the day was still cold, luckily we could see some cherry blossoms blooming.





We walked to the Teramachi street to see another antique shop. I didn’t take the shop photos, but I found beautiful cherry blossoms there and saw a maiko.


This shop is so-called Ochaya where Maiko and Geiko ( also called Geisya) are working. So, if we are lucky, we sometimes can see Maiko or Geiko.






Aren’t they pretty? I really love cherry blossoms with a river. The scene is the best!!

All the sudden, my friend and I saw a maiko.

Nowadays, when you walk around in Kyoto, you can see fake Maiko or Geiko everywhere. They are tourists who are wearing a maiko costume or geiko costume. When you want to see a real one, you should come to the streets which have Ocyayas where they work for.


The Maiko was a real one because she was walking alone with a plastic bag. We thought she had some errand to buy something. We chased her, lol to take some photos.






She was too fast for us to follow even though she was wearing a kimono and we couldn’t see her face. This also made us think she was a professional one.  Usually people can’t walk fast when they wear a kimono.

I had a great time with my friend in Kyoto. She and I will go some antique shows and I will introduce them on my blog soon.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

This year I want to focus on creating my own style of art and probably it’s hard for me to show my pieces. Even so, I will try to show my practice pieces on my blog!













Yumi’s Adventures in Italy, 2018

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Hello there! How have you been so far? I am embarassed that I am writing an old article for my art blog, but I think I have to finish this first. Then, I will write about an even older than this, lol.

I studied abroad in Italy last year as well. It was last November and it was cold. I regreted why I didn’t bring a thicker jacket then. When I go back there next year, I won’t forget to do that.

Last time my teacher, her husband and my painting friends took me to Venice during our classes and this time they took me to Milan. It was my first time to get in a subway called metro.


Metro tickets

Let’s go to Milano with me!


We can buy tickets there.





Inside of the train. It was very clean and the seats were a little bit different from ours in Japan.


Platform             It looks very similar as ours.



Duomo in Milan


Unfortunately, the day when we were there was rainy and cold.  There was a long line with people who were waiting for their turns to get in. Since I was with my Italian friends, I didn’t need to wait because actually, there were two lines;  the longer one for tourists and the shorter one for local people. I could get in the shorter one, but I thought it was very unfair for tourists.


I am sorry for this out of forcus photo.

I was not allowed to take photos of the inside, but I saw some beautiful staindglasses and paintings there. I love seeing and entering cathedrals. Especially after reading a book about cathedrals (The book title is “The Pillars of The Earth”.) I was so overwelmed by the church.


After the church, we stopped by Gallelia which has lots of shops.


This is the most expensive restaurant menu in Milan.


This is the restaurant.



Here in Italy, art is everywhere even on the floor! I was so in love with Italy!




Prada, but look up at the ceiling. Art there!!!!


Look at this gorgeous sugar craft! So gorgeous!


I have an interesting story which I want to share with you. One of my Italian friends took us to a popular restaurant among locals. I met a waiter there. When he saw me, he immediatly asked me about my nationality. After he knew I was Japanese, he started talking Japanese words or terms whatever he knows. It was so funny because he said lots of Osaka dialects and I didn’t think he knew the meaning of what he mentioned. I couldn’t stop laughing. Since I was very curious about how he learned the terms, I asked about it to him. He told met that his Japanese friend, Mr. Honda taught them to him.

Well, we have so many Hondas in Japan. How do I know which Honda he is, lol. I told him that I am sorry there were so many Hondas, and I don’t think I know of your friend, Mr. Honda. He gave me a suspicious look and showed me his cell phone to say, ” Oh, my friend Mr. Honda is very popular here. I can show you his photos.”  When I looked at photos,  all the sudden, everything what he said made sense to me. The Mr. Honda is our soccer player, Keisuke Honda because he used to play soccer for The AC Milan. This restaurant was his favorite and he used to come here many times.

When I heard the story, I thought “Wow, it’s a very small world. I don’t know Honda, but now I know his friend!”  Then, I looked around the restaurant and figured out that this place was really popular among local people and soccer players.




After lunch, we went to the Brera museum and saw a bunch of amazing art! Oh, I really loved it there!!!!




Very old library in the museum.


The museum allowed us to take photos, and I will show you some breathtaking pieces.

















Venice! I was amazed that Venice has never ever changed!








This is one of the feature paintings in this museum. The painting title is The Kiss.








After the museum, we walked around in Milan.
















Milan was just like mixi of Kyoto, Shinsaibashi in Osaka and Ginza in Tokyo because it has lots of luxurious shops, historical places, museums and art.

The other day my teacher and her husband took me to another place called Ferrara.

To be honest with you, I prefer the old town to Milan.








The town doesn’t have any luxurious shops, but I prefer this type of small local shop!




My favorite mushrooms called porcini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!














I met new friends, tried out new foods or sweets and learned a lot both painting and Italian culture.




I can’t say thank you enough to these people!! I am already really looking forward to going back to Italy to learn from my Italian mentor and hanging out with my Italian friends! Ti voglio bene!!!

Thank you so much for reading such a long blog entry!

See you around in two weeks! Have a lovely week!!!








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Hello there! How have you been? I want you to know that I haven’t quit my art blog and I apologize for the delay.

Two weeks has passed since new year. I hope everybody’s year started good.

I have some updates. First, I quit my painting school and I graduated from Gay’s painting school as well. I will write about my trip in the States last year on my other blog entry. I will write about my trip in Italy as well.

Last year since I took a portrait class from Cookie, I practiced some portraits. This lady portrait was the last one that I practiced last year. I will practice some portraits this year as well.  I hope you will see the better ones this year.

portrait on porcelain,

portrait on porcelain,

Painting this lady was fun and I learned a lot.

Now, I started creating my own art. You will see what I will paint on my blog this year as well.

Thank you for visiting my art blog! Happy painting!



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Hello there! How have you been? I am sorry that I hadn’t posted anything for a while, but I came back here.

I think many people use a cell phone now rather than a PC, and they don’t read long blog entries anymore. Blogs are kind of the out of fashion now. So, I change my art blog to follow the movement.  I keep posting my hand-painting’s photos, but I don’t write long blog entries anymore on my art blog. So, it will be easier for people to check out my blog on their cell phones. To follow the movement, I started using Instagram as well. If you are interested in my Instagram, please follow me.

handpainting, mouse painting, painting on porcelain, animal portrait, animal painting porcelain painting

painted on  12.5 cm ×17.5cm porcelain tyle


handpainting, mouse painting, painting on porcelain, animal portrait, animal painting porcelain painting

See you soon!



China Fair in Kyoto

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The Spirit of Japan

Hello there! How have  you been so far? I think you forgot that I have blogs, lol. Yes, I myself almost forgot about them as well, lol. Well, I had lost interested in blogging for a while. Since I have left this blog for months, I have no idea what I should write. Then, I found that writing a china festival inKyoto might be interesting.

This summer was really hot, and I avoided going out. I rarely went out, and this festival was one of them. I don’t know why people in Kyoto hold the china (porcelain) festival in summer because summer in Kyoto is one of the muggiest places in Japan.

Anyway, the festival is held every summer, and many people have visited there because it opens from the morning to evening. I suggest to go there in the evening because it’s much cooler. You will be very comfy.

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