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Tea Set

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Hello there! How are you doing today?

It’s getting more muggy in Japan, and I just don’t like it. I hope the weather where you live is nicer than here where we live.

I am sorry for the delay that I didn’t update my art blog. I am busy for school stuff. Today I show you one of my school projects that I painted. Although it’s nothing new and very classic, but I hope you like it.

European Style, Tea set, Hand painted

European style Tea set

I painted both front side and back side because my teacher forced me to do it. It took one and a half years to finish this tea set!!!! I used one of my foreign teachers, Birgit Porter’s studies for the set ( not used her techniques. My school doesn’t allow me to use other techniques that I learned out from my school.) , and now I am super happy that I finally could finish this.

European Style, Tea Set, Hand Painted

European style Tea Set

I learned a lot of things through making this tea set. I really wanted to add my creativity, but my school doesn’t allow me to add my tastes, even a little bit. I am in the midway of the B course of advance. I still have to finish three more pieces, but after that, I can go to the C course. After I finish the C course, I finally can become an instructor officially in Japan!!  I really hope at the end of next year, I will be able to graduate from my school!

Now, I am working on my original design while doing my assignments from my school. Doing school projects are boring, but I can build patience, preciseness and so on. So, it’s still good for me!

I have some news. I got in the most popular porcelain magazine.

yumi in a magazine1


yumi in a magazine3


yumi in a magazine4

I am so honored about this! I do appreciate Anna write about me on the magazine.

Next time, I will show you my bird painting again.

Have a lovely weekend! See you around next weekend!



Yumi’s Adventures in the States, 2017

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Hello there! How are you doing? I am doing awesome tonight, and I am so happy that I can share my adventures with you.

As you know every year in this season, I go back to the States to improve my painting skills and English skills. This is the best way for me to improve both. I love doing multitasking a lot. I was there almost for a month with Gay and Kay. We had wonderful times together. Since I have been improving my communicating skills in English, my trip in America is getting easier every year. It makes me very happy 🙂  I am already really looking forward to going back to the States next year.

I did lots of things this year, and I am thrilled to share what I did with you. First, I attended the Michigan school as usual and took a class from Brigit Porter. I have been taking several classes from her, and she is one of my favorite teachers in America. I learned a lot from her. Her techniques are very similar what I have been learning in my painting school. I especially loved to learn how to create original pieces with pastel drawing. When I create my original stuff, I will show you the piece I painted with Birgit with my original one.

This year Gay’s school had the youngest porcelain painter, my friend, Bea’s daughter! She is only ten years old.

I think it’s great for her school to have younger people. We definitely need young people to keep our art form in the future. I hope she will come back to her school next year as well!

We also had another fun thing! Gay’s friend, Amie came over to sell outfits, called LulaRoe. Everybody in school loved her outfits. If you are interested in them, check out her Facebook page!

I gave a presentation in Gay’s school for the first time in three years. I was very nervous then, but Kay helped me a lot.

Many people came to my demo, even teachers. Thank you so much! I showed scratch techniques to them.


I shared the scratch techniques at Gay’s painting club as well.  It was my first time to share my techniques in more than four years. So, this made me nervous too. Even so, I am glad that I could share something with people and they could learn from me. Thanks for coming to my class!



Emilie, I am looking forward to seeing your pieces when we meet next year!

After the school, Gay, Kay and I attended another school in Concan, Texas.

It was my first time in more than maybe six years? to attend another porcelain school. After I quit attending the Georgia school, I hadn’t done it for a while. So, I was so excited to attend another school with them.

Gay and I flew to San Antonio to meet Kay there. We met my friend and English teacher, Matt from Evil English: there as well. I have been learning conversational English from him for more than eight years, and it was my first time to meet him in person. We stayed at a River Walk hotel. Since I met Matt, visiting to San Antonio had been on my bucket list. So, I was very happy to make my dream come true. Gay, Kay, Matt and I ate dinner together at a Mexican restaurant. The TexMex food was so good.


Thanks for coming to meet me in person, Matt! I am looking forward to seeing you again!!



I loved the River Walk! It was very pretty!

We took a class from Susan Thumm. I learned a lot from her as well, and she has become one of my favorite teachers too! I love her dreamy fantasy paintings a lot. I also love her vivid colors in her pieces. When I create my original piece with her techniques, I will show you my class piece from Susan too. You will see what I learned from her then. We met new people there. We enjoyed the school a lot. I gave another presentation there as well. I do appreciate people who came to my demo!

I have never seen such amount of hummingbirds before! They were so cute and I got so excited to take their photos!

I experienced hey riding for the first time. The cabin where we stayed has a ranch, and we saw lots of animals from Africa like zebras or giraffes. I was so amazed because I have never seen African animals besides at zoos in Japan!! We feed corns to them, and they chased us. I enjoyed feeding baby goats. They all were so cute, and I felt that I wanted to kidnap some of them to bring to Japan, lol.




After school, we returned to San Antonio. Gay and Kay took me to the Alamo! This was one of highlights of my trip this year. When I saw the Alamo, I was very surprised because I had imaged a huge fort. It was very small and narrow. I do appreciate Kay and Gay to educate me to teach American history. I am very curious about the Alamo history and want to learn it from my teacher Matt.






We took a tour and I was happy that the tour had Japanese. It was my firs time to hear Japanese in a month.


We ate the last supper at a British pub. Since the restaurant was very interesting, I took several photos there. I am not sure if the real British pub looks like that, and I want to ask it to my British friend, Martyn.




Gay ordered the eggs for us to explain that the eggs were from Scotland. They were really tasty.


The following day we left Alamo to head to our home, and we promised to see each other again next year at Gay’s school.

It was so much fun to attend two different schools, and to meet lots of people! I want to say thank you to all the people whom I met on this trip! See you again next year!

I will update my art blog next weekend to show my tea set. I hope you all have a sweet father’s day with your family!

See you around next weekend! xoxo












Hummingbird Part 2

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Hello there!

How have you been? It’s been a while since I updated my art blog. I am sorry that I couldn’t update anything over for a month. I had been in the States, and two weeks ago I got home from America. I had fantastic time with my American friends and will write my adventures on my next blog entry.

Today I want to show you my other hummingbird painting because it’s getting really popular on Facebook.

I painted this for the Michigan school next year. I will share my techniques there in 2018. If you are interested in my class, please contact here:

I hope I will meet you in my class at the Michigan school next year, and I am really looking forward to it!

bird painting, fat oil painting, one fire techniques,

My hummingbird painting


bird painting, fat oil painting, one fire techniques,

My hummingbird painting


bird painting, fat oil painting, one fire techniques,

My hummingbird painting


Now, I am busy for several art shows in Japan, painting orders and my assignments from my painting school I just started painting one piece for the one of the art shows. I finished my second tea set for my painting school. I will show you the tea set pictures soon as well.

I hope you all are having a fruitful day! Happy painting!!! See you next week here again!!