I Wish You a Merry Christmas!

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Ciao! Come stai? Sono molto bene. Sono felice.

Hello there! How have you been so far? I am great and am enjoying learning Italian! I started adding some Italian phrases that I have memorized on my blog, heehe.

Today I want to show my Christmas plate that I finished last night. This is an order from a client. I am happy that I could keep a deadline. She wants to show off this plate in her husband’s hospital. ( Her hubby is a dentist.) I hope she and her hubby will like it.

Christmas plate, European style, Christmas ornaments on porcelainChristmas plate, European style, Christmas ornaments on porcelain

How are you spending this Christmas? My family and I probably will go to a fancy restaurant to eat dinner as we always do. I am knitting a sweater for my hubby, but I don’t think I can give it to him on Christmas, lol. I still have to work a lot. I am ready  to give my hand knitted scarf to my mom. She will like it,  I hope. For my dad, my daughter and my in-laws, I still don’t have any gifts yet.

Christmas plate, European style, Christmas ornaments on porcelain


Christmas plate, European style, Christmas ornaments on porcelain

It’s my first time to paint something for Christmas in a couple of years. It was fun, and I want to do this next year as well.

Now, I started designing a bird painting again to practice. You will see it probably next year!

I hope everybody will have a wonderful time on Christmas!!

See you soon around here again!

-Yumi x





Yumi’s Adventures in Italy, 2017

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Hello there! It’s been a while since I posted my last blog entry. How have you been?

It’s getting colder here, and we are enjoying the weather now. I think I should go somewhere to take some photos of leaves changing for my other blog.

Well, a couple of days ago, I returned home from my studying abroad in Italy. I learned from my mentor, Patrizia Arvieri this year as well. I was there for two weeks and had great times with my painting teacher and my classmates. I do appreciate a lot to all of them whom I met there. I enjoyed hanging out with my old friends and new friends. Maria Vittoria and her hubby took me to a restaurant. We had a happy time there. I regret that I didn’t take any photos there.

I stayed alone at my teacher’s painting studio and painted a lot. She told me that when people are good at copying from others, we can call them a painter. When people are good at using their imagination to create art, we can call them an artist. I can’t forget what she said to me. I think I am a painter, but I am not an artist yet. So, to become an artist, I want to make lots of effort from now on!

When I studied abroad in Italy last year, I thought I needed to learn conversational Italian. However, I was very lazy and didn’t study it at all. I felt shame a lot this year. So, I definitely start learning conversational Italian, Italian art history, how to use my imagination to my art and so on. I hope I will be able to write something a little bit in Italian next year.

Mainly, I painted from mornings to evenings, and after classes, since I don’t understand conversational Italian, I killed time to read books in English, knitting a sweater, designing my art and so on. I sometimes went out from my teacher’s studio to walk around. I did exercise every single day as well.

I took some photos when I walked around her place. It was very funny for me to communicate with people there. That’s because most of people there don’t handle English, and I speak only Japanese and English. Our communication had to depend on my English first, then, my poor Italian, a body language next and finally technology, google translation on a cell phone. Anyway, I survived there alone without Italian for two weeks!

Here are some photos of sweets shops close to my painting teacher’s area. DSCF9418



She allowed me to take some photos of the ice cream shop. I loved there and went there so many times, sometimes with my teacher, friends and sometimes alone.



I really think Italian ice cream is the best!



I really miss the ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The next door of the ice cream shop was a cake shop. They have so many beautiful cakes!




On the other side, there was a flower shop. I stopped by the shop when I was exercising.



I took the photos before Halloween. I learned Italian people celebrate Halloween as well.



My teacher Patrizia sometimes invited me DSCF9451

to their home made males. I prefer home made meals to foods in a restaurant. I appreciate she taught me how to make risotto. I will try it out soon!



She introduced me a lot of Italian culture. She, my dear friends, Virginia, Mariarosa, Virginia’s husband, Vittorio and Patrizia’s hubby, Daniele took me to Venice! It was fascinating for me to get there!


Venice is surrounded by the sea and we have to ride on a boat to get the land.




Venice was so pretty! I loved there at first sight! I doubt there are people who don’t like Venice.






In Italy, everything looked art for me! I loved the hands stature! It was so very cool!


You can see a Gondola!







In the boat I heard a lot of different languages.


First of all, we walked to St. Mark’s church.


From the left side, the European flag, Italian flag and the Venice flag



You can see water on the floor. It was a sunny day, and you can realize that Venice is sinking. The sea water is coming to the floor because the town is on the sea level.



yumi in venice2

Me with my friends and painting teacher



While we were in a line to get inside, I took the church photos. The architecture was just amazing!





Inside of the church was just a museum.







From the ceiling to the floor there were full of art!













In the church, I met some Japanese people in a tour group. It was my first time to speak Japanese in 12 days! The feeling was so good, lol.

After the church, we went to a restaurant.




DSCF9620My lunch! I love Italian people love sea foods! This tastes like Tempura, one of Japanese foods. It was so good! I really enjoyed it.


Since I can’t speak Italian, every time I went to restaurants with my teacher or friends, they helped me to get food. After lunch, I found some Japanese sake in the restaurant!


This amazed me a lot because I found my hubby’s favorite baseball team’ (Hanshin tigers) s mascot, Toracky! I was very curious how they got the mascot and tried to ask it to a waiter. Since he didn’t handle English at all, I couldn’t get any clue. However, he brought a Japanese menu to me!


In Brecia, I had never seen any Japanese at all, even English menus! This means so many Japanese people have visited there, and they don’t handle Italian at all, lol. Oh, shame on us!


After that Virginia and Vittorio let me get in a gondola! DSCF9626


yumi iin venice1










In most of the buildings, people can’t live on a first floor. That’s because of the water.
















It was so much fun! Thank you so much, Virginia!


After the gondola, we went to a palace.



The palace was incredible too!




Art, art, art! I was stuffed with a lot of art!







It is very interesting because we are sharing the similar style of art. I mean in Japan we can see lots of art on ceilings in castles or temples. We also loved using lots of gold to show off power in the castles or temples.





The next door of the palace was a dungeon. It was very creepy.





We went to one more church. I love looking around catholic churches. That’s because usually their decorations are very rich. I can see lots of art inside.








Venice in the evening was also very pretty and romantic. I enjoyed walking around.





The church inside







Masks! Venice is very famous with masks, the carnival. I saw a lot of mask shops, and the masks were so neat. Since the carnival is in February, some time I want to go back there to experience the carnival!

I really want to appreciate my painting teacher, her husband, her daughter, her boyfriend, my painting friends and their hubbys’ hospitality. When I go back to America, my American friends show me lots of hospitality as well. I do appreciate a lot to all my friends all over the world! Thank you so much! Grazie Mille! See you again next year!

Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog entry. See you soon again here!








Clock Plate

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Hello there!

How have you been? We had a very big and strong typhoon last night, but I am glad that we were not affected by it. Here, it’s getting colder, and we can enjoy leaves changing soon!

Today, I want to show my clock plate. I painted this for my cousin who gave birth to a baby boy recently.  She became a mom when she was 47 years old. I am very impressed and happy for her.

Porcelain clock, Nyon roses, European style


Porcelain clock, Nyon roses, European style

I put her baby’s name, weigh, height and birthday in the Japanese way on the back side of the plate.

Now, I am painting another clock plate. You will see it soon!

This blog entry is the last before I go back to study abroad in Italy. After I return to Japan, I will show you my Italian trip.

Until then, happy painting!



Butterflies Waltz

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Hello there! How are you doing? I hope everyone is appreciating every moment and enjoying your lives.

In Japan we have lots of exhibitions in autumn because we think autumn relates to culture things. I want to go to art museums to see art shows.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a city art show where my piece had showcased, and my hubby and I went there to see it. This time I thought everybody leveled up their skills when I saw people’s art. I don’t know why I felt like that. Maybe I felt this way because one of my pieces didn’t make it into the exhibition.

To be honest with you, I painted this piece for my mom and tried to get a higher prize in the city art show. My mom requested me to paint flower lilies because she loves the flowers. I designed this with my mom’s request. I thought it would be a wonderful gift for my mom if I could win. She would have an award winning piece. I really wanted to get a higher prize for my mom. So, next year I want to try it out again!!!

Here is the piece that I got the lowest prize.

Butterfly painting on porcelain, fairly painting on porcelain, fantasy painting on porcelain

I am happy with the consequence because at least one of my pieces made it. My next goal is to get two of my pieces into the show and try to win a higher prize on one of them. I will try my best again!

Closing up pictures of my artwork, Butterflies Waltz

Butterfly painting on porcelain, fairly painting on porcelain, fantasy painting on porcelain

Butterfly painting on porcelain, fairly painting on porcelain, fantasy painting on porcelain

Takatsuki City Art Show, Yumiko Kanazawa

My piece in the show

Takatsuki City Art Show, Yumiko Kanazawa


Now, I have gone back to working on my homework for my painting school and practicing painting. I hope I will show you one of my homework or practicing pieces in two weeks!

Stay tuned!

-Yumi x


Someone Is Eavesdropping!

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Hello, there! How have you been? I am very sorry that I hadn’t posted anything for a while.

Today, I show you one of my newest pieces. I hope you like it.

Autumn painting, porcelain painting, fairly painting, mushroom painting


Autumn painting, porcelain painting, fairly painting, mushroom painting

Three siblings fairies are enjoy chatting, and they are not recognizing somebody is peeking them. I am the bird who is eavesdropping their  conversation. 🙂

Autumn painting, porcelain painting, fairly painting, mushroom painting


This one has a squeal painting and I will show you another one next time.

I tried to get in the city art show with this fairly series (two of them), but unfortunately, this one couldn’t get in the show even though another one got in.

Since my hubby prefers this one to another one, he is not happy with the result. I tried to get a higher prize this year, but it was difficult. I got a lowest prize on another one this year as well.

I like this design, so, I want to paint the similar idea some time.

It’s always so much fun to try to get in the city art show. I really enjoyed painting fairly tales on porcelain. You will see my fairly tales more from now on!

Have a lovely week! See you around in two weeks!!

-Yumi x

Some Pears on Porcelain

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Hi there! How are you doing? I am sorry that I couldn’t update last week. We had Obon last week (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bon_Festival), and my family and I were busy with hanging out with our families. Especially, my husband’s brother’s family came to his parents’ house from Tokyo. We had fun time together.

Before the Obon, I was painting this plate, doing homework from my painting school and some pieces for the city art show. I painted pears on a plan plate to test color orange and yellow. I am happy that the result looks good.

Pear Painting on Porcelain

Pear Painting on Porcelain


Pear Painting on Porcelain, Fruit painting

Pear Painting on Porcelain

I painted this plate with some fat oil, but this is not one fire. I think I understood how to handle color yellow and red (orange). I want to paint with color yellow and red (orange) more, and you will see more pieces.

I guess I probably can update my blog in two weeks. See you then!

-Yumi x



A Blue Bird

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Hi there! It’s so hot and humid in Japan. I hate summer, but we have to deal with it. I painted a blue bird because the color blue makes us feel cool. Actually, I painted this plate for my friend. I hope the blue bird brings happiness to her! ( In Japan we have a saying like blue birds are symbol of happiness.)

bird painting on porcelain, bird with a butterfly, European style bird

A Blue Bird

bird painting on porcelain, bird with a butterfly, European style bird

A Blue Bird


bird painting on porcelain, bird with a butterfly, European style bird

A Blue Bird


While I was painting the blue bird, I could feel cooler a little bit. It was fun to paint the bird. He seems to be a baby bird, doesn’t he?  I hope the butterfly is his friend, and not his food, lol.

The hot and humid weather makes me tired and paint slower. I will update my art blog in two weeks!

Have a lovely week or weekend!