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Some Pears on Porcelain

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Hi there! How are you doing? I am sorry that I couldn’t update last week. We had Obon last week (, and my family and I were busy with hanging out with our families. Especially, my husband’s brother’s family came to his parents’ house from Tokyo. We had fun time together.

Before the Obon, I was painting this plate, doing homework from my painting school and some pieces for the city art show. I painted pears on a plan plate to test color orange and yellow. I am happy that the result looks good.

Pear Painting on Porcelain

Pear Painting on Porcelain


Pear Painting on Porcelain, Fruit painting

Pear Painting on Porcelain

I painted this plate with some fat oil, but this is not one fire. I think I understood how to handle color yellow and red (orange). I want to paint with color yellow and red (orange) more, and you will see more pieces.

I guess I probably can update my blog in two weeks. See you then!

-Yumi x





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Hi there!

How have you been? I am doing pretty well and am glad I can keep blogging constantly.

Today, I want to show you my fruits paintings. These are very small pieces even though they are not miniatures.

European style, fruit painting, Miniature, porcelain painting.

fruit painting


European style, fruit painting, Miniature, porcelain painting.

Fruit painting

These are one fire. I painted them with fat oil. To be honest, I think it’s much easier to paint with painting oil, and I think it looks better. However, these are assignments for my painting school, and I had to paint them with fat oil.

Next time I want to paint these with panting oil. It will be interesting to look at them in comparison.

Thank you as always for your support! Have a sweet weekend! See you next weekend on my blog again!



Michigan School in 2016

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Hi there!

How have you been? I am so sorry that I haven’t updated my blog for along time. I started blogging again and want to update every weekend!

Last week I got home from Michigan. I feel I am still in the States, lol. I had wonderful time with Gay, Emilie, Kay and our mutual friends there.

This year, the school had only one class, and I took a class from Paula White. I learned color theory from her. I have been learning color theory for years, but I finally think everything what I learned started connecting each other.

In the class we painted grapes in a color wheel. I learned using pure colors is very important. Now, I am test firing all colors that I have to make sure which color groups my colors belong to. I think I should do this earlier, but well, I think it’s not too late. After doing this, I want to start painting with what I l learned from Paula.

This is my work that I learned from Paula.



My work with Paula White

I liked her techniques very much because her style just looks like water color paintings. I learned how to connect each colors in the color wheel. After the class, I painted mice with using the theory at Gay’s. You will see my mice pieces some day soon. I want to use her methods more on my pieces from now on.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! My next blog entry will be my adventures in Michigan with Gay!

Stay turned! See you next weekend!!!!


Merry Chirstmas!

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Merry Christmas, my dear friends!

I’m very sorry that I hadn’t updated my blog posts for a long time. Two months ago, I returned to Japan from my last studying abroad in America this year. I felt like burned out for a while and became lazy gradually.  I apologize it to you all. I started blogging again, and I will show you what I learned in America and what I did there one by one.

In Japan today is a Christmas eve and tomorrow is a Christmas day. Did you receive some gifts from Santa?

In my case, I received a wonderful gift from Santa this summer!

This summer, our friend, Zach from America stayed at our house for two months. One day he found a kitten, and our daughter named him Jiji. He was only 6 weeks old.

He is a very playful kitten and he turns 8 month old. He turned out a very handsome tubby cat. I’m enjoying being a mom again for him.

I painted his teeth box, and this is one of my newest artwork. I hope you like it.

I love porcelain painting because we can paint any kinds of shaped thing like this teeth box. I think painting only on round dishes or square tiles are quite boring. I love designing for the different shaped porcelain and painting on them. I really think it’s one of fun things for porcelain painters.

Jiji's Teeth Box

Jiji’s Teeth Box

Jiji's Teeth Box

Jiji’s Teeth Box

When I found Jiji’s baby teeth, I thought painting a box to keep his baby teeth was a wonderful idea. I got the white box from one of my American moms in Michigan, Kay. Thank you so much for the box, Kay!

Jiji's Baby Teeth

Jiji’s Baby Teeth

Jiji 6 Weeks Old

Jiji 6 Weeks Old

Jiji 7 Months Old

Jiji 7 Months Old

Thank you for visiting my art blog again.  I hope you have the best Christmas ever this year! Merry Christmas!!!



My Fruit Painting

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Hi, there! How have you been? It’s been a while after I posted my last blog entry. I am very sorry I couldn’t update my blog for a while. That’s because my PC died. However, a week ago I received a new PC! So, I finally can update my blog entries via my new PC!

I would like to show my fruit painting today. I painted them at my painting school because I have been learning a European painting style there. I painted them with my textbook of fruits.

I like the designs. I designed them like a very famous European pottery brand, Höchster Porzellanmanufaktur. I added some bags on the plates.

My next fruit subject was berry. I also like the gold design on the pottery. I think it is match the figure of the pottery and the berries. I enjoyed designing the brush too.



My last fruit subject was this big tray! I struggled with painting it. It was heavy and have a lot of relieves. So, it was difficult for me to design with the fruit basket. When my painting teacher looked at the tray, she praised me a lot, and said ” Great Job, Yumi!!” so many times.

Actually, I don’t like those fruits with the painting style. However, I could learn a lot through the projects.

I have used these textbooks to paint fruits.