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My First Kutani Plate

Posted in Japanese, Japanese Style, Kutani with tags , on July 26, 2012 by yumi

Hello there! Looooooooooooooong time no see again! I’m doing very well, but I’ve been very busy. I’ve been painting for the Thai convention and FB competition. I’d love to paint new 7 pieces for them, and that’s why I haven’t recently updated my blog. I think they are good chance for me to improve my painting skills because I tend to paint more serious and pay much more attention! It doesn’t matter for me to win, and I think painting only to “win” is very sad. I’d really love to improve my painting skills more!
This is the same reason why I started my this blog. I’ve been learning conversational English to improve my painting skills and to blog in English has been really working out for me. It’s also easy for me to judge my progress to keep on blogging. I’d love to improve both my English comprehension skills and painting skills more.
Meanwhile, today I finally can show my Kutani plate.

My First Kutani Painting

My First Kutani Painting , A Japanese style, Kutani


Kutani colors are very transparent and you can see through the black lines (We call the black lines “Gosu” in Japanese in Kutani.) in each color. The Kutani colors are very pretty and that’s why I love this Japanese style. However, putting colors equaly flat is very difficult and I have to practice a lot from now on. My Kutani style on my plate is a part of Kutani styles: Yoshida-ya, Kokutani. First, I’d love to focus on this style and then I’d love to try other Kutani styles!

My First Kutani Painting

My First Kutani Painting , A Japanese Style, Kutani


My First Kutani Painting

My First Kutani Painting, A Japanese Style, Kutani


Rare side of view of of my First Kutani Plate

Rare side of view or My First Kutani Plate


I started painting on two matching cup and saucser sets with the style in Kutani. I’m really looking forward my Kutani pieces to getting better and better!