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My Butterfly Plate

Posted in European Style with tags , on April 22, 2011 by yumi


Before I will fly to Michigan to attend at the Michigan school, I would like to update my blog as much as possible.

So, today I would like to show my butterfly plate. Although I am not a fan of bugs, I love painting them. I love nature, and painting natural stuff is very fun. I especially love butterflies. I associate them with fairies. That might be why I love them.

Today I discovered a very cute tea set on my school’s online shop. I will go to Tokyo next Monday, so I am thinking I will buy two of them. I would like to paint butterflies on one of them, and I want to paint fairies on the other one. I think the idea is really fun!


My Second Portrait

Posted in European Style, Portrait with tags , , on April 21, 2011 by yumi

This is my second portrait. I really would love to become able to paint portrait well. That is because to paint portrait is so much fun!  I have been using this portrait to my Skype pitcure.

My Dresden Plate 2

Posted in Dresden, European Style with tags , , on April 6, 2011 by yumi

This plate is my second Dresden plate. Actually, I made a big mistake on the part of yellow colored flowered. I did not know that a yellow color “eat” a brown color. So, after I fired the plate, I realized that my brown colors on the yellow flowers burnished. I was very shocked . When I asked my Michigan friend, Emilie, she explained about it. My Japanese painting teacher also taught me how to fix. So, I could fix it.

Porcelain painting is very interesting because after firing, some colors change, and it looks much more beautiful. It sometimes complicated, but it is fun! That is why I cannot help painting!!!

I am happy to be able to show my second Dresden plate here.