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TIPP convention in 2015

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Hi there! I am very sorry that my blog post was so delay.

Last month I attended the international Thai porcelain convention. It was my second time to attend it.

This time I attended as an interpreter for my Japanese painting teacher even though my English is not good enough.

After the convention, my teacher, his wife and my respectable Japanese painting friend, Keiko Shimizu enjoyed sightseeing with a Thai painter. I will write about it later. In this entry, I want to focus on a competition.

I attended two pieces to the competition, and one of them got a silver prize!

A bird in fall

A bird in fall


A bird in fall

A bird in fall


Last time, I got a honorable mention, and this time I got a silver prize. I was so lucky!  I got the certification from a Councillor of the king of Thailand. I was so honored it. I also attended a Gala dinner with a Princess of Thailand.

I want to write about the convention more, but I don’t have much time. I will write about the sequel after I return back to Japan from America.

I will go back to the States today and will stay there for a month.  See you next month on my blog again!