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Yumi’s Adventures in Italy, 2017

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Hello there! It’s been a while since I posted my last blog entry. How have you been?

It’s getting colder here, and we are enjoying the weather now. I think I should go somewhere to take some photos of leaves changing for my other blog.

Well, a couple of days ago, I returned home from my studying abroad in Italy. I learned from my mentor, Patrizia Arvieri this year as well. I was there for two weeks and had great times with my painting teacher and my classmates. I do appreciate a lot to all of them whom I met there. I enjoyed hanging out with my old friends and new friends. Maria Vittoria and her hubby took me to a restaurant. We had a happy time there. I regret that I didn’t take any photos there.

I stayed alone at my teacher’s painting studio and painted a lot. She told me that when people are good at copying from others, we can call them a painter. When people are good at using their imagination to create art, we can call them an artist. I can’t forget what she said to me. I think I am a painter, but I am not an artist yet. So, to become an artist, I want to make lots of effort from now on!

When I studied abroad in Italy last year, I thought I needed to learn conversational Italian. However, I was very lazy and didn’t study it at all. I felt shame a lot this year. So, I definitely start learning conversational Italian, Italian art history, how to use my imagination to my art and so on. I hope I will be able to write something a little bit in Italian next year.

Mainly, I painted from mornings to evenings, and after classes, since I don’t understand conversational Italian, I killed time to read books in English, knitting a sweater, designing my art and so on. I sometimes went out from my teacher’s studio to walk around. I did exercise every single day as well.

I took some photos when I walked around her place. It was very funny for me to communicate with people there. That’s because most of people there don’t handle English, and I speak only Japanese and English. Our communication had to depend on my English first, then, my poor Italian, a body language next and finally technology, google translation on a cell phone. Anyway, I survived there alone without Italian for two weeks!

Here are some photos of sweets shops close to my painting teacher’s area. DSCF9418



She allowed me to take some photos of the ice cream shop. I loved there and went there so many times, sometimes with my teacher, friends and sometimes alone.



I really think Italian ice cream is the best!



I really miss the ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The next door of the ice cream shop was a cake shop. They have so many beautiful cakes!




On the other side, there was a flower shop. I stopped by the shop when I was exercising.



I took the photos before Halloween. I learned Italian people celebrate Halloween as well.



My teacher Patrizia sometimes invited me DSCF9451

to their home made males. I prefer home made meals to foods in a restaurant. I appreciate she taught me how to make risotto. I will try it out soon!



She introduced me a lot of Italian culture. She, my dear friends, Virginia, Mariarosa, Virginia’s husband, Vittorio and Patrizia’s hubby, Daniele took me to Venice! It was fascinating for me to get there!


Venice is surrounded by the sea and we have to ride on a boat to get the land.




Venice was so pretty! I loved there at first sight! I doubt there are people who don’t like Venice.






In Italy, everything looked art for me! I loved the hands stature! It was so very cool!


You can see a Gondola!







In the boat I heard a lot of different languages.


First of all, we walked to St. Mark’s church.


From the left side, the European flag, Italian flag and the Venice flag



You can see water on the floor. It was a sunny day, and you can realize that Venice is sinking. The sea water is coming to the floor because the town is on the sea level.



yumi in venice2

Me with my friends and painting teacher



While we were in a line to get inside, I took the church photos. The architecture was just amazing!





Inside of the church was just a museum.







From the ceiling to the floor there were full of art!













In the church, I met some Japanese people in a tour group. It was my first time to speak Japanese in 12 days! The feeling was so good, lol.

After the church, we went to a restaurant.




DSCF9620My lunch! I love Italian people love sea foods! This tastes like Tempura, one of Japanese foods. It was so good! I really enjoyed it.


Since I can’t speak Italian, every time I went to restaurants with my teacher or friends, they helped me to get food. After lunch, I found some Japanese sake in the restaurant!


This amazed me a lot because I found my hubby’s favorite baseball team’ (Hanshin tigers) s mascot, Toracky! I was very curious how they got the mascot and tried to ask it to a waiter. Since he didn’t handle English at all, I couldn’t get any clue. However, he brought a Japanese menu to me!


In Brecia, I had never seen any Japanese at all, even English menus! This means so many Japanese people have visited there, and they don’t handle Italian at all, lol. Oh, shame on us!


After that Virginia and Vittorio let me get in a gondola! DSCF9626


yumi iin venice1










In most of the buildings, people can’t live on a first floor. That’s because of the water.
















It was so much fun! Thank you so much, Virginia!


After the gondola, we went to a palace.



The palace was incredible too!




Art, art, art! I was stuffed with a lot of art!







It is very interesting because we are sharing the similar style of art. I mean in Japan we can see lots of art on ceilings in castles or temples. We also loved using lots of gold to show off power in the castles or temples.





The next door of the palace was a dungeon. It was very creepy.





We went to one more church. I love looking around catholic churches. That’s because usually their decorations are very rich. I can see lots of art inside.








Venice in the evening was also very pretty and romantic. I enjoyed walking around.





The church inside







Masks! Venice is very famous with masks, the carnival. I saw a lot of mask shops, and the masks were so neat. Since the carnival is in February, some time I want to go back there to experience the carnival!

I really want to appreciate my painting teacher, her husband, her daughter, her boyfriend, my painting friends and their hubbys’ hospitality. When I go back to America, my American friends show me lots of hospitality as well. I do appreciate a lot to all my friends all over the world! Thank you so much! Grazie Mille! See you again next year!

Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog entry. See you soon again here!









Yumi’s Adventures in the States, 2017

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Hello there! How are you doing? I am doing awesome tonight, and I am so happy that I can share my adventures with you.

As you know every year in this season, I go back to the States to improve my painting skills and English skills. This is the best way for me to improve both. I love doing multitasking a lot. I was there almost for a month with Gay and Kay. We had wonderful times together. Since I have been improving my communicating skills in English, my trip in America is getting easier every year. It makes me very happy 🙂  I am already really looking forward to going back to the States next year.

I did lots of things this year, and I am thrilled to share what I did with you. First, I attended the Michigan school as usual and took a class from Brigit Porter. I have been taking several classes from her, and she is one of my favorite teachers in America. I learned a lot from her. Her techniques are very similar what I have been learning in my painting school. I especially loved to learn how to create original pieces with pastel drawing. When I create my original stuff, I will show you the piece I painted with Birgit with my original one.

This year Gay’s school had the youngest porcelain painter, my friend, Bea’s daughter! She is only ten years old.

I think it’s great for her school to have younger people. We definitely need young people to keep our art form in the future. I hope she will come back to her school next year as well!

We also had another fun thing! Gay’s friend, Amie came over to sell outfits, called LulaRoe. Everybody in school loved her outfits. If you are interested in them, check out her Facebook page!

I gave a presentation in Gay’s school for the first time in three years. I was very nervous then, but Kay helped me a lot.

Many people came to my demo, even teachers. Thank you so much! I showed scratch techniques to them.


I shared the scratch techniques at Gay’s painting club as well.  It was my first time to share my techniques in more than four years. So, this made me nervous too. Even so, I am glad that I could share something with people and they could learn from me. Thanks for coming to my class!



Emilie, I am looking forward to seeing your pieces when we meet next year!

After the school, Gay, Kay and I attended another school in Concan, Texas.

It was my first time in more than maybe six years? to attend another porcelain school. After I quit attending the Georgia school, I hadn’t done it for a while. So, I was so excited to attend another school with them.

Gay and I flew to San Antonio to meet Kay there. We met my friend and English teacher, Matt from Evil English: there as well. I have been learning conversational English from him for more than eight years, and it was my first time to meet him in person. We stayed at a River Walk hotel. Since I met Matt, visiting to San Antonio had been on my bucket list. So, I was very happy to make my dream come true. Gay, Kay, Matt and I ate dinner together at a Mexican restaurant. The TexMex food was so good.


Thanks for coming to meet me in person, Matt! I am looking forward to seeing you again!!



I loved the River Walk! It was very pretty!

We took a class from Susan Thumm. I learned a lot from her as well, and she has become one of my favorite teachers too! I love her dreamy fantasy paintings a lot. I also love her vivid colors in her pieces. When I create my original piece with her techniques, I will show you my class piece from Susan too. You will see what I learned from her then. We met new people there. We enjoyed the school a lot. I gave another presentation there as well. I do appreciate people who came to my demo!

I have never seen such amount of hummingbirds before! They were so cute and I got so excited to take their photos!

I experienced hey riding for the first time. The cabin where we stayed has a ranch, and we saw lots of animals from Africa like zebras or giraffes. I was so amazed because I have never seen African animals besides at zoos in Japan!! We feed corns to them, and they chased us. I enjoyed feeding baby goats. They all were so cute, and I felt that I wanted to kidnap some of them to bring to Japan, lol.




After school, we returned to San Antonio. Gay and Kay took me to the Alamo! This was one of highlights of my trip this year. When I saw the Alamo, I was very surprised because I had imaged a huge fort. It was very small and narrow. I do appreciate Kay and Gay to educate me to teach American history. I am very curious about the Alamo history and want to learn it from my teacher Matt.






We took a tour and I was happy that the tour had Japanese. It was my firs time to hear Japanese in a month.


We ate the last supper at a British pub. Since the restaurant was very interesting, I took several photos there. I am not sure if the real British pub looks like that, and I want to ask it to my British friend, Martyn.




Gay ordered the eggs for us to explain that the eggs were from Scotland. They were really tasty.


The following day we left Alamo to head to our home, and we promised to see each other again next year at Gay’s school.

It was so much fun to attend two different schools, and to meet lots of people! I want to say thank you to all the people whom I met on this trip! See you again next year!

I will update my art blog next weekend to show my tea set. I hope you all have a sweet father’s day with your family!

See you around next weekend! xoxo












Yumi’s Adventures in Italy!

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Happy New Year 2017!!!!!

My first blog entry in 2017 is my trip in Italy.  I studied abroad in Italy to improve my painting skills last December and had amazing time with my painting teacher, Patrizia, her family and my classmates. So, I want to write about my adventures in Italy today.

It was totally big adventure for me because I don’t understand Italian conversations at all. Even so, to use body languages, electric dictionary on a cellphone, I enjoyed hanging out with Italian people.  I met lots of nice people and made friends with them.







Italian food in Italy was just amazing! I was in love with Italian coffee, sweets, gelato, pasta, pizza and everything. When I got in Italy, Patrizia and her family invited me to a pizza restaurant. I am so used to being Americanized and ate a piece of pizza with my hand. Oops………. I figured out that none of Italian people were eating pizza with their hands. They use silver wares and cut pizza with a knife and eat it with a folk. They also don’t add Tabasco either!!!! I realized that Italian food in Japan is not real Italian food at all soon.


Since Italy has long history, they have lots of old buildings everywhere. They remake old churches to a restaurant or bar (bar is a coffee shop).










Patrizia and her husband took me to some restaurants and all food looked art to me. In every class Patrizia, my classmates and I went to an Italian restaurant to eat lunch too. I really enjoyed all food there!



I stayed at Patrizia’s painting studio alone and sometimes went out to get some food for dinner at the closest supermarket. A cashier memorized my face and we made friends. She asked me if I was Chinese in Italian. Since I didn’t understand her conversation, I could catch up with similar sounds words as English. It was fun to communicate with Italian people in my really poor Italian.






I was there before Christmas, I saw lots of beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere.











After class, one day Patrizia’s daughter, Francesca and her boyfriend took me to a Christmas shop and an amazing gelato shop.




On other days, Patrizia and her husband, Daniele took me to a downtown in Brescia city. Brescia is a very old city to have lots of cathedrals. I loved going there to see really fancy art! Patrizia and Daniele bought me some candles to pray there and brothers as well.













They also took me a very old castle. We have lots of castle in Japan too, but our castles are totally different. Even so, they are always built in the highest place in a town to look down and to avoid being attacked by enemies. This part is common.















This castle is built in center of the city.














We walked around a downtown of Brescia city twice.  Patrizia and Daniele took me to a palace from the Roman era. It was really fascinating! I thought about Japanese history then. We both have long history, but Italian ancient people were much advanced in education.

The palace was destroyed and sunk because of flood. For a long time it was not discovered.






The white part was original, and the brown part was rebuilt later.














The last picture is a miniature model of the original castle.


I enjoyed walked around the downtown of the very old Brescia city with Patrizia and Daniele.

We saw lots of old buildings like a major house.











EU flag, Italian flag and Brescia city flag.






Japanese restaurant! I am curious how different between Italian Japanese food and American Japanese food are…….







I learned a lot from Patrizia, not only painting but also lots of other important things for our lives.  After I returned to Japan, I started cleaning up my really messy painting studio. After finishing it, I want to practice what I learned from her.  You will see what I learned from her when you see my pieces this year!!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope I can post more blog entries this year than last year.











B& B in Florida

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Hi there! How have you been? Today, my blog entry is not about my piece, and I am sorry for this.

Last year, I took a class with Gay and Linda in Florida from San Do. At that time, I was super busy and couldn’t write about my trip of Florida. I learned how to paint glasses and I will make my original piece with the techniques to show you what I learned there some day.

Today I write about our trip. Gay and I stayed at a country style of B and B. She found the place and booked for us. It was my first time to stay at B and B. When I looked at the house, I was in love with the house in the first sight. It was just like a house in a magazine, Country Living! Gay and I stayed there for a week. I just loved the B and B, but well, I didn’t like the breakfast because I don’t eat cereal. Besides that, the place was wonderful! I learned a lot and had a great time with Gay and Linda! We went to a zoo. I took lots of pics of animals there. I know I have to paint some of them from the pics!







As looking at these photos, the house was just like a museum. Since I am a big fan of American country side, I really enjoyed there.







Since the owner couple is a huge fan of antiques, we could see them everywhere. Gay and I also enjoyed going antiquing where the couple recommended us.

DSCF6780One day, the owner told us that he caught an wild  armadillo. I have never seen the wild one because in Japan we don’t have them. They are zoo animals for us. They look very cute, but according to him, they give damage their garden.


Next week, I will show you my art piece. I am glad that I finally could write about my trip of Florida in 2015 before forgetting it. I hope I can stay there again some day. The owner couple was so kind and nice. They told me that I was the first Japanese guest for them. I wrote my name and address in Japanese on their guest notebook.  I still have several trips of New Orleans or Yellow Stones. I have to write about them as well.

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful old house. See you again next weekend here! Have a great weekend!



Yumi’s Adventures in Michigan 2016

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Hello friends! I hope you all are having a sweet weekend! I am glad that I can come here to update my art blog!

Today I want to share what I did in Michigan. I have been attending the Michigan school every year and this year was my 6th time. In six years I have met lots of American painters and made friends with them. Not only the painters, through my friend, Gay, I have made friends with Gay’s friends. I do so appreciate what Gay is doing for me every year.

Gay and I had a great time after school. I stayed at her house, and she took me to lots of places. My top adventure thing is Gay and I saw current American president Obama’s Air Forth One in person! I was super cool for me. When I saw it, I was so excited just like a teenager. I took some pictures of it.







Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the president, but we were so excited.

One day, Gay took me to an Antique Fair. It was just like a State Fair, my other friend, Rikki took me. I bought two antique plates, one for me and the other for my mom.












The fair was so big and were so many stuff! Since I am a huge fan of antiques, I really enjoyed it. I so look forward to going antiquing with Gay again next year!


She has a Bernese Mountain dog, named Rosie. She is a therapy dog. I got a chance to visit some very interesting places because of Rosie’s job. She regularly visit Michigan University or some nursing homes.








Rosie is very popular everywhere. I met Gay’s 95 year-old uncle and his wife at a nursing home. They never seemed to be 95 years old. I enjoyed chatting with them.

Gay also took me a Bernese Mountain dog Show. It was my first to see a dog show in person. I had never seen such amounts of big dogs before, and it was very interesting.





The show was just amazing. I met Emilie there and had lunch with her. It was so much fun.

In the last week, Gay and I went to a downtown to stop by a new farmer’s market. Our purpose was to have lunch at a Vietnamese food corner there. We had Pho, and it was the best Pho ever I had in my entire life! I really loved it! We also stopped by a Japanese food corner and chatted with the owner. While talking, I figured out that the owner studied abroad in my hometown! He and I enjoyed talking about Japan, Japanese food and my hometown. I thought it’s a really small world! The guy makes our local food, Takoyaki. I am very curious who eats it in Michigan. Next year I should try it out!







It’s always fascinating for me to find Japanese products in the States.

Before leaving America, Gay and I ate BBQ  and it became my last supper this year in the States.




I don’t plan on going back to the States this year. So, this trip was the first and the last one.


At the end of this blog entry, I want to say,  Thank you so very much to my American mom, Gay and dad, Bas! Thank you as always for letting me stay at yours, Gay and Bus! See you next year!!!!!


I also want to say, Thank you so very much to all my friends whom I met there this year. I am so looking forward to seeing you guys next year as well!!!!


Thank you so much for visiting my blog again! See you next weekend here again!



Yumi’s Adventures in Tennessee!

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Hi all!

Today I want to write about my adventures in Tennessee. I know it will be a long entry. I still have one more long adventures with Rikki, and I will write about it later.

First of all, I show you my work shop piece at Linda’s.

Nyon Roses Plate

Nyon Roses Plate

Nyon Roses Plate

Nyon Roses Plate

Linda is my Tennessee mom #1 (I have another Linda Tennessee mom #2), and I met her at Tybee this year.

I had a work shop at Linda’s in Tennessee, and we painted the Nyon style. I stayed at her house for a while, and she took me to several cool places. I think Tennessee is one of the coolest places in America!

Linda's Painting people

Linda’s Painting people

Linda's Painting people

Linda’s Painting people

We enjoyed painting with the Nyon style and they made beautiful wall pockets with the Nyon roses!

One of Linda's Painting People's Work

One of Linda’s Painting People’s Work

They added some gold work after they fired the wall pockets.

After the workshop, Linda took me to several places and I show you where I visited.

First, she took me to the TeaPot Museum!!!!! It was a dreaming place for me. Can you imagine, at the museum we can see tons of hand painted teapots for free!!!! Linda has a good friend who can explain about each teapot’s history. I enjoyed listening to the stories. The museum is the biggest teapot museum in the world. Although I can’t post all pictures of the teapots, I post some of them. The place is in Tennessee, and if you are interested in seeing them, you should go there! I’m sure for all porcelain painters, the museum is a dreaming place! Thank you so much, Linda for taking me to the place!!!

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

This is the rich guy’s house who owned the bunch of teapots. He donated his collections from all over the world to the museum.

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

The Tea Pot Museum in Tennessee

Then we visited a country market. It was the just my image of old fashioned American market plate.

Old Fashioned American Country Market

Old Fashioned American Country Market

Old Fashioned American Country Market

Old Fashioned American Country Market

Inside of the shop was so neat. It just looked like a museum even though it was an actual shop. I just felt like I went back to 40’s, 50’s in America.

Old Fashioned American Country Market

Old Fashioned American Country Market

Old Fashioned American Country Market

Old Fashioned American Country Market

Old Fashioned American Country Market

Old Fashioned American Country Market

Tom and Linda took me to a battle place of civil war between Alabama and Tennessee.

It’s my first time to visit a battle place.

Civil War Battle Plave

Civil War Battle Plcve

In South we can see a lot of civil war battle places and museums. You can see a lot of cannons on the battle places.

Civil War Battle Place

Civil War Battle Place

Civil War Battle Place

Civil War Battle Place


Civil War Battle Place

Civil War Battle Place

Civil War Battle Place

Civil War Battle Place

When you go South, you still can see this flog a lot. This flog was the symbol for South in America at that time.

Civil War Battle Place

Civil War Battle Place

Civil War Battle Place

Civil War Battle Place

I thought when we lived in the Civil War era, my Michigan moms, Gay, Emilie and Kay were Yankees, and my friends^\[ from North and from South fought against each other. The thought made me really awkward.

Civil War Battle Place

Civil War Battle Place


Do you know that rockabilly was born in Tennessee? Isn’t it neat?

Linda also took me to the rockabilly museum, and it was pretty cool!

Rockabilly Museum

Rockabilly Museum

Rockabilly Museum

Rockabilly Museum

A very popular rockabilly song, Blue Souse

A very popular rockabilly song, Blue Soes

The inside of the museum was full of Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and other rockabilly singer’s items.

Rockabilly Museum

Rockabilly Museum

Yumi is playing the dram belongs to Elvis Band member!

Yumi is playing the drum belongs to the Elvis Band member!

The most exciting thing at the museum was I could play the drum belongs to the Elvis band member. I forgot the drummer’s name, though. Isn’t it cool?!

Rockabilly Museum

Rockabilly Museum

Can you see my autograph? All visitors can write down their names on a wall, and I’m the first person who wrote down the name in Japanese!!! I don’t think many Japanese people have visited the place. I’m so so lucky!!!

Blue glass


Tennessee is a music state and we can listen to bluegrass music in front of a shop. I listened to people enjoying playing bluegrass music at the country store. I thought it was really neat!

The last spot in Tennessee is Nashville!!!! It was one of my dreaming places for a long time, and I’m so happy that I could get there!

Nashville is a mecca of country music. Some day I want to go to a real country music concert in Nashville!  Tennessee is a really music state relates to bluegrass, rockabilly and country music!







I love this kind of American joke, lol.



Nashville was a huge town. I thought the bike was a great idea for tourists!

The Nashville Country Music Museum

The Nashville Country Music Museum


Tom, Linda and I visited the country music museum. I learned a lot of history of country music there.

The Nashville Country Music Museum

The Nashville Country Music Museum

I don’t think Reba is popular in Japan, but she is one of the most feature artists in America.

The Nashville Country Music Museum

The Nashville Country Music Museum

The Nashville Country Music Museum

The Nashville Country Music Museum

I forgot who was the owner of the car, but I thought this was the American car. I don’t think we can drive such the huge car in Japan, lol. We don’t have enough space to park the car.

The Nashville Country Music Museum

The Nashville Country Music Museum

The Nashville Country Music Museum

The Nashville Country Music Museum

For American people it might be difficult to realize that how big your museums are, but from the Japanese point of view, the museum was gigantic. The museum has displayed a lot of stuff like such the big Cadillacs or Elvis’s piano or whatever.

Elvis's Piano

Elvis’s Piano

The Country Music Museum

The Country Music Museum

I really enjoyed exploring in Tennessee. Thank you so much for everything, Linda, Tom and Jill!!!

I’m looking forward to visiting to Tennessee again next year!

A Traditional Kutani Plate in Japan

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Hi there!

How have you been? I’ve been doing well, and started preparing my third studying abroad in America this year. I will fly to America in three weeks, and stay there for two months! I really can’t wait!

Before going back to America, I want to update my art blog as many as I can.

Today’s blog entry is “Kutani”. I painted this plate for the international Mexico convention this year.

When I showed it to people in Mexico, most of them were so interested in our classical and traditional style, Kutani because it’s their first time to see the Kutani style in person. Many people in Mexico said the colors on the plate were very unique. Yes, they are!!! That’s because they are made from glass. Only Kutani uses the colors made from glass in Japan.  I’m really glad that many people became interested in Kutani.


Kutani Plate

They said the green color on the plate was so lovely, and I totally agree with them. I’m very proud of our this art form, Kutani and the colors.

I’m so glad that I could introduce Kutani to people in Mexico, and they really loved my plate!


A rare side of a Kutani plate


Kutani Plate

I donated this plate to the convention, and one of the Mexican ladies has kept it. I’m really happy that my plate is in Mexico!