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My First Imari Matching Cup and Saucer Sets

Posted in Arita, Imari painting, Iroe, Sometsuke, Uncategorized with tags , on August 31, 2011 by yumi

I would like to show my first matching cup and saucer sets in Imari painting. Actually, I painted the sets for my British friend and his wife. He and I have been friends over for two years. He is the only person who has been teaching me British English.

Although I have been focusing on learning American English, and I started to take some painting classes in America, I am planning to go to England to take some painting classes some day. So, I would love to be able to understand both English.

Actually my British friend helped me a lot when I started my art blog. He encouraged me a lot to start the blog. I wanted to paint something for
him to appreciate him.

Before I sent them to him, I was very scared. I couldn’t help thinking if the sets might be broken. When I brought them to the Japanese post office, the officer told me that it might be dangerous for me to send them to England. However, he received them safely. He also thought that he
was very scared before he opened my package, and he shook it to make sure if they were broken.

This fall he will come to Japan to meet me in person and stay at my house for a while. I really can’t wait to meet him!


My Fruit Painting

Posted in European Style, fruit painting, fruit painting on August 20, 2011 by yumi

Hi, there! How have you been? It’s been a while after I posted my last blog entry. I am very sorry I couldn’t update my blog for a while. That’s because my PC died. However, a week ago I received a new PC! So, I finally can update my blog entries via my new PC!

I would like to show my fruit painting today. I painted them at my painting school because I have been learning a European painting style there. I painted them with my textbook of fruits.

I like the designs. I designed them like a very famous European pottery brand, Höchster Porzellanmanufaktur. I added some bags on the plates.

My next fruit subject was berry. I also like the gold design on the pottery. I think it is match the figure of the pottery and the berries. I enjoyed designing the brush too.



My last fruit subject was this big tray! I struggled with painting it. It was heavy and have a lot of relieves. So, it was difficult for me to design with the fruit basket. When my painting teacher looked at the tray, she praised me a lot, and said ” Great Job, Yumi!!” so many times.

Actually, I don’t like those fruits with the painting style. However, I could learn a lot through the projects.

I have used these textbooks to paint fruits.