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Apricot Blossoms are Blooming!

Posted in Imari painting, Japanese Style, Kakiemon with tags , , on March 30, 2011 by yumi

Our apricot blossoms in our garden finally started to bloom! I love both cherry blossoms and apricot blossoms because both colors of the blossoms are very pretty. I love these light pink.

This winter has been too long for us. It might be unbelievable for you, but we still have some snow here even if it is already at the end of March. This winter was also quite tough for us. We had a terrific earthquake. It gave us a huge damage.

However, when I saw the apricot blossoms, I felt like that it seemed to be our hope. I also felt that the earth is alive. Our apricot tree had a lot of buds in such a tough situation even if this winter is longer and colder. I really hope that we will be able to get a bright future.


My Jewelry Painting

Posted in European Style with tags , on March 21, 2011 by yumi

Do you like jewelries? I am not interested in wearing jewelries so much. However, I am very interested in painting jewelries. I always think jewelries are interesting motives for painters. I would like to paint jewelries more. It is very fun for me.

My favorite jewelry is a pearl. I am a Japanese woman, so both my hair and eyes’ colors are Oriental black. I think pearl’s white color fits to Oriental people’s black hair and eyes very much. I would like to paint pearls someday.

My Floral Tribute

Posted in European Style with tags , on March 14, 2011 by yumi

As you know four days ago, the terrible earthquake hit Japan. We lost lots of people by the tsunami and the earthquake. In addition to that, our nuclear plants exploded. We are in a very tough situation right now. After that, I had been depressed. I could not update my blog because even if I had not actually been crying, I had been crying in my mind all day for these four days. However, lots of International friends encouraged me a lot. They left a lot of comments on my facebook wall. Some of them sent me some warm and kind messages directly. Others suddenly called me over Skype. Another friends sent me some e-mails. Even if we cannot hug, I can feel them in my mind. And then, they encouraged me to paint again.

I am thinking I will try to do charity to sell my artwork to help people where the quake attacked. I would like to sell some of my artwork on yahoo auction site, and make some money for them. I appreciate all my International friends to encourage me.

Since my feelings are still depressed, I posted monotone flowers. In Japan when we express our sadness, the colors are black and white. I should update monochromatic plates that are painted by black and white. However, I do not have such colored plates. So, I updated them. These plates express my current feelings. I would like to contribute the flowers that I painted on the plates to people who lost their lives by this quake. 

Kakiemon : My Bird Plate With a Kakiemon Style

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I painted it with a Kakiemon style. It is a part of Imari painting. When I see this plate, I always think of my Jewish friend, David. That is because the design of the plate associates me with a Japanese song. Both of us love the song, and he and I sometimes enjoy Karaoke over Skype.

Don’t you think that the song fits to the plate?