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What I learned at the Michigan school since Last year ~Painting with Stephen Hayes

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Hi there! Long time no see. Aw, I hate that I have to start saying “Long time no see”……… I am sorry that I hadn’t updated my blog entry at all for a while.

I was feeling down after I returned to Japan from America. I felt like that I burned out. You know, everyone feels the feelings after they achieve their goals.

I had been so busy in three months. In February, I was in Florida to take San Do’s class with Gay and Linda. In March, I was in Thailand to enter the world porcelain convention with my Kutani teacher. After that, my British friend, Martyn came to our house. Then, I was in Michigan. I traveled three times in three months. I completely tired.

I know it sounds excuses, but that’s why I hadn’t showed up Facebook, Twitter, my blogs or whatever.

Now, I am full of energy and want to post blog entries constantly both on my blogs! I will show up Facebook, Twitter much more often, I promise!!!!!

Today I want to write about my American painting teacher, Stephen Hayes. He is a world famous painter and one of the best teachers. I’ve been taking his class constantly at Gay’s painting school, the Michigan painting school for two years. He is a great teacher, and I love taking his classes. That’s because I can learn new techniques and how teachers should be at the same time from him.

He is an impressionist artist and it’s really new attempt for me to learn abstract art. I am too precise. I don’t know if it’s good or not, though…….

Last year, I painted two pieces; one was with Stephen and the other was my own.

Inpressionist art

Impressionist art

I painted this one with Stephen and after school, I gave it to Gay, my American mom. She has been hanging this on a wall of her bathroom. So, it was my first time to see my hand painting in a year this year, lol. I think when we frame paintings, they seem to be really gorgeous. I love Gay framed my painting very much! It seems to be very very nice!!

This round one was painted by myself!

Impressionist art

Impressionis art

Learning the painting style was fascinating for me! I was in loved with Stephen’s techniques!

This year, I painted two pieces as well; one is painting with him and the other is my own. I also gave the one which I painted with Stephen to Gay  again. Next year I will see which colored frame she used.

Impressionist art

Impresionist art

My painting without Stephen’s help

impressionist art

impressionist art

Since this style is so unique for me, I want to use this techniques to my art pieces from now on!  You will see my new attempts more soon!

Me and Stephen

Me and Stephen

If you are interested in Gay’s porcelain painting school, please contact me or Gay! Especially, Japanese painters! I am also a Japanese porcelain artist. I can’t translate every details into Japanese because I also take some painting classes. However, I can help your English! 一緒に是非、ミシガンでペイントいたしましょう!

Here is the information about the Michigan porcelain painting school

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See you next week on my blog again!