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My Horse Painting

Posted in American Syle, The Arizona School with tags , , on May 26, 2011 by yumi

I am sorry I couldn’t update my art blog for a while. That’s because I went to America to take some painting classes. Since last year I started taking some classes regularly in America. That is the best way for me to develop my painting skills.

Meanwhile, today I would like to update my horse painting. I learned it at the Arizona school last year. The teacher was San Do. He is my favorite teacher, and he treated me kindly while calling me, ” Yummy”. Since my name is Yumiko, many International friends call me Yumi, but he always calls me Yummy. When I was in the Michigan school this year, a lady who came from Canada had been calling me, ” Yum Yum “. Hahaha, I am happy that many people call me in a different way.

The horse painting completely changed my painting life. It was my fist time to study abroad in America. Before I went to travel around America alone, I was very scared because I had never traveled alone. I knew that my English skills were not enough to travel alone and take some painting classes in English. However, when I looked at the white horse via the Internet, I really would love to take the San Do’s class. So, I jumped into the school.

I think that it was very good for me as a result because I met some great American teachers including San Do and some wonderful American painters there. I could went to the Michigan school this year thanks to the wonderful friends. I will write about it next time. I will attend the Arizona school this year again to take two San Do’s classes with my American painting friends. After I paint the project that I learn there, I will update them here. So, please give me some time until then!