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R.I.P Alfred Toledano

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Hi there! How have you been?

Today,  I want to pay tribute to my painting teacher, Alfred Toledano. He passed away two years ago, and I didn’t know that until I heard it from my Italian teacher in Italy last December. When I heard he passed away, I was shocked.

I learned from Alfred Toledano in Tybee island, Georgia, the States more than five years ago. It was my first time to see him in person, but before that I had known about him through my other painting teacher, San Do. I bought his art piece at an Arizona school eight years ago from San Do. He was selling Alfredo’s hand painted porcelain at his classroom then. He talked about Alfredo with lots of jokes and I thought some day I wanted to learn from Alfred because I love the Dresden Style.

Alfred Tledano

Alfred Tledano’s hand painted piece

Alfred Tledano

Alfred Tledano’s hand painted piece

Three years later, I got a chance to learn from Alfred at Tybee. I took two of his classes with my Alabama mom, Dixie. He was a really cute old gentleman. He didn’t speak English so much, but he was a great teacher. I really liked him. Since then, I met him at a Canada international porcelain show, several times at San Do’s painting studio in Floida,  American international porcelain Show in Florida and of course Tybee school as well. Every time I met him, he smiled and called me “Yumi!!!!” and kissed on my both cheeks. That’s because he was European.  I liked the way he greeted me. He gave me a huge hug as well.

It was in American international porcelain show, Florida when I met him last time. He was drawing something on a piece of paper. He gave me a big smile and huge hug as well then. After finishing the drawing, he signed his name on it and gave it to me. I still keep it and it has become one of my treasures of Alfredo’s memories with his hand painted porcelain.

Alfred Tledano

Alfred Tledano’s hand drawing

I painted this piece to pay tribute to Alfredo. I mixed Dresden and the Japanese style a bit to create my style of Dresden.

My hand painted Dresden, Alfredo Style

My hand painted Dresden, Alfredo Style

My hand painted Dresden, Alfredo Style

My hand painted Dresden, Alfredo Style

As thinking about Alfredo, he was a great artist, teacher and friend to me. I really miss him. I sometimes want to paint Dresden from his studies to mix with my style from now on to remember him.

Alfredo Toledano

Alfredo Toledano at Canada International Show

I hope he is enjoying painting in heaven too.



Yumi’s Adventures in Italy!

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Happy New Year 2017!!!!!

My first blog entry in 2017 is my trip in Italy.  I studied abroad in Italy to improve my painting skills last December and had amazing time with my painting teacher, Patrizia, her family and my classmates. So, I want to write about my adventures in Italy today.

It was totally big adventure for me because I don’t understand Italian conversations at all. Even so, to use body languages, electric dictionary on a cellphone, I enjoyed hanging out with Italian people.  I met lots of nice people and made friends with them.







Italian food in Italy was just amazing! I was in love with Italian coffee, sweets, gelato, pasta, pizza and everything. When I got in Italy, Patrizia and her family invited me to a pizza restaurant. I am so used to being Americanized and ate a piece of pizza with my hand. Oops………. I figured out that none of Italian people were eating pizza with their hands. They use silver wares and cut pizza with a knife and eat it with a folk. They also don’t add Tabasco either!!!! I realized that Italian food in Japan is not real Italian food at all soon.


Since Italy has long history, they have lots of old buildings everywhere. They remake old churches to a restaurant or bar (bar is a coffee shop).










Patrizia and her husband took me to some restaurants and all food looked art to me. In every class Patrizia, my classmates and I went to an Italian restaurant to eat lunch too. I really enjoyed all food there!



I stayed at Patrizia’s painting studio alone and sometimes went out to get some food for dinner at the closest supermarket. A cashier memorized my face and we made friends. She asked me if I was Chinese in Italian. Since I didn’t understand her conversation, I could catch up with similar sounds words as English. It was fun to communicate with Italian people in my really poor Italian.






I was there before Christmas, I saw lots of beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere.











After class, one day Patrizia’s daughter, Francesca and her boyfriend took me to a Christmas shop and an amazing gelato shop.




On other days, Patrizia and her husband, Daniele took me to a downtown in Brescia city. Brescia is a very old city to have lots of cathedrals. I loved going there to see really fancy art! Patrizia and Daniele bought me some candles to pray there and brothers as well.













They also took me a very old castle. We have lots of castle in Japan too, but our castles are totally different. Even so, they are always built in the highest place in a town to look down and to avoid being attacked by enemies. This part is common.















This castle is built in center of the city.














We walked around a downtown of Brescia city twice.  Patrizia and Daniele took me to a palace from the Roman era. It was really fascinating! I thought about Japanese history then. We both have long history, but Italian ancient people were much advanced in education.

The palace was destroyed and sunk because of flood. For a long time it was not discovered.






The white part was original, and the brown part was rebuilt later.














The last picture is a miniature model of the original castle.


I enjoyed walked around the downtown of the very old Brescia city with Patrizia and Daniele.

We saw lots of old buildings like a major house.











EU flag, Italian flag and Brescia city flag.






Japanese restaurant! I am curious how different between Italian Japanese food and American Japanese food are…….







I learned a lot from Patrizia, not only painting but also lots of other important things for our lives.  After I returned to Japan, I started cleaning up my really messy painting studio. After finishing it, I want to practice what I learned from her.  You will see what I learned from her when you see my pieces this year!!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope I can post more blog entries this year than last year.