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My Bird Painting: Baltimore Oriole

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I would love to show my bird painting:  Baltimore Oriole today. I painted it from an American bird magazine. The bird is one of wild birds in America. It has very pretty orange colors. I have not seen the birds in Japan. I prefer painting American wild birds because there are lots of colorful birds: Blue Joy, Cardinal, Baltimore Oriole and so on. Most of our wild birds are brown-ish. Of course, we also have some pretty wild birds like Japanese crane.     

It was my first time to paint on a vase. I designed the pattern to my vase. Although I wanted to paint the bird with an American painting style, somehow, I painted it with an European painting style. I paited it with only one fire.


Wedding Gifts

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I painted these matching cup and saucer sets for my husband’s young colleague. Actually, he became married last month. So, I painted for him as
wedding gifts.

I painted my Nyon roses two matching cup and saucer which are made in Italy. I like the White pottery, called Vecchio white series in Richard Ginori. The pottery has  great quality.

I also painted two plates with illustrations from Mooming troll. That is a tale of Norway.

I hope he and his new wife have used them in their daily life!

Meanwhile, I will enjoy painting the Nyon roses with my American friends in Michigan when I go to America next time. I am planning to fly to Arizona to take two San Do’s classes there. After school, two of my Michigan friends and I fly back to Michigan, and I will stay at one of my Michigan friend’s house for a while. I also enjoy cooking some really basic and simple Japanese home-made cuisines with them. Of course, I really look forward to taking San’s classes, on the other hand I am also looking forward to painting and cooking with my friends! I have been learning English, so I definitely think that taking classes, painting and cooking with American people in English will improve my English comprehension skills more.  I really think that the way is the best way to learn other languages because while learning we can enjoy learning it!