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My Dresden Plate

Posted in Dresden, European Style with tags , , , on January 25, 2011 by yumi


I am very glad to be able to introduce my newest artwork. Recently I have been learning a Dresden style at my painting school in Tokyo. Although I painted two Dresden plates, today I posted only one plate. So, next time I would like to show my another one.

I love the Dresden style because it looks like very elegant. I used the trim of the plate with 28 karat gold. It looks much more gorgeous.  Since I do not like using a gold leaf, I painted whole parts of my plate by my hand.  My plates are always all hand painted.

When I paint a new product, I always practice it on a tile. I also posted my tile’s picture. After I practice it enough, I try to paint it on a plate.

When you click each piture, you can look at the wide version. I hope you enjoy seeing my artwork.


Arita Sometsuke Iroe

Posted in Arita, Iroe, Japanese, Japanese Style, Sometsuke on January 19, 2011 by yumi


I finally created my art blog! Yay! Since I started to take my porcelain painting classes in America, I have thought that I have wanted to create my art blog for a long time. However, I did not enough time to do that. Since I am not good at managing at my time, it took quite a long time. I really appreciate all my friends who encouraged me and supported me to create this blog. I would like to say them out loud, “I finally did it!!!!”
I really hope many people will become interested in my artwork and visit my blog. If you are into my works, please leave a comment. I am very glad to read all comments.
I would like to update my artwork constantly both on facebook and this blog.

Fist of all, I would like to introduce one of my favorite Japanese porcelain paintings. It is called Aritayaki in Japanese. I have been learning this style painting for 4 years in Japan from an actual Aritayaki painter. I have also been learning European style painting in Japan. So, I am looking forward to show my both European style and Japanese style paintings here. I also started to learn American style painting in America. I will be able to show the paintings here as well.

This blog entry is not perfect. After later I am planning to add something to explain about Aritayaki in these three days. That is because I am busy to take my regular painting classes in Tokyo. Please check it out occasionally. I just started to my blog, and I am thinking what is the best way for me to manage the blog right now. So, if you have some ideas, feel free to tell me.

I drew two circle lines with a ruler on my plate, but except the lines whole parts are by my hand.