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A Feather Painting

Posted in European Style with tags , on February 22, 2011 by yumi

I really enjoyed painting these feathers. A feather is an interesting motif for me to paint. I would like to paint some falling feathers with wind on some cups and saucers. It would be fun.


My Flower Clock

Posted in European Style with tags , on February 16, 2011 by yumi

I painted the plate with an European painting style. I guess if I painted it with an American painting style, I could paint it more realistic. I painted it with some round brushes and some quick drying paints. I prefer handling slow drying paints, so I love painting with an American style painting ( I also prefer using some flat brushes because I am used to paint with some oil paints.), but I am not used to painting with an American painting style. I just started to learn an American painting style in America since last September. Although I guess I will become able to show some paintings with an American painting style in the future, I usually handle quick drying paints both to an European painting style and a Japanese painting style. 

Arita: Sometsuke

Posted in Arita, Japanese, Japanese Style, Sometsuke with tags on February 7, 2011 by yumi


This is my “Sometsuke” plate. I guess “Sometsuke” is one of the painting style of over-glaze. I love blue and white in Imari porcelain. However, it is still difficult for me to paint. I tend to make spots that are looked some ink spots. Practice makes perfect! I have to practice more.

The motif is called “Karako” in Japanese. “Karako” is Chinese children in Imari porcelain. I like painting “Karako” because they look like cute.

My First Portrait work :P

Posted in Portrait with tags on February 1, 2011 by yumi

It is my first portrait work. To tell you the truth, I am not good at painting portrait. However, I am into painting portrait. I am kind of beginner in portrait because I started to learn it one and a half years ago.

I can not find good teachers who can teach portrait in Japan. So, I am planning to take some International teachers’ classes in English in America. Actually while I was taking some classes in Arizona, I met some really good teachers who teach portrait. I was so surprised at their paintings.

I am planning to go to Michigan this coming May. I will take a portrait class there. Although my Michigan painting friend told me that I can paint portrait from a photograph, I would like to bring my daughter’s photograph and try to paint it. I can’t wait!