Michigan School in 2016

Hi there!

How have you been? I am so sorry that I haven’t updated my blog for along time. I started blogging again and want to update every weekend!

Last week I got home from Michigan. I feel I am still in the States, lol. I had wonderful time with Gay, Emilie, Kay and our mutual friends there.

This year, the school had only one class, and I took a class from Paula White. I learned color theory from her. I have been learning color theory for years, but I finally think everything what I learned started connecting each other.

In the class we painted grapes in a color wheel. I learned using pure colors is very important. Now, I am test firing all colors that I have to make sure which color groups my colors belong to. I think I should do this earlier, but well, I think it’s not too late. After doing this, I want to start painting with what I l learned from Paula.

This is my work that I learned from Paula.



My work with Paula White

I liked her techniques very much because her style just looks like water color paintings. I learned how to connect each colors in the color wheel. After the class, I painted mice with using the theory at Gay’s. You will see my mice pieces some day soon. I want to use her methods more on my pieces from now on.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! My next blog entry will be my adventures in Michigan with Gay!

Stay turned! See you next weekend!!!!



10 Responses to “Michigan School in 2016”

  1. Beautiful! Looking forward to your next post. 😉

  2. Bonni Novak Says:

    Always good hearing from you Yumi! Bonni

  3. Hi Yumiko-san, long time no hear! i was bit worried that I may have been off the hook from your blog.Wao! Th grapes really delicious! I’m looking forward to your blogs every weekends!!!

    • Hi Yukari-san!

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog as always! I had been busy for my in-laws things. I will update every weekend from now on! Please say turned!

  4. That is beautiful.

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