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Blue Bird

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Hello there!

How have you been so far? Before me going back to the States, I want to update my art blog again! I am very happy with my recent bird painting, and I wanted to show it soon to you! I believe in that blue birds bring happiness to us. So, my painted blue bird brings happiness to all people who follow my art blog!!

This is an order piece from one of my portrait painting teachers from the States, Jerri Cookie Barton. When I met her last time at Gay’s school, I showed her my humming bird  and the other bird that I painted to Dixie. She really loved them, especially, the Dixie bird. She ordered my hand-painted bird from me. What’s the honor for me it is!!!! I was very excited!! I was willing to get the order from her and enjoyed painting it, to try to paint my best bird!

Then, here it is! I am so happy with the result! I hope Cookie will like it as well! I can’t wait to see her smile at Gay’s school.

hand painted blue bird on porcelain, hand painted bird painting, porcelain bird painting, blue bird, europian style of painting


hand painted blue bird on porcelain, hand painted bird painting, porcelain bird painting, blue bird, europian style of painting


Thank you as always for visiting my art blog! See you here again  in a month!! I will write about my adventures in the States then!

Happy painting!



Spring Has Come!

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Hello there! How have you been so far?

I am sorry for the delay. I was busy with painting and doing my homework from my painting school. I am happy that I finally finished my bird painting! Yay!!

This is for my class in Alabama. I have heard the class has already filled, and I am so excited to see my people at Dixie’s painting studio! Thank you so much for everything, Dixie!!!

bird painting on porcelain, europian style, cherry blossoms, cherry, porcelain painting

I painted some cherry blossoms, cherries and a bird. I picked up the bird from a western book, and the bird is not from Japan. However, I think it’s okay that we mix because we are not bird experts. We are painters, right? I think it’s so-called artistic license, heehe!

I hope my American painting friends can experience Japanese the spring while my they are painting. I will bring our spring to Alabama in a month! Our cherries are not like Americans. Ours are more orange-ish color and smaller.


bird painting on porcelain, europian style, cherry blossoms, cherry, porcelain painting


bird painting on porcelain, europian style, cherry blossoms, cherry, porcelain painting


bird painting on porcelain, europian style, cherry blossoms, cherry, porcelain painting


Now, I started painting some mushrooms and pendant tops.  I hope you can see all the results before I go back to the States! I will try my best!

Have a lovely day/night!

See you in two weeks!




I Wish You a Merry Christmas!

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Ciao! Come stai? Sono molto bene. Sono felice.

Hello there! How have you been so far? I am great and am enjoying learning Italian! I started adding some Italian phrases that I have memorized on my blog, heehe.

Today I want to show my Christmas plate that I finished last night. This is an order from a client. I am happy that I could keep a deadline. She wants to show off this plate in her husband’s hospital. ( Her hubby is a dentist.) I hope she and her hubby will like it.

Christmas plate, European style, Christmas ornaments on porcelainChristmas plate, European style, Christmas ornaments on porcelain

How are you spending this Christmas? My family and I probably will go to a fancy restaurant to eat dinner as we always do. I am knitting a sweater for my hubby, but I don’t think I can give it to him on Christmas, lol. I still have to work a lot. I am ready  to give my hand knitted scarf to my mom. She will like it,  I hope. For my dad, my daughter and my in-laws, I still don’t have any gifts yet.

Christmas plate, European style, Christmas ornaments on porcelain


Christmas plate, European style, Christmas ornaments on porcelain

It’s my first time to paint something for Christmas in a couple of years. It was fun, and I want to do this next year as well.

Now, I started designing a bird painting again to practice. You will see it probably next year!

I hope everybody will have a wonderful time on Christmas!!

See you soon around here again!

-Yumi x




Yumi’s Adventures in Italy!

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Happy New Year 2017!!!!!

My first blog entry in 2017 is my trip in Italy.  I studied abroad in Italy to improve my painting skills last December and had amazing time with my painting teacher, Patrizia, her family and my classmates. So, I want to write about my adventures in Italy today.

It was totally big adventure for me because I don’t understand Italian conversations at all. Even so, to use body languages, electric dictionary on a cellphone, I enjoyed hanging out with Italian people.  I met lots of nice people and made friends with them.







Italian food in Italy was just amazing! I was in love with Italian coffee, sweets, gelato, pasta, pizza and everything. When I got in Italy, Patrizia and her family invited me to a pizza restaurant. I am so used to being Americanized and ate a piece of pizza with my hand. Oops………. I figured out that none of Italian people were eating pizza with their hands. They use silver wares and cut pizza with a knife and eat it with a folk. They also don’t add Tabasco either!!!! I realized that Italian food in Japan is not real Italian food at all soon.


Since Italy has long history, they have lots of old buildings everywhere. They remake old churches to a restaurant or bar (bar is a coffee shop).










Patrizia and her husband took me to some restaurants and all food looked art to me. In every class Patrizia, my classmates and I went to an Italian restaurant to eat lunch too. I really enjoyed all food there!



I stayed at Patrizia’s painting studio alone and sometimes went out to get some food for dinner at the closest supermarket. A cashier memorized my face and we made friends. She asked me if I was Chinese in Italian. Since I didn’t understand her conversation, I could catch up with similar sounds words as English. It was fun to communicate with Italian people in my really poor Italian.






I was there before Christmas, I saw lots of beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere.











After class, one day Patrizia’s daughter, Francesca and her boyfriend took me to a Christmas shop and an amazing gelato shop.




On other days, Patrizia and her husband, Daniele took me to a downtown in Brescia city. Brescia is a very old city to have lots of cathedrals. I loved going there to see really fancy art! Patrizia and Daniele bought me some candles to pray there and brothers as well.













They also took me a very old castle. We have lots of castle in Japan too, but our castles are totally different. Even so, they are always built in the highest place in a town to look down and to avoid being attacked by enemies. This part is common.















This castle is built in center of the city.














We walked around a downtown of Brescia city twice.  Patrizia and Daniele took me to a palace from the Roman era. It was really fascinating! I thought about Japanese history then. We both have long history, but Italian ancient people were much advanced in education.

The palace was destroyed and sunk because of flood. For a long time it was not discovered.






The white part was original, and the brown part was rebuilt later.














The last picture is a miniature model of the original castle.


I enjoyed walked around the downtown of the very old Brescia city with Patrizia and Daniele.

We saw lots of old buildings like a major house.











EU flag, Italian flag and Brescia city flag.






Japanese restaurant! I am curious how different between Italian Japanese food and American Japanese food are…….







I learned a lot from Patrizia, not only painting but also lots of other important things for our lives.  After I returned to Japan, I started cleaning up my really messy painting studio. After finishing it, I want to practice what I learned from her.  You will see what I learned from her when you see my pieces this year!!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope I can post more blog entries this year than last year.