Tea Set

Hello there! How are you doing today?

It’s getting more muggy in Japan, and I just don’t like it. I hope the weather where you live is nicer than here where we live.

I am sorry for the delay that I didn’t update my art blog. I am busy for school stuff. Today I show you one of my school projects that I painted. Although it’s nothing new and very classic, but I hope you like it.

European Style, Tea set, Hand painted

European style Tea set

I painted both front side and back side because my teacher forced me to do it. It took one and a half years to finish this tea set!!!! I used one of my foreign teachers, Birgit Porter’s studies for the set ( not used her techniques. My school doesn’t allow me to use other techniques that I learned out from my school.) , and now I am super happy that I finally could finish this.

European Style, Tea Set, Hand Painted

European style Tea Set

I learned a lot of things through making this tea set. I really wanted to add my creativity, but my school doesn’t allow me to add my tastes, even a little bit. I am in the midway of the B course of advance. I still have to finish three more pieces, but after that, I can go to the C course. After I finish the C course, I finally can become an instructor officially in Japan!!  I really hope at the end of next year, I will be able to graduate from my school!

Now, I am working on my original design while doing my assignments from my school. Doing school projects are boring, but I can build patience, preciseness and so on. So, it’s still good for me!

I have some news. I got in the most popular porcelain magazine.

yumi in a magazine1


yumi in a magazine3


yumi in a magazine4

I am so honored about this! I do appreciate Anna write about me on the magazine.

Next time, I will show you my bird painting again.

Have a lovely weekend! See you around next weekend!



20 Responses to “Tea Set”

  1. Renay Weis Says:

    Very nice job. I can’t wait to see what you will paint next. That was very inspiring to me. I am also working on a tea set, roses with scrolling.

    Thank you for sharing your work,


    • Hi, Renay!

      Welcome to my art blog! Thank you so much for taking a look at my pieces!! I want to see your tea set! It must be very pretty!!!! I am updating my art blog constantly, so, just visit here some time!

  2. I love the tea set! Dresden is one of my favorites.

  3. Beautiful tea set! Your school must be good. I am glad you get to study with other teachers own your own. You are very talented, and I love to see the things you do.

    • Hello, LInda!

      How have you been? I hope you are getting better. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I am not sure if my school is good, lol. I have lots of issues against my school, lol, but I am glad that I gradually can graduate from the school. My school just force me to copy from other people’s designs. I don’t like it, but I can’t do more.

  4. I was also excited when I saw the article in Porcelain Artist Magazine. More beautiful work.

    • Hi, Linda again, lol!

      I haven’t subscribed the magazine because I am not a member of IPAT. So, I haven’t seen my article in person. I am looking forward to seeing my article when I get Gay’s next year. She will show it to me!

  5. Beautiful work! The tea set is wonderful.

  6. Yasmina Benghezal Says:

    Bravo, félicitation pour ce travail magnifique.

  7. Jane Holmes Says:

    Your teaset is lovely Yumi. But I love your butterflies in the magazine. Well done getting published well deserved. ❤️❤️Jane

    • Hi, Jane!

      Thank you so much for the compliment! I finished a piece for you and will send it to you after taking some photos for my blog, lol. Your piece will be in my blog entry soon as well!

  8. Very beautiful set, Yumi.

    • Hi, Gay!

      Thank you for the compliment! Well, it took one and a half years to finish. It is supposed to be pretty, lol.

  9. Hi Yumiko-san! Yes, very classic. I also did very similar design on the Noritake teapot and two tea cups for graduation works when I went to the school to get the certifcate. I know it’s boring but just hag in there!!

    • Hi, Yukari-san

      Thank you for the comment. How many pieces did you have to make for your graduation? We have five, a tea set, round plate, clock, vase and box with flower bouquets, a bird, fruits, landscape, Nion roses, gold work, sponging techniques and rased and pasts. I have finished a tea set with flower bouquets and a plate with a bird in the B cause. I do have to do the same stuff in the C cause again. It’s a loooooog way for me, lol

  10. It seems your school is very strict. It seems to me that it is a little bit like a particular style of karate that they want you to develop a higher amount of skill in their particular style so that you might effectively continue to promote that style…. A very nice set!

    • Hi, Michael

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, you got my school’s system clearly, lol. I have already figured out that I don’t suit to my school, lol. I prefer freedom, but Japan loves licenses. If we want to teach something, we definitely need a certain license. That’s the only reason I still stick in the school, lol.

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