City Art Show

Long time no see. I apologize for my laziness. I was busy trying to get in a city art show where I live. The art show is not a porcelain show and I had to compete with around 500 artworks. Everyone can enter one piece, and if they can’t win a prize, their piece can’t be displayed. If you want many people to see your piece, you have to win a prize. That’s the show rule.

I tried to enter the show with this piece and made it. When I received the news, I was very happy for it.

Bird painting, American style, Porcelain painting

Bird Painting


A couple of days ago, I went to the museum where my piece has been shown with my hubby. Before going there,  he and I were talking how many pieces would be in the show. He told me he guessed that everybody could get in the show because it’s the city art show. Well, we met some people who couldn’t get in there. I talked with several of them, and they told me that they have been trying for several years, but it’s hard for them to get in. They came there to get their pieces back. The show had prepared two rooms to put the pieces which couldn’t get in. I saw many pieces were there.

Bird painting, American style, Porcelain painting

Bird painting


I realized that to get in the show was a little bit more difficult that I had thought. The show is more serious that I had imagined. When I heard their stories, I felt sorry for them. At the same time I appreciated my luck.

Bird painting, American style, Porcelain painting

City Art Show


Bird painting, American style, Porcelain painting

My decorated piece at the city art show


While we were looking around, I heard an elderly woman who was with her husband pointing at my piece and said, “Oh, I love this one!”. It totally made my day.

It was fun to try out to get in a real art show. I want to do this every year from now on.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and supporting me! I will try to post something every weekend constantly, but I guess that I sometimes won’t be able to do this. Now, I am painting some mushrooms on mugs, and you will see them next weekend.


See you around next weekend!





24 Responses to “City Art Show”

  1. Very very nice Yumi. I don’t understand what you mean by “decorate.”

    • Hi, Gay!

      Thank you so much for the comment and asking. Well, decorate means to put. I edited my blog post and I hope you understand what I wanted to say more clear!

  2. Congratulations! Lovely painting.

  3. Wow, now I understand how you made into the exhibtion. It’s amazing! There is no way they could deny this piece.

    • Hi, Matt

      Thank you so much for the compliment! I am so happy to hear that! I wish I could show you the real piece!!!! Thank you so much for correction my written English. You are my best English teacher ever!!!!

  4. It’s not luck, you are a talented porcelain painter!!!

  5. It’s hard work and talent, not luck. Your work is beautiful!

  6. I am so glad that you are entering the shows and promoting the oil on porcelain work. this is beautiful work and I am glad and proud to be supporting you….keep up the wonderful work….

  7. Hi Yumi, I agree that it wasn’t luck—-it’s your talent that got you into that show. I also agree that it’s great that you’re entering a show with your porcelain art. That will bring more attention to our porcelain art and possibly get more people interesting in our porcelain art!!! Way to go, Yumi!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

    • Hi, Emilie

      Thank you so very much for the big big compliment! Yes, I am so interested in getting in a real art show now. It’s much more fun to challenge. I am thinking I will try two different art shows in Japan next year! We will see……

  8. Very nice Yumi I really like it and am so glad you made it in the art show! I like the bird.

  9. Congrats, Yumi!
    You’ve got in “Shiten” ! Wow I know how hard to get in. I’d like to see it if I have a chance.
    I haven’t settled down yet and bought a kiln either.
    I really want to start painting as soon as possible.

    • Hi, Akiko-san!

      Long time no see! Thank you so very much for visiting my blog again!!!!! I am glad you visited me. I wish we lived close. Then, we could go to the museum together! Well, it’s time for you to start painting! When you settle down everything, let me know. We should hang out!

  10. Yumiko-san, Congraduations!! I know how hard it is to be entered in the public exhibition. Wao, I’m so proud of you!

    • Hi, Yukari-san!

      Thank you so very much as always for visiting my art blog. Yeah, many people say getting in Shiten is difficult. I never thought it and I think I am so lucky! I figured out that I need more practice!

  11. Hannah Dowdall Says:

    My beautiful Yumi!
    Having seen by now many dreams that come to fruition from your mind and amazing talent. I know this was very justified in being showcased at the art show ~ your attention to details always takes my breath away & your use of the colour and depth of field also very clever or should i just say *You are so talented* and it is an honour to see your work ~ thank you so much for sharing this very proud moment ~ not easy to get into these *Shows* only the best! It is divine and i look forward to seeing your mushrooms already. Gb and always your Irish friend Mia

    • Hi, Mia!

      Thank you so much for visiting my art blog! Thanks for encouraging me a lot!!! I love adding lots of details on my works, lol. You know it very well, right, lol. It was so much fun to try out getting in a real show. I want to do this again next year. When I started learning conversational English, my dream was to be an international porcelain artist, but now it’s changing. I am interested in being a local artist ( not only a porcelain artist) in Japan. It’s fun to enter only porcelain shows, but I am more interested in entering real art shows in Japan now. I live in Japan, and I want to become an artist in Japan!

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