B& B in Florida

Hi there! How have you been? Today, my blog entry is not about my piece, and I am sorry for this.

Last year, I took a class with Gay and Linda in Florida from San Do. At that time, I was super busy and couldn’t write about my trip of Florida. I learned how to paint glasses and I will make my original piece with the techniques to show you what I learned there some day.

Today I write about our trip. Gay and I stayed at a country style of B and B. She found the place and booked for us. It was my first time to stay at B and B. When I looked at the house, I was in love with the house in the first sight. It was just like a house in a magazine, Country Living! Gay and I stayed there for a week. I just loved the B and B, but well, I didn’t like the breakfast because I don’t eat cereal. Besides that, the place was wonderful! I learned a lot and had a great time with Gay and Linda! We went to a zoo. I took lots of pics of animals there. I know I have to paint some of them from the pics!







As looking at these photos, the house was just like a museum. Since I am a big fan of American country side, I really enjoyed there.







Since the owner couple is a huge fan of antiques, we could see them everywhere. Gay and I also enjoyed going antiquing where the couple recommended us.

DSCF6780One day, the owner told us that he caught an wild  armadillo. I have never seen the wild one because in Japan we don’t have them. They are zoo animals for us. They look very cute, but according to him, they give damage their garden.


Next week, I will show you my art piece. I am glad that I finally could write about my trip of Florida in 2015 before forgetting it. I hope I can stay there again some day. The owner couple was so kind and nice. They told me that I was the first Japanese guest for them. I wrote my name and address in Japanese on their guest notebook.  I still have several trips of New Orleans or Yellow Stones. I have to write about them as well.

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful old house. See you again next weekend here! Have a great weekend!




6 Responses to “B& B in Florida”

  1. Yumi I know it has been a while since we were there but the Armadillo was caught under the shack we stayed in the first night. We got in very late and it was dark so we only saw everything in the dark. You fell into a deep sleep right away because of Jetlag so you didn’t hear all the noise under the shack during the night. I started wondering what the heck I had gotten us into! In the morning I mentioned the noise at breakfast and the owners said “Oh no, I should have told you I set a trap under the shack for the armadillo!” LOL. He took the creature to a state park and let him go. Interesting way to start our Florida trip! The breakfast wasn’t much because the houses were so interesting and we gave up the yummy breakfast for that. Well worth it. The “zoo” we went to was Busch Gardens. Linda wanted me to rent an electric cart so I didn’t have to walk but I refused to. Silly me, I wore the wrong shoes and ended up with blisters and held everybody up. Next time I rent a cart or wear the right shoes! Was miserable all week!

    • Hi, Gay!

      Thank you so very much for the comment. I forgot most of the part what you mentioned! You reminded me of what we did there, lol. Aw, I so miss you, our trip, LInda, San and America! We should have more fun next year!!!!

  2. Hannah Dowdall Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this adventure ~ as for sure it was! I have never seen a *B & B* like it and doubt i ever will ~ come to Ireland you would be spoilt for breakfast but so agree the amazing house *that time forgot* was a memory to last a life time. The adventure of the Armadillo so makes me laugh & you slept through the drama of the poor creature being caught (so smiling here). Thankfully he joined a park & your trip to the zoo ~ i hope you wore the right shoes. I am looking forward to your next piece and have so enjoyed my visit to your beautiful blog ~ always your friend Hannah.

    Ps.. Wish you had shown a picture of the bed room-) ~ what a location it would make for a movie!

    • Hi, Mia!

      Thank you so much for the comment. LOL, I wore the certain shoes. Gay didn’t, lol. We made a mess in our bed room and there are no bed room photos. However, our room was just like a magazine cover! Now, I so miss my American friends. Two years ago, Gay, me and Zach ( my young American friend) went to Dali’s museum together. Zach and I went to the museum more than 6 years ago as well.

  3. Hannah Dowdall Says:

    Wish i could have seen the room ~ as i would say it was a total contrast ~ old to new! Now i think you could have pushed all your mess under the bed haha & given the whole picture of this unique house *Were time stood still* and clever clogs for have the right shoes. You are so traveled and wish i had been to Dali’s museum with you! However thank you so much for these beautiful pictures of your world and life my friend

    • The room was really classic, lol. The bath tab had cat craws. It was so so cool. I know I should take some pics before Gay and I made a mess. Well, lol, I am the person who makes a mess. She doesn’t do this, lol. I share a room only with Gay because my other friends know I am a mess, lol!

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