Practice Piece of Roses

Hi there! How have you been? In Japan we are heading to a rainy season. Before we get the season, I want to show my practice piece of roses today. The rose season is almost over here. Today I went out to see roses in a rose garden where is close to our house. I will post the pictures tomorrow and will link the blog entry with this one.

I gave this plate last year for my mom’s friend, and I totally have forgotten about this plate. Today when I downloaded new pictures to my PC, I accidentally found the plate. I am glad that I can post the plate pics today. I painted this plate at one fire. I think I need more practice, and I want to paint some roses from pictures that I took at the rose garden today.

Euproan Style, roses, flower painting, porcelain painting, one fire

My Practice piece of Roses

European Style, one fire, roses, flower painting, porcelain painting,

My Practice piece of Roses


I will update my blog next week again. This is good for me to keep me painting, lol. I need more pieces for my blog entries. See you next week! Happy painting!!!



I updated my other blog that I am introducing Japanese culture. I have posted lots of roses pictures there. If you are interested in it, please visit there as well! Here is the link:



4 Responses to “Practice Piece of Roses”

  1. Yumi, those are very pretty roses especially for one fire technique. Look forward to seeing your new ones

  2. Yumiko-san, I can’t imagin how you can paint those beautiful roses with just a one fire! Looking forward to your weekend blogs!!!

    • Hi, Yukari-san!

      Thank you as always for visiting my blog! I have been trained this techniques at my painting school. I prefer panting to layer colors at many times.

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