Frog Concert

Hi there!

Long time no see! How have you been? I am sorry that my blog entry became very delay. To be honest with you, two of my parents in-laws had been in a hospital. I had been busy for taking care of them. Now, two of them left from the hospital and they have helpers. They have some health issues, but I really hope they will get better.

Today, I wan to invite you a concert of frogs, lol. I painted this piece for an art show in my city, but because of my in laws healthy issue I missed it. So, I want to show this in my blog.  I enjoyed painting this piece and I want to paint more similar designs to use this idea from now on.

Frog Concert

Frog Concert


Frog Concert

Frog Concert


I hope you are having a great day/night! Thanks for visiting my blog as always!


I will post more pieces. So, just stay tunes!




18 Responses to “Frog Concert”

  1. Yumi! Hope your family gets better real soon. Missed you here on the web! Your piece is really cute.

    • Thank you so much for the comment, Linda! I miss you too! I am in Michigan now and painting with Paula White. After I return to Japan from the States, I will update my blogs constantly! I promise!!!

  2. Love you or pieces. Sure hope everyone will soon be well!

  3. Akiko Uesaka Says:

    I’m very happy you are back, and to see such a cute plate. I know we are likely to face parents health issue. Me too. I have to come back to Japan as soon as possible. Anyway good for you.

    • Arizonan!

      Thank you as always for such the warm comment! When you get home, please let me know. We should hang out in Japan some time!

  4. Love thé vibrant colors and the fun design!
    Hope everything is going to be fine with your familly

  5. Bonni Novak Says:

    Love your frogs…so whimsical and fun!

  6. Good to have you back. Love the whimsical frogs!

  7. Yumiko-san, I’ve also gone through the same caring issue with
    my father, so I know how hard it is.But I’m glad that problem is resolved and back to painting again, I’d like the rythmical movements of frogs!!

    • Hi, Yukari-San.

      Long time no talk. I am sorry for my rudeness. I hope you enjoyed the show that you belonged. I am in Michigan now and painting!

  8. Mcairlyn Says:

    So cute! Are these safe to eat from? Would love to find a way to paint dishes that you could then eat off of.

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