Bird Painting with Fat Oil

Hi there! How are you doing today?

Here in Japan, every day is too muggy and without air conditioners it’s hard for us to live. I have been complaining a lot against this weather. Ah, I really really hate Japanese summer.

Well, have you been painting? I am busy for my assignments for my school, but I want to paint different subjects from my school. I just started thinking what I want to paint. You will see what I paint on my blog later.

Today, I want to show you my bird painting. This bird’s design is from the Meissen factory, and this is one of my assignments for my school.

Bird Painting

Bird Painting


This is one fire.  I painted the bird with fat oil.


Bird Painting

Bird Painting


I like this simple design a lot. I hope you all like my bird painting with the European techniques as well.

Thank you as always for your support! See you next week on my blog again!





7 Responses to “Bird Painting with Fat Oil”

  1. please tell me more about how you use the fat oil. Do you mix your paint with it or just use it as your medium as you paint?

    • Hi Susan.

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for asking. Haven’t you used fat oil before? When you mix some powder paint with fat oil, you need some lavender oil as well.

  2. Yumiko-san, what a cute little birdy! Cann’t imagen you ‘ve painte with just one fire!!!

    • Hi Yukari-san.

      Thank you so much as always for visiting my blog. I am glad that you like my tiny bird painting. I also like this. I agree the design is really cute!

  3. Beautiful work! I’m looking forward to seeing your future posts. All the best, Janette. 🙂

    • Hi, Janette

      Nice to meet you. Thank you so much for finding me and follow my blog. I am very flattered. Same here. I am also looking forward to seeing your blog entries from now on!

  4. linda Zollinger Says:

    Yumi , I signed up for your blogs but it never went thru….tried again today and it finally worked…Love the bird….much love from Tennessee.

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