What I learned in Michigan Porcelain Painting School ~Part 2

Hello there! How are you doing?

It’s getting hotter in Japan, and my hate season is coming. We are in a rainy season now.

Well, today I want to share my modern piece with you. I learned how to design modern patterns last month by Paula White in Michigan school. The class was very interesting. She showed several samples how to design modern patterns, and we ourselves designed our original design with Paula’s help.

I prefer traditional patterns and I am lack of experiences. However, since Paula was a excellent teacher, I really enjoyed designing my piece.

I hope you all like my modern piece.

Modern Design

Modern Design


Modern Desin

Modern Design


Modern Design

Modern Design


I love designing! I love my this modern design and I want to paint more modern pieces from now on!
Learning new things is so much fun and I just can’t stop it!!


Have a lovely weekend!

See you next week on my blog!



10 Responses to “What I learned in Michigan Porcelain Painting School ~Part 2”

  1. Try “Images” when you Google for “generate random pattern”. There might be something inspirational to find there 🙂

  2. Very nice. You are extremely talented.

  3. Yumiko-san, yes this is different from other pictures you’ve painted before.Very unique!!!

    • Hi, Yukari-san.

      Thank you as always for the comments! Yup, I love learning new things and trying the things on my pieces!

  4. Victoria Farnam Says:

    I love it

  5. Love it!!! I am planning to try something like this very soon. Just finished two workshops with Paula. She is indeed a very knowledgeable, talented painter and desires to pass that knowledge along to her students to help us in our painting and understanding of the techniques and products of our art. Thanks for posting this lovely piece.

    • Hi Dixie!

      Thank you as always for visiting my blog! I am sorry that I had to chancel to go back to Alabama. I hope you learned a lot from Paula. She is a great teacher! I am looking forward to seeing your design on Facebook!

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