Hi there!

I am so glad that I am here again this time!!! How are you doing, everyone?

I’m enjoying early summer season in Japan while painting, gardening, reading, or sometimes playing with my kitty, Jiji.

Today I want to show my rose painting. A couple of months ago, I returned to my previous porcelain painting school in Japan to graduate from there. I want to get a diploma and start teaching at my painting studio.

This plate is one of subjects in my school. We receive subjects, in this case, roses, and create a design with roses. I added several different flowers and butterflies. This is only one fire. I hope you like it.

Rose painting

Rose painting

Rose Painting

Rose painting

Thank you for visiting my blog as always! Your comment encourages me a lot!

See you next week again!!! xoxo



10 Responses to “Roses!”

  1. Yasmina Says:

    Félicitations! Le classique en peinture sur porcelaine est toujours ce qui est le plus beau dans cette discipline et, votre travail très soigné est une réussite.

    • ¡Muchas gracias por visitar mi blog de nuevo! Muchas gracias por tal el maravilloso cumplido !!! Sí, me encanta pintar el estilo clasico!

  2. i wish the plates I eat with would look like that. lol

    Would that be a bad idea? Could you get poisoning from the paint?

    • Wow, Marc!

      Long time no talk!!!! I am so glad that you visited my blog! Thank you thank you so so much!!!!! Actually, you can’t eat on that kinds of plate. Yes, it gets tons of lead on the colors that I’ve been using. That’s why the colors are very bright.

  3. Yumiko-san, Great roses! I remember that I also had to
    paint roses for graduating from the porcelain painting school and gettting the diploma.And congradulations for opening up your art studio and teaching. I know it’s been your dream.Now, dreams come true!!!

    • Hi, Yukari-san.

      Thank you as always for visiting my blog. This is not a subject for the graduation. I still have to work on a lot of porcelain. It will still take two to three years for me to graduate from my school.

      You will see my assignments from my school a lot from now on, lol. So, please stay turned!!!

  4. YUMIさん始めまして、チャイナペイントを趣味にしているLilyと申します。とても素晴らしい作品ばかりで、朝から見入ってしまいました!

    • Lilyさん




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