Luster Work!

Hi there! It’s been quite a long while since I updated my last blog entry. I’m really sorry for the delay.

I went back to the States again and took some classes at Cheri’s International Painting Studio in Huston, TX with my friend from Bolivia, Fresia.  After the classes, we enjoyed traveling around New Orleans, and I want to write about it on my another blog entry.

In this entry, I want to show you my pieces that I learned from Mary Gosden and Peter Faust.

I took two of Mary’s classes in September last year with Dixie. She is the first teacher who taught me how to handle luster. Since then, I have become more interested in using luster to my works. I have come to like it!

This is the class subject that I took. This design has belonged to Mary Gosden.  She is one of the best teachers whom I have taken before! Everyone loves her, and we really enjoyed painting with her. Mary will come to Anna’s painting studio next summer again, and I really can’t wait to take two classes from her again!!!!

Luster Work with Mary Gosden

Luster Work with Mary Gosden


Luster Work with Mary Gosden

Luster Work with Mary Gosden


Mary's Class at the Anna's Painting Studio

Mary’s Class at the Anna’s Painting Studio


One day Anna took us to a Chinese restaurant with Mary.  We had a great lunch time there!!

At a Chinese Restaurant with Mary

At a Chinese Restaurant with Mary


In the Last day, Mary and we threw a chocolate party! It was so much fun!

Chocolate Party with Mary

Chocolate Party with Mary

Our Beloved Mary

Our Beloved Mary


Thank you so much for teaching me, Mary!!!


Next is the class subject what I painted with Peter Faust. Since taking his classes, I’ve been involved in designing more modern patterns. He definitely has given me a huge influence! I learned a lot of things from him.

Luster Work with Peter Faust

Luster Work with Peter Faust


This unique porcelain was designed by Nancy Benedettii. I’m so lucky to get in the classes thanks to my dear friend, Fresia!

She and I really enjoyed hanging out and painting even though we sometimes argued. Through arguing, we have become much closer friends!

Luster Work with Peter Faust

Luster Work with Peter Faust


At the Cheri’s painting studio, I met some of my Facebook friends,  Wilma, Karen, Cheri, Nancy, Herta, Dian, in person for the first time! I also met some new friends there. Everyday, we hanged out to eat dinner and had a wonderful time together!

Cheri's Painting Studio

Cheri’s Painting Studi


Me and my classmates in our first class with Peter

Me and my classmates in our first class with Peter


Me and my classmates in our first class with Peter

Me and my classmates in our second class with Peter


Me and Fresia

Me and Fresia


This is not a class subject.  Cheri gave each of us a blank porcelain with Peter’s original pattern. Since I took two classes, I got two of white porcelain which has a different pattern.  While taking a class, I painted on one of the pieces by myself. The pattern belongs to Peter, but the idea belongs to me.

My First Work with Luster

My First Work with Luster


I don’t want to excuse, but I know my piece is lack of values. Since I didn’t have enough time for firing and I wanted to give this piece to a friend of Fresia while I was in the States, I fired this piece two times. I wish I could fire one more time….. but I love my idea. Using the similar idea, I want to paint another piece some day!





10 Responses to “Luster Work!”

  1. Helga Jaermann Says:

    Fantastic People and fantastic work, I love everything, love Helga

  2. monique lefebvre Says:

    BRAVO c’est magnifique et gros bisous à mes chères amies

    • alut Monique

      Merci beaucoup de votre visite sur mon blog et partant tel commentaire! Je l’apprécie vraiment! Bisous et câlins dos à vous!!

  3. Emilie Wiley Says:

    Hi Yumi,

    Another great job of painting by you!!!!! As I’ve said before, you’re like a sponge that absorbs everything you learn then you use that knowledge to just keep getting better and better. Keep up the great work!!!!

    • Hi Emilie

      Thank you as always for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it, and you are definitely my great mentor!

      Yes, as following your advice, I will try do what you’ve said to become a better painter!!

      See you soon!!

  4. Yumiko-san, I’d liked the modern design together eith the unique porcelain. And your beautiful flowers with the combination of the traditional Japansese design of Namie?!(forgot the formal name, sorry)! And it’s good to see Fresia in the photo,too!

    • Hi Yukari-san

      Thank you for taking a look at my blog entry! I’m trying to make my own feather that when people look at my works, they can recognize easily on my pieces. And plus I love adding a bit Japanese taste to the Western style! The pattern is called fish scales in English and 静海波(せいかいは) in Japanese. I love the pattern too!!

  5. This piece is beautiful! Looking forward to painting with you in a few months!

    • Hi Linda

      Thank you for the comment. I’m also looking forward to painting with you and your people! See you in September!!!!

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