Miniature portraits

Hello there!

This is my first blog entry for this year. It’s time for me to start blogging again! Thanks as always for visiting my blog!! When you look at my artwork and read the blog entry, please leave a comment!! It always encourages me and has become a really good motivation to keep on painting for me!!! Thank you so much!

Meanwhile, last year I learned how to paint miniature portraits from my dear teacher, Birgit Porter from Germany in America.

Miniature portraits

Miniature portraits

I painted a Russian princess and one of my daughter’s super miniatures in the class. After I returned to Japan, I finished two of left of my daughter’s super miniatures.

Miniature portraits

Miniature portraits

The super minis are almost the same size as a penny. I wanted to make a necklace with each of them, but I figured out that it’s difficult and needs a lot of money. So, I almost gave it up. However, when I showed them to my other teacher, San Do, he suggested that I can make a porcelain button. I think it’s very cute to have some porcelain buttons with my daughter’s portraits!

Miniature portraits

Miniature portraits

After I finished them, I started practicing some miniature portraits again. They are my practice pieces.

Miniature portraits

Miniature portraits

The right one is my self-portrait. I’m planning on giving it to my mom as a surprise gift on my birthday. I think on a birthday that we should appreciate to our parents to give birth. I learned it after I gave birth to my daughter. The left of two are my daughter. I bought the blanc porcelain necklaces and broach in Florida with Gay.
This is a good size for me to wear and paint on.

Miniature portraits

Miniature portraits

Miniature portraits

Miniature portraits

Can you see my daughter’s facial expression? She is crying and I painted some tear drops on her face. It was so much fun!!!

Miniature portraits

Miniature portraits

Miniature portraits

Miniature portraits

I love painting miniatures and want to practice more!!!


15 Responses to “Miniature portraits”

  1. Emilie Wiley Says:

    Wow, Yumi, you’ve outdone yourself!!!! Great job. I love them!!! It’s great that you can paint such small porcelain pieces. They would make great necklaces. i’d be a bit worried if you used them for buttons because they could get scratched and that would ruin your beautiful paint job. Unless you’re thinking of wearing the buttons like pins (with the pin holder attached to the back of the portrait) on your lapel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen porcelain blanks that small.

    Keep up the great work!!!!!


    • Hi Emilie

      Thanks for the comment as always! You can get the smallest ones at the shop in Detroit, Michigan. Dixie ordered them from the shop for us.

      Thanks for the advice for the super minis. That makes sense and I want to think how I do use them.

      Thank you!!

  2. You are doing a fantastic job!

    • Hi Dixie

      Thanks for taking a look at my artwork. I think I could start a good start at the beginning of the new year! See you soon!!!!

  3. You are so talented Yumi! I can’t figure out how you are able to put so much details, like your daughters tears, in such small space. She is so cute! I’m sure your mother will love the gift.

    You are right, you and your daughter look so much alike.

    • Hi Matt

      Thank you for the comment! Not only faces, we look alike in our voice. Even my husband sometimes misunderstands who is talking on a phone. Our characters are also kinda similar.

      According to Nana, I look like a monkey, and Nana looks like a pig. She doesn’t like me painting her, lol. She doesn’t like all my hand painted her portraits.

      I hope my mom likes my childhood portrait.

  4. Wow, Yumi! Fantastic job on your minis. Your mom will love it!!! These are really superbly painted and i cannot wait to see your next works. See you soon in Vancouver with bev and Margie! We will have so much fun!! Happy painting, sister!!! Love, Mary

  5. Waouh! What a beautifull work! You are à very talented artist!!!

    • Hi Corinne

      Long time no see since I received your comment last time! Thanks for visiting again!!! Thank you so much for the compliment!!!

  6. Yumiko, how can you paint the portrait in a such a tinny tinny little pieces! Yes, like other comments your dauther does looke exactly like you! But I also love the princes too.By the way, you can get neckles and broches( porcelain and the jewly ) at very little price at the Sannart in Japan.I’m still waiting for the attendees’ reply for your seminar, so I’ll keep in touch.

    • Hi Yukari-san

      Thanks as always for the comment. I know we could buy the tiny porcelain pieces at サンアートbefore. Do you think they are still selling them? I want more to practice! I know where I can get in the U.S., so if I can’t get them in Japan, I can get there in the U.S, though. If you want some of them and you can’t get them in Japan, let me know. I can get some for you.

      Thanks for everything. Yes, keep in touch with me please!

  7. Kristen Adams Says:

    Looking forward to seeing you again in Vancouver!

  8. Diana Young Says:

    First time I found your blog, beautiful work, and I love it that it is so personal for you; your family and dog portraits. will look at the rest too. wonderful!

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