New Attempt

Hi there! I painted this vase for Dixie’s 54th wedding anniversary. This is mixed of Kutani (the Japanese style) and the American style. I wanted to create an unique style for her specific occasion, and I think I did a pretty good job.

Dixie loves my ship painting and I arranged her favorite my design. I created the new style.

Happy Anniversary, Charles and Dixie! Thank you as always for doing for me!!! Love you so much!!!!

New Attempt

New Attempt

New Attempt

New Attempt

New Attempt

New Attempt

New Attempt

New Attempt

I think you will see a lot of this unique style kind of mixed with the Japanese style and Western style or the European style and the American style on my paintings from now on! I can’t wait to show my style of paintings more!!!!


10 Responses to “New Attempt”

  1. That is a beautiful combination Yumi.

  2. I am soooo honored! Not just for the very special vase you painted for me . I feel honored to have you in my life!!! I love you, my Japanese daughter!

  3. Beautiful job, Yumi. I’m sure Dixie will cherish this vase for many years to come.

  4. Yumiko, it’s a grandiose combination of all of your techniques, Kutani, landscape and jewerly! It will greatly appreceiated by westerners as they did during the late Edo period when they imported many porcelain from Japan(with western design). But it’s a wonderful idea of best of the two worlds: Japanese and Western techniques! Hope you’ll continue to make such workpieces!!!

    • Happy New Year, Yukari-san.

      When I started learning Kutani techniques, my KUtani teacher told me that I should create my own Kutani. Then, I considered what I could do on my Kutani pieces. Painting traditional patterns is fun, but I wanted to make the originals that only I can do. This is my way of Kutani, and from now on, you will see these styles on my Kutani pieces. Of course, you still can see a lot of my practice pieces with the traditional patterns, though.

      To be honest with you, I received much more comments on Facebook because my art blog has linked to Facebook. I’m so happy that many people like this new style of Kutani!

  5. that is white incredible.

    • Thank you so much for taking a look at my piece. This is mixed of one of Japanese painting styles, called Kutani and the Western style. I like creating new style!

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