A Demo at The Decatur Guild Meeting

Hi there again!

Today’s entry is my demo piece at the Decatur guild meeting.  Dixie belongs to the guild, and she set it up for me.

I showed the Kutani techniques there, and the guild members enjoyed painting with the techniques.

I love exchanging different culture and I’m so glad that I could do it!

Thank you so much, Dixie!

Kutani Plate

Kutani Plate


Kutani Plate

Kutani Plate



I think they are the first American painters who tried to paint Kutani. They did a great job!



4 Responses to “A Demo at The Decatur Guild Meeting”

  1. Should I notice some red spots are omitted?

  2. Hi yumiko! I was wondering where you been for such a long time?! But it’s great to hear you back. And now I’m trying to
    catch up with your blog! Gosh you really are the master of kutani.

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