Preparing a New Year Day!

Hi all!

Thank you for visiting my blog entry for Christmas. I really appreciate it.

Today I want to show the Japanese style, and it’s also one of my newest artwork.

I painted a sake bottle with the Kutani techniques. Although I designed it, it’s a typical design for Kutani.

On one side we paint a repeating pattern called komon, and on the other side, we paint a different pattern.

Only kutani has such the unique style.

I gave the sake bottle and a pair of sake cup to my in-laws last weekend as a Christmas gift.

My father in-law especially loved my hand painted the sake bottle and he said he can’t wait to drink some sake with it on a New Year day!

I’m so glad that they loved them.

I still have two more my hand painted sake bottles and I will show them next time!

Kutani Sytle Sake Bottle

Kutani Sytle Sake Bottle

Kutani Sytle Sake Bottle

Kutani Sytle Sake Bottle

Kutani Sytle Sake Bottle

Kutani Sytle Sake Bottle

Don’t you think the sake bottle has a very unique shape? This is a feature of Kutani tableware.

Thanks for visiting!


14 Responses to “Preparing a New Year Day!”

  1. Very nice!

  2. Helga Jaermann Says:

    My lovely Yumi I am very happy, you are my friend! Your painting is wonderful and I am lucky I get from you, one of you Kutani painting, thank you. You are wonderful Lady and Artist, love Helga

    • Hi, Helga.

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog again! Thank you for such the compliment for me!!!!
      I’m also very lucky to have you as friends!!! Love you too!!

  3. Very nice,

  4. Hermoso trabajo, felicidades querida amiga!!!

  5. Yumiko, great sake set! They are better design than those actually sold in stores!!! I’ve made the jewerly box that you demostrated in the Mexico, so I’ll email it to you for your comment. And I’m impressed that you mastered the Espanol in such a short period! Viva Yumiko!!!

    • Hi, Yukari-san.

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad that you like the sake bottle. To be honest with you, I cheated it on google translator. I can’t say anything in Spanish. I know I have to learn basic Spanish!

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