Merry Chirstmas!

Merry Christmas, my dear friends!

I’m very sorry that I hadn’t updated my blog posts for a long time. Two months ago, I returned to Japan from my last studying abroad in America this year. I felt like burned out for a while and became lazy gradually.  I apologize it to you all. I started blogging again, and I will show you what I learned in America and what I did there one by one.

In Japan today is a Christmas eve and tomorrow is a Christmas day. Did you receive some gifts from Santa?

In my case, I received a wonderful gift from Santa this summer!

This summer, our friend, Zach from America stayed at our house for two months. One day he found a kitten, and our daughter named him Jiji. He was only 6 weeks old.

He is a very playful kitten and he turns 8 month old. He turned out a very handsome tubby cat. I’m enjoying being a mom again for him.

I painted his teeth box, and this is one of my newest artwork. I hope you like it.

I love porcelain painting because we can paint any kinds of shaped thing like this teeth box. I think painting only on round dishes or square tiles are quite boring. I love designing for the different shaped porcelain and painting on them. I really think it’s one of fun things for porcelain painters.

Jiji's Teeth Box

Jiji’s Teeth Box

Jiji's Teeth Box

Jiji’s Teeth Box

When I found Jiji’s baby teeth, I thought painting a box to keep his baby teeth was a wonderful idea. I got the white box from one of my American moms in Michigan, Kay. Thank you so much for the box, Kay!

Jiji's Baby Teeth

Jiji’s Baby Teeth

Jiji 6 Weeks Old

Jiji 6 Weeks Old

Jiji 7 Months Old

Jiji 7 Months Old

Thank you for visiting my art blog again.  I hope you have the best Christmas ever this year! Merry Christmas!!!




14 Responses to “Merry Chirstmas!”

  1. Merry Christmas~ That is so adorable and what a great looking kitten 😀 I’m excited for Christmas too!

  2. What a sweet box for a sweet kitty. Hi Jiji!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! woo woo woo!

  3. The box is very pretty. Love the Nyon! Jiji has grown into a lovely cat.

  4. Linda badgett Says:

    Love your kitty and adore the box. How nice for your kitty to have her own box.

  5. linda badgett Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! I look forward to seeing you for Birgit’s seminar in feb. She said I was on the list. And she was going to Dixie’s house! Take care. Love,linda

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Yumiko, I’m so sorry for not commenting before Christmas! But Merry Christmas to you and a Happy new Year! The kittty is so cute!!! And the Teeth box for him I wish I could get that one for myself!!!

    • Hi, Yukari-san.

      Do you also have a kitty? I’ve became a huge fan of cats. He is so adorable, and I don’t think I can live without him, lol!

      • Sorry for the consfution,Yumiko!Unfortunately, i don’t have any kitties nor cubbies (I’m too busy taking care of myself, how to balance out my work and private life).What I meant was it was such a cute and beautiful masterpiece that I wish I could have it for myself!!!

      • OOps, I’m sorry that I wrote my replay on the wrong entry, lol.

        I thought you yourself also had a kitten, lol.
        Thank you for the compliment for my box. You can paint by yourself!!! Try it!!!!

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