Native American Jewelry Box

Hi all!

Today’s entry is a native American jewelry box, and I painted it for the international Mexico convention in 2013.

I did the workshop in Mexico, and I really had a great time with my students at the workshop.

Native American Jewelry Box

Native American Jewelry Box

Native American Jewelry Box

Native American Jewelry Box

My Workshop in Mexico

My Workshop in Mexico

My Workshop in Mexico

My Workshop in Mexico


6 Responses to “Native American Jewelry Box”

  1. Lovely!

    • Wow, Dixie! How could you take a look at the newest blog entry so fast????? It’s really amazing!!!! Anyway, thanks as always for the comment!!! See you soon!!!!

  2. Hi! Yumiko. I couldn’t imagine how you can create so many artworks in such a short period of time! And you are going to create another one before going to the States, right?! How energytic you are!!! But don’t push yourself too much because of this quenching weather and you are going to get to tired when you get there!!!

    • Hi, Yukari-san.

      Thanks as always for the comment. Thank you for the concern. Yes, I’ve still been keeping on painting to push myself hardly. Today is the last day for me to paint, but I still can’t finish two pieces! I think I have to bring them to America, and have to keep on painting them there!!! Oh, shoot!!!

      Before going back to America, I will update my last blog entry tonight! Stay tune!!!

  3. Hi, yumi san. How are you doing? I nominated you for the Liebster Award šŸ™‚ By the way, what happened in your Japanese blog?

    • Hello, Happy Yuan-san.

      Long time no talk! Thanks for the nomination!!!! I really appreciate it!
      Three weeks ago I returned to Japan from America, and last week we had two friends of mine from Bolivia at our house. We enjoyed sightseeing and painting. That’s why I didn’t have enough time to update my blog. I’ve been doing very well. Thanks for the concern as well.

      Well, I dilated my Japanese blog after I returned to Japan. That’s because I already had used maximum that I could use for free, and I didn’t want to become a payment user. I’m not planning on blogging again in Japanese, but I have two blogs in English. It’s enough for me.

      Next year, I will go to Canada, America and Bolivia, and I’m very thrilled! I learned a lot in this studying abroad in America and painted a lot. I will show you my artwork soon. So, stay tune to my blog!


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