Painting with Birgit Porter!

Two months ago I learned the KPM Berlin techniques from Birgit Porter in Georgia, America with Gay and Dixie.

We stayed at the host’s house for 6 days and took a four-day class. We practiced several flowers, and it was my first time to use her type of fat oil. I hadn’t mixed fat oil, clove oil, turpentine and lavender oil before, and it was new things for me.  When I painted with the techniques, first of all, it was not easy. It was very difficult for me to keep the good consistency for painting. While practicing, I became used to it.

Birgit painted any kind of flowers without looking at the real ones, and it made me very surprised. I think she had been trained at the KPM factory for a long time. So, her hands reminds how to paint. It was really amazing.

While teaching the KPM techniques, she painted several flowers for me.

Birgit Porter

Birgit Porter’s hand painted Plate


I practiced the flowers many times on a title.


My Practicing Piece

My Practicie Piece


My Practice Piece

My Practice Piece


Since I love the European style, I became a big fan of her techniques!  Since I returned to Japan, I’ve been practicing her techniques every day. I finished several pieces, and I want to show my other practice pieces later on the other blog entry.

I became good friends with Birgit, and we talked a lot until midnight every day. She became one of  my international sisters.  She told me that many people say the KPM techniques are very difficult and it’s hard for them to master it, but I really don’t think so. I don’ think it’s difficult. I think it needs a little bit practicing time compared to other techniques, and that’s it. I painted some pansies and pearls with the KPM techniques and I will show the piece later too. I think we can use the techniques to a lot of things not only flowers. I want to use the techniques a lot to my paintings from now on.

She taught us very gently, and I really loved the way she teaches us.

Birgit with Her Students

Birgit with Her Students


Birgit, Gay and Dixie

Birgit, Gay and Dixie


We stayed at the friend of Birgit’s house, and it was just amazing. Foods were good, and she was full of hospitality.  We really enjoyed painting, eating, hanging out, chatting, learning, sharing or whatever.


The View From the House

The View From the House


I want to take her classes every time I go back to America from now on. She explained how to design some bouquets, and I want to learn it more. I can copy the European style of bouquets, but I can’t design my original ones. I really want to become able to do it.  I also want to learn how to paint fruits too.

I will take her class at Dixie’s soon, and will learn how to paint super miniature portraits. I really can’t meet her again and learn from her!






4 Responses to “Painting with Birgit Porter!”

  1. Helga Jaermann Says:

    Very nice painting, I wish you a very nice time with Brigit, dear Yumi

  2. Yumiko, Wao! Another techinique! You remeber when we were in Mexico, I took Anne’s demonstration and she also used the lavender oil with the Birght Gold and mixed them together in some kind of lipstick brush. And couldn’t find out the ratio of the two.Perhaps you can one day help me out with this technique! Well good luck in the States again!!!

    • Hi, Yukari-san.

      Thanks for the comment, and I’m sorry for the delay again. Western people use the lipstick brush for gold work. Most of my American painting friends also do it. What kind of brush do you use for the gold work? I’ve been using a Japanese brush, called 面相筆 for the gold work and it extremely works out for me. Try it.

      Yes, learning new techniques are always fun! Happy painting!!!

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