A Traditional Kutani Plate in Japan

Hi there!

How have you been? I’ve been doing well, and started preparing my third studying abroad in America this year. I will fly to America in three weeks, and stay there for two months! I really can’t wait!

Before going back to America, I want to update my art blog as many as I can.

Today’s blog entry is “Kutani”. I painted this plate for the international Mexico convention this year.

When I showed it to people in Mexico, most of them were so interested in our classical and traditional style, Kutani because it’s their first time to see the Kutani style in person. Many people in Mexico said the colors on the plate were very unique. Yes, they are!!! That’s because they are made from glass. Only Kutani uses the colors made from glass in Japan.  I’m really glad that many people became interested in Kutani.


Kutani Plate

They said the green color on the plate was so lovely, and I totally agree with them. I’m very proud of our this art form, Kutani and the colors.

I’m so glad that I could introduce Kutani to people in Mexico, and they really loved my plate!


A rare side of a Kutani plate


Kutani Plate

I donated this plate to the convention, and one of the Mexican ladies has kept it. I’m really happy that my plate is in Mexico!


13 Responses to “A Traditional Kutani Plate in Japan”

  1. Beautiful! Anxious for your arrival!!!

    • Dixie!

      Thank you as always for taking a look at my art blog, and thanks for the kind comment as always! I’m really looking forward to meeting you again in person!!!

  2. Helga Jaermann Says:

    Beautiful, i Love this work

  3. Corinne CHARLES Says:

    I’ve never see a kutani piece before… It´s very interesting and beautifull. I’m very curious,instead of using normal paint, you use a kind finely grounded glass???

  4. Yumiko, you are going to the States again?! You luky duck! I Know, I really miss your Knoh piece. Yeah, I missed the lootery and couldn’t get it! Oh,shocks!!!

    • Hi, Yukari-san.

      Thanks as always for the comment, and I’m sorry for the delay. Yes, I will go to the U.S again. I received an email from you and reply soon!

  5. Linda Badgett Says:

    Looking forward to your September visit to my house.

  6. woops….Sorry for the mistake! Not the Noh but the Kutani piece which I’ve didn’t win the lottery.

  7. linda badgett Says:

    Perhaps you could bring a small piece to show us. Thanks, Linda

    Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2013 13:15:13 +0000 To: lindabadgett@hotmail.com

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