A Piece of Jewelry Painting

Hi friends!

It’s getting hotter and more humid in Japan, and how are you doing?

After I returned to Japan from my trip, America and Mexico, I’ve been settling up our new house. It’s getting final, and I think I can start painting again in this week. Since I have a friend from America at home, he has been helping me to settle up.

This week I am planning on going to my Kutani teacher’s painting studio for the firs time in three months, and I want to go to a big Japanese antique show in Kyoto with my friend from America. Since I’m a huge huge fan of both of Japanese and Western antiques, I can’t wait! I will take a bunch of pictures, and will show you in my blog!

Today I want to show you my recent piece of jewelry panting. I painted this one for a demo at the GA school by the Sea in February. I demonstrated how to paint the jewelry piece at the school, and many people came to my demo.


You can see my demo pictures here.


My Jewelry Painting

My Jewelry Painting

My Jewelry Painting

My Jewelry Painting

My Jewelry Painting

My Jewelry Painting

My Jewelry Painting

My Jewelry Painting

My Jewelry Painting

My Jewelry Painting

I enjoyed the demo!


10 Responses to “A Piece of Jewelry Painting”


    Waitng to paint more Jewelly with you !!..

  2. Helga Jaermann Says:

    I love you work Yumi, when you are coming again to Bangsai, we waiting for you, love Helga

    • Hi, dear Helga!

      I’m planning on going back to Bansai to paint with your students this year too!! I’m really looking forward to it! Please say hello to them for me!

  3. Hi Yumi,

    Great job on the jewelry but then I expect that from you.
    Glad to hear that you’re settled in to your new home. Now you can get back to your beautiful painting!


    • Hi, Emilie!

      I really miss you!!!! How have you been? I’m sorry that I haven’t emailed you for a while and contacted you. I still have to settle up my painting studio and push myself to do xP I want to start painting as soon as possible.

  4. Wonderful!!!! They look real!!! Great job! I miss talking with you! 🙂

    • Hi, toter Chad!

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I also miss our conversations!!!! I hope everything is great for you!

  5. Corinne Says:

    What à beautifull work on this jewellery!!!! It looks amazingly réal!
    I would havé love to do a séminar with you!

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