Michigan Porcelain Artists Spring Painting Retreat in 2013


Long time no see! How have you been?

I returned to Japan a couple of days ago, and have been busy for settling up our new house! I still have a little bit jet lag, but I’m really fine!!! I still can’t believe that I had been in the U.S. and Mexico for one and a half months, but it’s very true. I had a great time there and write about my trip step by step in my blog.

First of all, I want to write about Gay’s school, Michigan Porcelain Artists Spring Painting Retreat. I left Japan a week after I moved to a new town. At the time I was completely exhausted , and couldn’t think anything in a positive way. When I arrived in Michigan, I was very blue how I should manage these feelings. However, I really didn’t need to worry about the negative feelings. When I met my painting friends, they changed my mood quickly. I think I really needed it and wanted it. I think that’s the meaning of this time’s trip for me.

At the school, I took a portrait class from my favorite teacher, San Do. I painted a Victorian lady with him. I love taking his class because he is funny. His class is always fun, and all students couldn’t stop laughing as usual too.

Portrait with San Do

Portrait with San Do

Portrait with San Do

Portrait with San Do

Portrait with San Do

Portrait with San Do

Painting portraits is always fun. After I finish settling up our new house, I really want to start practicing portraits again! Thank you so much for teaching me, San Do! See you in October!!


23 Responses to “Michigan Porcelain Artists Spring Painting Retreat in 2013”

  1. Corinne Says:

    What a lovely lady! It’s à beautifull portrait !!

  2. Linda Badgett Says:

    Beautiful painting.

    • Hi, Linda.

      How is your mom? I’m sorry I haven’t emailed you for a while. I hope she is getting better. Have you painted with San? If not, you should learn from him! He is one of the best! Thanks for the comment!!!

      • Linda Badgett Says:

        Mom is feeling a little better. Her blood pressure may be down a bit. She is looking forward to my sister being home next Thurs for a few days. She gets down when there is not much going on.
        All she has had lately is Dr. appointments. No fun!!
        I have not painted with San but I watched him demo long time ago in Florida Convention. He is a good painter. Your are welcome for the comment. How is your house coming along?
        Bet you love it, don’t you?

      • Thanks for letting know about your mom. I’m keeping on praying for her! Please say hello to your mom and sister from Japan! My house is getting better. I want to finish settling up this weekend and start painting again! Painting with San is always fun and I really love it! I hope we can go to his painting studio one day together! After I settle up while my house, I will take some pictures and show them to you!

      • Linda Badgett Says:

        Look forward to the pictures.
        Yes, San Do is on my “to do” list someday

      • Yep yep, you will have a great time with San!


    So nice !!!
    So perfect!!

    • Hiya, Bro!

      Thanks for the nice comments! How is the Thai convention going? Do you know Frecia will come to my house before going to the Thai convention! We will have a great time in Japan!

  4. You are so talented Yumi 🙂

  5. Alice van doran Says:

    Beautiful !

  6. These look really sharp! They came out well. How long did it take you to paint the squad?

    • Hi there!

      Nice to meet you, and thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for the comment. It took me for five days to finish the piece!

  7. Robert Says:

    Hello, I am trying to contact a painter /artist named Linda Badgett. I am doing some research and have been informed that she painted 1 of 4 paintings which had a 1921 Colt Thompson Machine gun in the picture . If the paintings are available or if there are any pictures of them available please let me know


    • Hi, Robert

      This is a porcelain painting blog. I am sorry that I don’t know the name at all.

      • linda badgett Says:

        I am the “Linda Badgett” who painted the Thompson machine gun for my brother-in-law. Contact me at lindabadgett@hotmail.com to discuss further.
        Thanks for your interest.
        Linda Badgett

        Sent from my iPad


      • Yumi,
        Hope you are fine. I am the one who painted the picture Robert is asking about. I have tried to reply but do not know if I succeeded. I am interested in doing this for him.

      • Robert Millian Says:

        Hi Linda , Sorry for the delay getting back to you . I got your name from Gordon Herigstad, who was an historian on Colt Thompson Machine Guns. Sadly he recently past away but he named you as the person who painted 1 of 4 paintings of Colt Thompson #289 . I sent you an email with my contact number Best Robert

      • Robert Millian Says:

        Ok thanks

    • Hi Robert.
      I am the artist who painted that piece for my brother-in-law, Terry Williams. I will contact him to see if he will give permission to copy it. Contact me at: lindabadgett@hotmail.com to discuss further. Thank you for your interest.

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