Helga’s Merry-Go-Round

Hi there!

This is my last piece relates to the Thai convention. After I post pictures of this piece, I want to write about the convention in another entry.

This is my another competition piece for the Thai convention. The category had a theme and I had to paint about Thai culture. It was very difficult to paint Thai culture. I though and thought and thought, but I couldn’t design it. One day when I posted I couldn’t think any idea about Thai culture on Facebook, my dear friend Ingrid gave me an interesting idea. My other dear friend, Helga also posted some Thai paintings on her wall.
Then, I thought I would paint elephants because I knew that elephants were very special creatures in Thailand.

I painted a mother white elephant and a baby elephant with some Nyon roses, the Switzerland painting style. I wanted to combine my favorite painting style with Thai culture. I know Helga comes from Switzerland and lives in Thailand now. So, I thought I might be able to design something interesting like Helga’s life. I thought it might be interesting to design an elephant merry-g0-round because the place was very exotic Thailand! Thailand might have some elephant merry-go-rounds. Who knows?

However, I really think I screwed up the design even though the thought was great. When I told  this idea while showing my plate to Ingrid in Thailand, She really loved this idea, but she suggested which parts were wrong. I really appreciated to her. Mine seems to be very childish and I couldn’t express my thoughts and ideas in the certain way. If I could do that, it would be better. However, I learned a lot of things through this plate. Designing and expressing my thoughts and ideas are different. I have to improve two of them together.

Helga's Marry-Go-Around

Helga’s Merry-Go-Round

Helga's Marry-Go-Around

Helga’s Merry-Go-Round

Helga's Marry-Go-Around

Helga’s Merry-Go-Round

Helga's Marry-Go-Around

Helga’s Merry-Go-Round

Helga's Marry-Go-Around

Helga’s Merry-Go-Round

Helga's Marry-Go-Around

Helga’s Merry-Go-Round

I love express my thoughts, feeling and ideas on white porcelain. I really think that’s why I can keep on painting. My abilities for designing and expressions are weak and I know I have to improve these parts from now on.


16 Responses to “Helga’s Merry-Go-Round”

  1. Geoff Cutter Says:

    *Merry Go* Round(メリー・ゴー・ランド)

  2. I love this plate. Very creative.

    Karen Woodward (Dixie’s daughter)

    • Hi, Karen.

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I’ve heard your name a lot from Dixie! Hopefully we can meet in person some day!!

      How’s Dixie? I know she is busy. When you talk to her, please say hello to her for me!

  3. Once again, Yumi, you’ve done a beautiful job on this plate!!! Your work is spectacular!!!!

    • Emilie!

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog again!! Wow, I never expected such the big comment from you……… Thank you very much. I miss you and I hope we can meet in Feb!

  4. Wow! Yumi, you’ve done a good job. I know it was so hard to combine the Thai culture and other stuff. However you made it! Your creativity is awesome. I like these cute elephants and the entire color

    • Akiko-san!

      We have to talk on Skype!!!!!!! I will email you later.

      Anyway, thank you so much for the big big compliment!!! I’m so glad that you like my design.

  5. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for The Liebster Award! Check out the rules on my post (http://gegallas.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/the-liebster-award/). Congratulations! 😀 Best, G. E.

  6. Helga Jaermann Says:

    Hello Yumi, first of all thank you so very much for having done this beautiful design thinking of me. I love the design and the painting very much. I like elephants very much, they are very clever and interesting animals. When I was in Chiang Mai we went to an elephant camp and they showed us so many thing they can do – and two of them did real oil paintings. Love, Helga

    • Hi, Helga.

      Thank you so much for the warm comment! I’m so happy that you like my plate.
      Yes, I’m really really looking forward to going to Chiang May with you! I also love elephants because they are calm, patient and very smart. Wow, I really want to see two elephants paint!!!! It’s very cool!!!

  7. The plate is lovely, Yumi! As usual your painting is beautiful plus your imagination incorporated into lovely paintings amazes me. That puts you far ahead of some of us porcelain painters.

    • Hi, Dixie.

      Thank you so much as always for the nice comment! Thank you so much for the encouragement and the compliment! I really really appreciate to you!!!!

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