Hi there!
It’s getting colder here in Japan, and I had a cold. A week ago I wan in Thailand and the weather was very hot, but after I returned to Japan, it has been cold. I hope everyone is fine!
Today I show you my bird painting. This is also for an exhibition piece in Thai convention. I painted the birds from a book that one of my American moms, Dixie gave. I love the bird book and I have a lot of ideas to paint birds from the book. I designed the scrolls and tried to show my piece fantasy. I think it worked out and at the convention, I saw many people took some pictures of this bird painting. I’m happy many people in Thai convention liked my bird painting. My painting teacher, Ivonne Planos told me that it was her favorite when she saw it at the convention!



I love painting birds and I think I painted the birds very well. I named the work “Talkee-Talkee” because for me two birds seem to enjoy chatting.





I love raised past and gold, but I’m not good at it. I’m planning to take a class at one of  Southern painting schools in America in next September with Dixie and want to master the techniques. I want to use the raised past and gold into my future work a lot.



Since I painted the birds on a book sharped porcelain, I painted it seemed to be an antique book. I hope many people like this bird painting!


14 Responses to “Talkee-Talkee”

  1. FELICITATION , MAGNIFIQUE vos oiseaux sont d’un réel , bravo !!!!amitié de Bretagne

  2. I love the birds!!! I am so glad you are finding the bird book useful.


    Talkee = you + me+everyone !
    I am kidding! …… Nice work though !

  4. Your birds are lovely, gracefull and delicate, and you are right to be proud of you!

  5. monique lefebvre Says:

    Bravo pour ces jolis oiseaux, des mésanges en français. Gros bisous

  6. These are beautiful Yumi.

  7. Yumi, you have definately found your new niche!! Very lovely… Where is the Southern School in September going to be held?

    • Hi, Suzanne.

      Thank you so much for the nice comment. I want to improve my bird paintings more.

      I’m planning to go to Kentucky with Dixie. I’ll take a San Do’s private class with Gay first in Tampa, Florida again. After that I will stop by Dixie’s and take Mary Gosden’s classes there. After the Mary, I want to go to Kentucky with Dixie. That’s my plan in next September. So, my trip in next September might be longer than ever.

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