Two Sets of Imari Plates with Vegetable Patterns

Hi, friends!

It’s getting colder here where I live in Japan, and how’s your place?  I love Japanese Autumn and I’m planning on writing about it on my another blog! If you don’t know about my another one, please check it out!

Today I want to show my last piece of “Go for Gold!”. My last one is a Imari plate.

My Imari Plate for Go for Gold

My Imari Plate for Go for Gold

I painted  various veggies and tried to create Olympic games for veggies. I hope when you look at the plates, if they seemed to be playing against each other, I would be very happy.

My Imari Plate for Go for Gold

My Imari Plate for Go for Gold, Imary Style, Japanese Style

My Imari Plate for Go for Gold

My Imari Plate for Go for Gold

My Imari Plate for Go for Gold

My Imari Plate for Go for Gold

My Imari Plate for Go for Gold

My Imari Plate for Go for Gold

I would like to say,  “Participating in the contests is wonderful. I participated in the Facebook contest and it’s my first time to attend the contest in porcelain in my entire life. I didn’t win, and I wasn’t chosen for the best 6 winners either, but I felt happy feelings a lot form the competition. That’s because I learned a lot through painting following the theme. It’s a really great opportunity for me to improve my creativity and painting skills at the same time. I know painting for the competition is very hard, but we can get something wonderful from the competition! Getting award isn’t the only purpose for the convention. We can improve ourselves as well as a better human. I’d love to attend a lot of competitions from now on as many as I can to improve my painting skills and creativity. I know some day I can become a better painter whom I really would love to become! Attending competition will help me a lot! I hope many people join your competition!”

Thank you so much for taking a look at my competition pieces and thank you so much for leaving a lot of warm comments, my friends! Thanks to you, I’ve been encouraged and can keep my motivation for creating new work.

I learned a lot of things through this Facebook competition, and I really would love to participate in a lot of contests as many as I can from now on to improve my painting skills. My next competition is Thai convention and it’s two weeks from now. I will report about the convention later!


14 Responses to “Two Sets of Imari Plates with Vegetable Patterns”

  1. Imary Style
    The only mistake I can find is in a Japanese word!

  2. monique lefebvre Says:

    J’aime beaucoup vos IMARI. Votre peinture est légère et convient parfaitement à ce style. En France temps d’automne, pas trop froid et à Paris il fait du soleil. Bisous

    • Salut, Monique. Merci pour le commentaire! Je suis heureux que vous aimez mes assiettes Imari. Vous êtes météorologiques sonne vraiment bien! Profitez de la saison d’Automne à Paris!!!

  3. You did well. Yes, I see the veggies competing.

  4. Yumi, I always enjoy reading your blog entries and look forward to your next posting. You are a very good story teller. You write most interesting stories that entice the reader to continue reading through the entire story. That is a very good quality for a writer. Thank you for sharing the reasons behind your delightful paintings.

    • Thank you for the compliment, Suzanne. I’d love to entertain you with my paintings more than writing skills, lol. However, I’m glad to hear that.

      My next entry will be supposed to become my last trip with Dixie and Charles in America this year. After that I will show my second Kutani painting, and then I will show you my competition pieces again for the Thai convention!

  5. Congratulations, i like the concept Yumi, you put a lot of thought into this and tried to do something out of the mainstream which i find really interesting. wonderful…..:)

    • Hi, Di! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person at the Thai convention because you are one of my dreaming artists! I will take your demo class there! So excited!!!!!

  6. monique lefebvre Says:

    Très joli votre IMARI Bisous

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