Go for Gold!!!!!

Hi, all! I finally came back to my art blog!!!! It’s been a while since I posted my last entry. I think it’s three months ago. Oh, my goodness. I can’t believe that. I’m sorry for that, everyone.
For these three months I have been super busy creating seven new pieces, but I really have been enjoying it! I love thinking new designs and describe my ideas on white porcelain. When I can finely express my ideas in my paintings, it’s the happiest moment for me!!

I painted three new pieces for the Facebook competition. I couldn’t post my current artwork to show my respect to the competition, but it was over last night and I can show all my competition pieces now! I’m so happy.

The competition had a theme, “Go for Gold”, and following the theme I painted my competition pieces. I’m glad I could create three new pieces for it.

My first piece is a dragon. Since the theme for the Facebook competition is “Go for Gold” and the chairperson Christine said what influence we got from the London Olympics, I concerned about it. This year’s Japanese Chinese zodiac is a dragon, and it means the London Olympics was in the dragon year. During and after the Olympic games, we had several diplomatic issues between Korea and China. First of all, after we played against Korea in the male soccor, we lost the bronze medal. A soccor player in the Korean team held a Korean flag printed “Takeshima island belongs to Korea!” and he paraded around the succor stadium carrying the flag. I was very disappointed at it because I really don’t think in the Olympic games people should show the diplomatic issues in public. After the Olympics Korean people visited the island many times and advocated that the island belonged to Korea, but I think the island has belonged to Japan for a long time. I know the area has a lot of sea resources and it’s very important for both of us, Japanese people and Korean, but it’s ours.

After the issue, next time China offended to Japan with the senkaku islands. They also advocated that the islands belongs to China, but I think the islands also have belonged to us for a long time. Chinese people protested and destroyed many Japanese companies in China. I felt very sad for the issues and I wanted to create a peaceful piece for us.

Then, an idea popped up in my mind. I painted a dragon, and he is from a Japanese countryside, my current place where I live. I painted the place with monotone colors, and tried to distinguish it from the dragon. I painted the dragon with a lot of colors, and it gave a strong impact to the dragon. After I painted the dragon, I made the dragon hold a gold medal printed with the Japanese word for “peace”, 平和.

It’s my fist time to paint a dragon, but I really enjoyed it! I’m happy that I could finely express my idea and mine has a theme, “Go for Gold!”.

I’ve been always aspire for gold, but my gold isn’t a prize in the competition. I’d really love to become a better painter and that’s my gold!

My Dragon Painting with the Western Syle

My Dragon Painting with the Western Syle

My Dragon Painting with the Western Syle

My Dragon Painting with the Western Syle

My Dragon Painting with the Western Syle

My Dragon Painting with the Western Syle

My Dragon Painting with the Western Syle

My Dragon Painting with the Western Syle

My Dragon Painting with the Western Syle

My Dragon Painting with the Western Syle


18 Responses to “Go for Gold!!!!!”



  2. great idea for this competition, and well painted! I really like your story behind the art work.

    • Hi, Ingrid! Thank you so much for reading my blog entry. Do you know how much I appreciate you? You are my amazing friend and I’m really lucky to have you as my friend! I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person in Thailand!

  3. Oh! You finaly finished it!! You did a great jpb, Yumi. I just wander that you feel now. Is it the piece you imagined? I love the dragon and the back ground,too.

    • Hi, Akiko-san. Thanks for the comment! Don’t you think my plate seems to be a bit Chinese-ish, lol? I know what you mean. The pattern of the outside of the scenery, I mean the red pattern associates us with Chinese dishes, lol! I searched which pattern is the best for the dragon and figured out the red pattern pointed out thunders. Eastern dragons always show up with thunders and the pattern is very important for them. So, I added it, but both my husband and daughter hated it, lol.

      • Yes, actually I feel something strangeness with it. I prefer the scenery of Japanese country side, but it’s hard to say that the red pattern is fit it. However I got it why you added it. It is an important thing to put it as tradithion.

    • I really like your comment and love you, Akiko-san. You are my true friend!!!! You know, receiving a honest critiques is very difficult and I received a lot of white lie-ish comments, lol. I need the person like you!!!! Thank you so much for telling me the truth.

      Yes, for us, Japanese people the red pattern looks very strange, but it’s necessary for dragons and for Western people it seems very cool.

  4. Hi Yumi, my compliment for your painting. Fine work and Idea !!!

  5. Way to go Yumi!!!

    I think it is a fantastic piece.
    I really like the meaning of the artwork.

    I know ownership of the islands around Japan is a controversial issue. I think during hard economic times people become more greedy and feel they need more money and resources, and they begin to act like children fighting over a toy. If we realize we are all humans and live in peace, then we can help each other and share our resources with others in need. Then we can all be rich.

    • Hi, Matt. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I was totally inspired by you! You are such the person, I know!

      I agree with you but we humans have a lot of black minds. I really hope our world will become a peaceful world!

  6. This is great news and so admirable. Congratulations dear Yumi and Good Luck. Your paintings are amazing. Thanks and Love, nia

    • Hi, Nia! Long time no see!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog again!!!! I didn’t win the contest, and my Thai friend won!

      I will write about it in my next issue.

      Thanks for the encouragement! I will try my best!!!!


  7. The painting is fantastic!!! And it is great to know the story behind your choice and the association with your culture. We need to add one day (or two if you think necessary) to the Dixie Group seminar for a lesson in design. I know I need it very much.

    • Hi, Dixie! Thanks for the wonderful offer! To be honest with you, I have an idea to teach how to design. It must be fun for us! I’d like to try it when I stop by yours next time! Thank you so much for giving me a BIG chance to teach my stuff in English! And plus, I also have an idea. After I post one more entry for “Go for Gold”, I will write about my last trip in America with you and Charles on my blog! I hope you look forward to it!

  8. Dell Ballard Says:

    Love your dragon, Yumi. And very interesting story. Makes it even better! Looking foward to seeing you in a few months.

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