Thank You So Much!

Hello, there! I safely arrived in America and ten hours ago I arrived at Gay’s house. Since I was exhausted, after taking a shower, I slept for 7 hours without eating anything. I feel hungry now, and it’s almost 2 am here. Oh, well!

Since I can’t sleep, oh yeah, I know I’ve been suffering from a big jet lag, I checked out some e-mails. I realized that I was nominated Versatile Blogger Award again! Six months ago, I was nominated it for the first time. At the time I had been super busy for preparing studying abroad my first painting school in America. I completely had forgotten about it for 6 months! This time after I received it, I remembered about it and I started thinking about it. Aw, shame on me!!!

Fist I really appreciate two bloggers to nominate me. Second, I have to think about my awards, and nominate 15 bloggers for my each award. I have a plenty of time now because I’m in America for a month only for painting and myself. I don’t need to take care of my family, dog, or whatever. While I’m here, I’d love to think about my awards, and after I return to Japan, I’d love to update two blog entries for each of my award!


6 Responses to “Thank You So Much!”

  1. What is Versatile Blogger Award? *mind me of being left behind..Lol..

    • Hi, apensiveonmyown!

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for asking! LOL, I also still don’t know about it well, but I’m glad. That’s because there are plenty of blogs, and I was chosen twice! Don’t you think isn’t is something? I will write about the award after I return to Japan! So, I hope my entries will help you what the award is.

  2. Glad you have arrived safely! I nominated you for a 7 x 7 Award..see my blog for details!

    • Hi, incidentallearner! Thank you for the comment and I’m very sorry that my reply was too late! I return to Japan yesterday and updated my new post. Thank you so much for nominating me!!!

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