My Camellia Plate

Hi, friends! It has been warm days here, and our cherry trees started to bloom! My favorites season has come!!!! I’m so happy even though today is a rainy day. Today is a special day for me. Guess what? Haha, it’s my birthday!! I was born in April 11th! I’ll spend some time with my family. My husband will take me and our daughter to a fancy restaurant!

Today I’d love to show my camellia plate! I painted it with some quick dried medium, and of course, it’s one fire.ย  The Plate is from Japanese company, called Noritake.



My Camellia Plate with a European Style

My Camellia Plate with a European Style


My Camellia Plate with a European Style

My Camellia Plate with a European Style



My Camellia Plate with a European Style

My Camellia Plate with a European Style



My Camellia Plate with a European Style

My Camellia Plate with a European Style


24 Responses to “My Camellia Plate”

  1. Gloria Cowan Says:

    Very nice Yumiko! you paint very quickly and your results are beautiful.

  2. Gloria Cowan Says:

    Oh! and Happy Birthday!

  3. A very happy birthday and what a beautiful plate……..congratulations! We are looking for the sun here also, it has been quite cold these last few days. enjoy……

    • Hi, Di.

      Thanks as always for the nice comment on my blog entry! Thanks for the birthday wish!!! Oh, is your place cold? Stay warm!!!

  4. Wow! Is it only one fire? I can’t believe it. It’s so nice.
    And…Happy birthday!

    • Hi, Akiko!

      How have you been? My short stay makes Gay panic><
      I can't figure my plan to become longer because I have to go to America again in June. At the time, I hope I can stay longer than this time.

      Anyway, yep, this is one fire. I'm so happy because it came out so lovely!

      • Are you coming here in June again? Did you mean you don’t have enough time to stay this time in April? and you are coming again in June? Oh boy, I no longer stay here after June 6th.
        Do I have any time to meet you and learn about one fire painting in April?

      • Hi, Akiko.

        Yes, I will go to America again in June to take San Do’s private class. I will stay at Gay’s place for two and a few days. So, I guess we can paint together. If I can’t figure it, we can paint at the Gay’s school. After the class, we still can paint! No worries!!

  5. Happy Birthday! I wish you many happy returns of the day!
    and so beautiful work.

    • Hi, Canon!

      Thanks for such the wonderful birthday wish! ใฉใ†ใ‚‚ใ‚ใ‚ŠใŒใจใ†ใ”ใ–ใ„ใพใ—ใŸ๏ผ๏ผ

  6. Sol Labos Brien Says:

    Yumiko, this plate is so lovely! you paint with clean and nice strokes. Did you use fat oil?

    • Hi, Sol.

      Thank you for asking. I’ve been painting with pine oil. You can see my Dresden plates, bird plates, my Nyon roses and so on. All of them are one fire. Emilie told me that it’s hard for her to find the oil in America. I will sell some pine oil in Canada. So, you can get some of them if you are interested in it.

      • Sol Labos Brien Says:

        Hi Yumi,
        I too use pine oil sometimes but I use it mainly for grounds. Mine is from France and it is called MX54 which I will also be selling at the Convention along with other mediums like Fat oil, clove oil, lavender, grumtine etc…..
        I hope you bring some of yours to compare how it works. Mine does not dry that fast. When I want something to dry fast I use Fat oil and turpentine from Germany.
        When I do grounds, I mix with pine oil and a bit of clove oil or lavender to make the mixture a bit more fluid to apply with a high density sponge. I started painting using pine oil and now I prefer fat oil. It is a matter of confort, if you feel more confortable using one medium rather than another, the result does not change, the time perhaps because we save on fires. The American painters are used to mineral oil or an oil that stays wet until they fire. I personally tried it but do not like it. I like to see the density of my colors right away.
        Please bring many painted pieces, your work is so lovely Yumiko. I am so looking forward to your demos, I hope they do are not at the same time as mine. Can you tell me your date and your time? I will see if I have time to take it.
        I painted some jewelry alone and I am not very happy with it, I will show you. I hope to learn much in that hour.
        Time is coming quickly.
        I have a seminar at my house just before Ottawa with Mariela Villasmil, so it will be a very busy week and I hope I am not too tired when I get to Ottawa.
        I am not young so I find I tire faster than I used to.
        Looking forward to hugging you!

      • Hi, Sol!!

        I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to you soon.
        I will bring some my one fire plates. I’ve been using some pine oil and some lavender oil. I use them for my one fire techniques.
        The painting is like painting with some acrylic paints. It drys so quick.
        I’m thinking that I’d love to some flowers with the one fire techniques. After I return this trip, I’d love to start painting with my ideas.

        I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person! See you soon!

  7. So elegant and so beautiful… Thank you dear Yumi, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, with my love, nia

    • Hi, Nia.

      Thanks for the comment as always! I had a great birthday with my family. Both my husband and daughter are so sweet! I appreciated my mom to give a birth to me. After giving a bith to my daughyer, I’ve been calling to my mom and saying thank you. My birthday is the day that I should appreciate to my parents!

  8. Happy Birthday to you~~
    the plate… well … I REALLY LOVED it… did I mention that your paintings are so beautiful before??
    because they ARE
    it is really nice plate

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