A Nabeshima Plate For Matt

Hi, there! A bit long time no see!! How have you been? I started to prepare to study abroad in America again! A month from now I will enroll in my dear America friend, Gay’s painting school, the Michigan school! After school, Gay, my other dear friend, Emili and I will go to Canada to join the international porcelain painting show in Canada. I’m so excited! I can meet some my Canadian friends, Gloria, Sol, Pad and so on!!! I also can meet Akiko and Kay again at the Michigan school!!!

Today, I’d love  to show my newest work! It’s a Nabeshima plate. I painted it for my Texan friend. Let me introduce about him. He is one of my English teachers and my conversational partners. I have several good conversational partners and English teachers.  I met him at a language exchange site. He has been learning Japanese. I’ve been teaching him Japanese, in turn, he has been teaching me English. We have been talking on Skype almost every day for two hours for three years, I guess. I’ve never met him in person, but he is one of my closest friends. Since I’ve been learning American English, talking with him is so helpful and effective for me. He is really good at listening to someone’s stories, so I’ve been improving my speaking skills a lot.

He and I can talk about everything. Thinking back on our past conversations, I’ve asked him a lot of embarasseing phrases, expressions and swear words  that relates to sexual expressions that I can’t write down here like kids ask to their parents, lol. Every time he receives some questions from me, he has told me that it’s OK. I can ask anything to him because I’ve been learning English. I have to learn everything in English. I can ask him anything. I really think that he is a really good English teacher. It’s not an important thing for teachers to teach in one way. I really think that it’s also important for teachers to listen to their students stories. He is such a kind of teacher.

Since I wanted to show my appreciate to him, I painted the plate for him. Since I’ve known he is very interested in Japanese culture, I wanted to paint a Japanese plate. I copied it from an old Nabeshima plate. I hope he likes it.

A Front of View of my Nabeshima Plate with a Japanese Imari Style

A Front Side View of my Nabeshima Plate with a Japanese Imari Style

A Back Side View of My Nabeshima Plate with a Japanese Imari Style

A Back Side View of My Nabeshima Plate with a Japanese Imari Style

A Back Side View of My Nabeshima Plate with a Japanese Imari Style

A Back Side View of My Nabeshima Plate with a Japanese Imari Style


20 Responses to “A Nabeshima Plate For Matt”

  1. Have a great time in the US and Canada………spread to word for them to come to Australia too 🙂

    • Hi, Di!

      Thank you so much for the comment! Yes, I’m thinking to ask my American friends if they can go to your convention with me. I think I will go to the Thai convention with Gay. I really hope Gay will be able to come to your convention, too! It would be great!!!!

  2. Karyn June Wood Says:

    Yumiko, this is karyn Wood, over the years I have taught many, many Japanese students. It has always been such a pleasure for me and i also have a very dear Japanese friend Kyoko Muira. We have been good friends for a very long time.

    Your bowl id just beautiful and very well executed. Colour is lovely and really suits the design, well done, beautiful work.

    I wish I was going to the Show. Michigan is actually my home birth home, so please give the girls in Michigan my very wishes and tell them I hope to go home one day and visit them. Thank you and have a wonderful, I shall be thinking of you. Very best wishes Karyn Wood

    • Hi, Karyn.

      Nice to meet you! Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! Have you been teaching English or porcelain painting? I can understand your feelings. Teaching something to somebody is really fun! While teaching and learning, we can create friendships. You must be a good teacher too!

      I’m happy to hear that you also have a good Japanese friend!!! Compared to Western people, we are not so friendly like Western people when we meet first. However, once we are used to the friendship, we can become really good friends with Western people! We are honesty, friendly and very kind!!!

      Do you know that in 2013, Australia will have an international porcelain painting show! Di who left a comment on my blog entry is a chairman. You have to ask about the show to her! We can meet in person there!!! I’m planning to go there. Am I a friend with you on Facebook? If not, we have to become friends first, lol.

      I will tell about you to my Michigan friends. One of my closest American friends is the owner of the school. If you are a porcelain painter and is very interested in the school, she can give you an information! The school is very fun! I’m sure that you love it!!

  3. Hi Yumi,
    Once again, you’ve done a great job of painting this bowl. I’m sure your friend will love it!!!!!
    See you soon!!! Emilie

  4. Lovely.That is a lot of work!

    • Dixie!!!

      Thank you so much for the comment as always! I like the Nabeshima style. It’s a part of Imari style. I’ve been learning the Imari style and Kutani style in Japan. I’ve never show my Kutani plate yet, but soon I can show you my first Kutani plate! I’d love to paint Kutani or Imari for you too!! I need a lot of time, lol.

      Love, Yumi

  5. Gloria Cowan Says:

    Hi Yumi, It is lovely! I wish it possible for me to paint with you to learn some of this beautiful designing. We are looking forward to your visit to the PAC Convention in Ottawa. I have had to drop the idea of attending the Michigan School this year as it is close to the time of our Convention.
    Gloria Cowan

    • Hi, Gloria!

      Thank you so much as always taking a look at my blog and leaving a nice comment! I really appreciate you!!!

      Painting with you sounds fun! I hope we can paint together. You will be surprised at our painting style. You will realize how much difference between our style and a Western style. I’m sure you can learn a lot from our painting style, not me, lol.

  6. monique lefebvre Says:

    J’aime beaucoup

    • Long Time No See, Monique!

      Comment avez-vous été? Merci beaucoup pour le commentaire! J’ai reçu un livre Kakiemon ancienne dans un magasin japonais de seconde main livre. Lorsque je l’ai trouvé, j’ai pensé à vous! Kakiemon, Monique! J’ai eu beaucoup de peinture des notes de Kakiemon. Je voudrais vraiment l’amour de peindre Kakiemon, et je serais ravi de vous donner l’un d’eux! Cependant, j’ai été très acheter pour aller en Amérique encore, le Canada et de préparer la convention thaïlandais. Je dois peindre quatre pièces pour la convention. Après avoir terminé tous les d’eux, je serais ravi de commencer à peindre Kakiemon!

  7. Dell Ballard Says:

    Every time I see another painting of yours, I am more amazed!!! Hope to see you in Canada>

    • Hi, Dell.

      Thank you so much! I didn’t know that you have seen my works! I really would love to meet you again in Canada!!! I really miss you, and I still sometime remember the GA school. The experience was one of my best memories ever!

  8. I’m so impressed by your talent.

    I didn’t notice the back of the plate at first, but it is so amazing too!

    I can’t imagine how much time you spent to make it.
    I have never received anything so amazing as this plate, in my life.

    I don’t feel I deserve something so amazing as this plate, but I guess since you’re not using it, I will take it. Just kidding.

    I absolutely love the plate. I hope the plate will last long, long after I die, and my future descendants will find it and say, ” Wow, this was my great-great-great-great grandfather’s plate that a Japanese artist made for him. She must have been a great artist during her time. Let’s sell it, and make a lot of money.”


    • Hi, Matt.

      Thank you so much for such the wonderful compliment!
      I really don’t think that my plate will be greater in the future and become valuable, but I love your compliment!

      I’m so happy that you love my plate. I will send you this place and some books first. I think some books will protect the plate. I’m very scard to send it to you, but I really hope you will get it safely.

  9. the writing: I don’t know why but I felt happy to read it ^_^
    I can feel a happy exited spirit .
    also, I like to read about how people do their best and build their skills.
    Good Luck
    *cheering for you*

    the paint:
    I love this style! it’s so neat and beautiful
    I loved the back more than the front ^^

    • Hi, Daisy!

      Thanks as always for the comment! I think that I’m lucky because I love both painting and English. Painting and English relate to each other in my case. That means if I’d
      love to take international classes to improve my painting skills, I have to improve my English skills. I think languages are a communication tool and not to study to pass some tests. I know a lot of Japanese English learners who love taking TOEIC or English step tests, but they can’t communicate with people in English at all. They are very familiar with a lot of big words, but they can’t write in English natural. I don’t want to become like them. I’m not interested in the exams, but I really would love to master English to use it as my communication tool!

  10. Seriously gorgeous stuff you make!

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