The GA Seminar by the Sea Porcelain Art School

Hi, there! Long time no see!!!! How have you been? I’ve been doing good. I’ve still been suffering from a jet lag because I returned to Japan two days ago.

I’m happy that I finally can update my blog entry today!

I had been in America to take some painting classes. I enrolled in the GA Seminar by the Sea Porcelain Art School. I took three classes there. It was my first time to join the school. First, before the school started, I stopped by my dear American friend, Gay’s house for a week. She invited me to her house to take a rest and get over a jet lag. She is my wonderful American friend! I’ve really beeing enjoying  hanging out with her. I also met Emilie there again! She is also my amazing American friend. This time I met my dear Japanese painting friend, Akiko. She and I have a lot of common interests. We are from the same home town, Shiga prefecture. Her husband’s home tome is my current city, Fukui City. It’s easy for us to become good friends! I met her on this blog! So, I’m very happy to meet her in person for the first time!!! Anyway, after I enjoyed hanging out with Gay, Emilie and Akiko, Gay and I flied to GA.

I knew the school on Facebook. Suzanne Painter is the owner of the school.  Here is the website:  I also looked forward to meeting Suzanne in person very much. After I signed up the school, I’ve been contacting her for 10 months. I called her twice. I was scared to speak to her in English on a phone for the first time even though I’ve used to talk with my American friends on Skype. Before Gay signed up the school, I planned to go to the school alone. So, I had to make sure something to her. She is a very kind and nice person. So, I could feel relax. Anyway, when I knew that Gay also signed up the school and she could go there with me, I was very happy! Before I went to the school, I was really looking forward to meeting my Facebook and Twitter friend, Dixie! I finally met her in person at the school!!!!

Gay and I really enjoyed the school! She took two Andrew Orr’s classes. I took a Jane Marcks’s class, an Alfredo Toledano’s class and a Filipe Pereia’s class. I learned a portrait from Jane, a Dresden Style from Alfredo and an animal portrait from Filipe. All of them were wonderful teachers. It was my first time to go to the southern part of America. I sometimes can’t understand what people in south said. I asked my American friends who speak with a standard accent what they said. Although I couldn’t understand the accent, at the end of the school, I became used to it and started to understand it. I also enjoyed the southern foods. They are so good! People in south were so nice. I love the part of America! That’s because I am from the west of Japan. People in west, Japan are also very friendly and nice. I feel kind of the similar feeling from people in south in America.

My first class was a portrait. I painted it with Jane Marcks. She was an amazing teacher. I learned a lot from her! Since I love her painting techniques,style and herself(Oh, yes, she is so cute!), I signed up her private class in Texas. I’m looking forward to taking her private class! Since I bought her portraits colors, I’d love to practice portraits with her colors. I love painting portraits.

A Portrait, Design by Jane Marck

A Portrait, Designed by Jane Marcks

A Portrait, Design by Jane Marcks

A Portrait, Designed by Jane Marcks

A Portrait, Design by Jane Marcks

A Portrait, Designed by Jane Marcks

I became friends with Nancy, Lisa and Bonnie. I also became friends even with Jane Marcks. I really look forward to meeting them again next year at the school.

My second class was a Dresden style. I was so excited to take the Alfredo Tledano’s class because I’ve been learning Dresden style in Japan. I was very curious about his techniques, brushes, some oil and paints.

I took his class with my dear American friend, Dixie. She was sitting next to me, and we painted together. It was very fun!

A Dresden Plate, Designed by Alfredo Toledano

A Dresden Plate, Designed by Alfredo Toledano

A Dresden Plate, Designed by Alfredo Toledano

A Dresden Plate, Designed by Alfredo Toledano

I changed a little bit of my gold on my plate. This class was very unique. He paints two plates for each his students. His students exact copy his plate while looking at their plate that Alfredo painted. Since I wanted to paint with my style,  mine’s aren’t exact copy from him.  I painted my Dresden plates in my way. However, I painted them with his brushes, some oil, brushes and his techniques.

Alfredo's plate that he painted for me

Alfredo's plate that he painted for me

A Dresden Plate, Designed by Alfredo Toledano

A Dresden Plate, Designed by Alfredo Toledano

A  Dresden Plate, Designed by Alfredo Toledano

A Dresden Plate, Designed by Alfredo Toledano

Even thought I painted my plates with his brushes, his oil and his techniques, I used my Dresden colors. I bought some his colors, but I used my pink, pouple, yellow and orange. They are Japanese paints. I wanted to try to use my Japanese colors on his style. I’m happy it works very well!!

I have been painting Dresden with one fire. When I told it, he was very surprised. He said that it was very difficult. Yes, it is very difficult. I’ve learned the one fire techniques at my Japanese painting school. After I learned his techniques, I found that painting with Dresden with one fire techniques is so difficult. I realized that I’ve been painting Dresden in a very difficult way. I love my school’s way, but I also love his way. I’d love to create my way with mix of his way and my school way in Dresden.

Alfredo's plate that he painted for me

Alfredo's plate that he painted for me

I met Regina, Deroles, Lynette and Denise. We became good friends! I also look forward to meeting them again at the school!

My third class was with Filipe Pereia. I painted three animal portraits with him. The class was the hardest for me. I had to paint three animals on three tiles. I chose a baby monkey, a tiger and a baby seal. It was my first time to paint animal portraits. I was also excited. I love realistic paintings. I painted three of them from three calenders. The class was so much fun. I was the only one student who painted on tiles. All other students painted on a huge vase. I wanted to paint on it, but it was impossible for me to bring it to Japan. I don’t think even if I would bring it, it wouldn’t fit to my small Japanese house. So, I changed my painting materials. However, it was really good for me. I learned a lot form Filipe.

A Baby Monkey painted with Filipe

A Baby Monkey painted with Filipe

After I painted all the part of the monkey tile, he corrected the right side. I didn’t know how to paint the monkey’s mom’s hair. So, he corrected the part. He also corrected the baby’s body part a bit. This monkey portrait is my favorite! When I painted the monkey face, he said that I did a great job.

A Baby Monkey painted with Filipe

A Baby Monkey painted with Filipe

A Baby Seal painted with Filipe

A Baby Seal painted with Filipe

I also painted all of the baby seal  by myself first. He corrected the back ground, some brunches in front of the baby seal and the seal’s body part. I really enjoyed creating the seal’s fur. His brushes are extremely good for creating textures. They are amazing! It’s very easy for me to make different textures. I got a lot of hints from his brushes. I’m planning to paint a lot of objects with them! The brushes were very expensive, but I think I got treasures!

A Baby Seal painted with Filipe

A Baby Seal painted with Filipe

My last tile is a tiger. I couldn’t paint him by myself. He painted it most of the part because I didn’t have enough time to finish three tiles in four days.

A Tiger painted with Filipe

A Tiger painted with Filipe

A Tiger painted with Filipe

A Tiger painted with Filipe

While painting the tiger, I made a big mistake. Before blending the yellow and white on the tiger, I put all black color on my tiger. When I showed it to Filipe and asked about my next step, he said, “Oh No!!!!! Yumiko! (It’s my real name) Don’t put black before blending. Fix it up everything!” Since he didn’t teach me how to fix it, I removed all black from my tiger. It was a really good lesson for me. Even he painted most of the part, I still painted some part of my tiger. I painted nose part, the tiger’s head, a light side eye, ears and so on. I really wanted to paint him by myself and receive his correction. However, it was difficult in a four day seminar. He told me that I shouldn’t take his special class. I should take his normal class from now on. I should focus on painting one animal portrait in four days. I agree with him. He suggested to me that I should go to Portugal to study abroad at his painting studio. I started to think about it.  It must be fun!

I met Rikki, Pat, Libby, Paula and many classmates there. I painted my third session without Gay because she didn’t take a third session. Before the class started, I was so nervous. I wasn’t confident in doing good without Gay. However, Suzanne, Dell, Pat, Paula, Rikkie and many classmates helped me. I really appreciate them!

I stayed at the house with Dixie, her husband, Charles and Jane Marcks. We chatted a lot and had a great time at the house. Dixie and I became good friends. I really look forward to meeting her again!


When the school was off, Gay and I enjoyed shopping. We went to Savanna and went antiquing. We also met Gay’s cousin there. She visited Japan and knows a lot of Japanese words. I enjoyed talking to her. I bought some antiques there. I really love Savanna. There are so many antique shops!!!! There are so many Victorian houses!!!! Every time we passed through some Victorian houses, I cried to Gay “Look at the houses!!! Look at the shop!!!” It was very fun!

We ate a piece of cheese cake as our dinner. It was very tasty! I loved the cake! I ate a piece of banana cheese cake.

Gay ate a piece of strawberry short cake. Both of them were so good! I hope I will be able to come here again next   year!


After Gay returned to her home, I changed my house. I stayed at the house with Pat, her husband, Dag and Filipe’s assistant, Paula.

The third session was a small class.  I spent a great time with, my classmates, Pat, Rikki, Libbi and Suzanne and Dell.

All of them were wonderful people. I really thought it was good for me to take three classes. I already signed up next year. I’m really looking forward to meeting my friends again there. I also look forward to meeting new friends there!

I really appreciate my friends, Gay, Emilie, Akiko, Dixie and Charles first. I also appreciate Suzanne and Dell.

I also appreciate my painting teachers, Jane, Alfredo and Fillipe. Then I appreciate many my painting friends, Nancy, Lisa, Bonnie, Regina, Delores, Lynette, Denis, Pat, Rikki, Libbi, Paula and many many painters whom I met!   See you next year, girls!



33 Responses to “The GA Seminar by the Sea Porcelain Art School”

  1. Yumi—–how beautiful!!! You did a great job, as usual!!! I’m so glad you were able to take these classes and learn lots more about china painting! Keep up the great work!!!

    • Emilie.

      Thank you so much as always. Thanks for the compliment! The school was really good. I learned a lot. Not only painting including English and American culture, I learned. Painting animal portraits was so much fun! I’d love to keep on painting animals. I also love painting human portraits and Dresden. I would love to start to paint Dresden with Alfredo’s techniques first! I also would love to paint a wolf with Filipe’s brushes. I would love to paint a lot, lol.

  2. Oh,Yumi, You did a great job at Taybee. Every art works are so good, and I feel so jealous of you that you’ve spent fabulous time with many painters there!! Good teachers, friends, houses, antiques…I’d like to join the next time seriously. By the way, did you hear from Bea? We didn’t have classes for a while, so I haven’t met her. But may be Barb said she is going to have a class this week. I can ask her about the brushes.

    • Hi, Akiko.

      Thanks for the comment! Hahaha, you really don’t need to feel jealous at all. You have been taught by a wonderful teacher, Barb. I can’t take her class at all in Japan. I’m very interested in the gold. Some day I’d love to take her class!

      You should come to Tybee if you want! The school was really good. However, I can tell you that the Michigan school is also very fun! You enjoy the school very much! You will love the school!

  3. Alicia M. Rikert de Trabal Says:

    Me encantaron tus obras, Felicitaciones

  4. Art Center Melbourne Says:

    Amazing work has been done by the artist.keep it up with new ideas.

  5. Gloria Cowan Says:

    Hi Yumiko, What wonderful work.! We are so looking forward to your time with Canadian painters in Ottawa ( PAC Convention) in May.
    I will not be in Michigan in April,sorry to say, but look forward to seeing you in Ottawa.
    Gloria C.

    • Hi, Gloria.

      Thanks for the comment. Oh, you won’t attend the school 😦 That sounds sad……..

      I met Pam and another Canadian lady at the school. They were so nice for me. I chatted with them, and promised meeting again in the show. I’m looking forward to meeting them again there.

      Yes, I’m also really looking forward to meeting you at the show! See you soon!!!!

  6. It is nice to hear you dear Yumi, I am glad to hear all these news. These are wonderful… and should be great fun and exciting for you. I loved them all. Thank you, have a nice day, with my love, nia

    • Hi, Nia.

      Long time no see. I’m also glad to receive a comment from you! I had a wonderful time in America. I learned a lot of things there. Through a lot of experiences I’ve been improving a lot both in English and painting!

    • Thank you! You too!!! Have a great day!

      Painting animal portraits was so much fun! I’d love to keep on painting animals more. I have a black lab in our house. For a long time I’ve wanted to paint her, but I didn’t know how to paint dog’s fur. Now, I can paint her! I’d love to paint a lot of animals from now on!!!

      • sounds so exciting… almost I can feel as if mine… I wonder of course, how they would be… Good Luck dear Yumi, and also remember you create your own style too… with my love, nia

      • So am I! I received a lot of brushes that I can create textures very easy. Using the brushes and painting animal fur is so much fun! I feel like that I can do anything, lol. I got a lot of hints from the brushes. Not only furs, but also I think I can create all kinds of textures! All I have to do is to keep on painting! Yes, Nea. I will go in my way!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  7. Love the animals!!! Makes me want to paint animals right now. I want to paint, NEED to practice so many different things. Appointments, guild meetings….. But I did start on one Alfredo Dresden design.
    Would love to go to Canada show but don’t see how I can do that now.
    I will be watching for the portrait of your black lab.

    • Dixie!

      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!!!! I also want to paint animal portraits more. I hope we can paint animals together some day!!!! How’s your Dresden? I believe that you are painting it beautifully!!!! After you finish it, please show me!!!! I also would love to paint Dresden with Alfredo’s techniques, I realized that I don’t have any turpentine at all in my house. First, I have to get it! I’d love to paint Dresden a lot from now on!!!

      We should start to talk on Facetime, Dixie! I can show my messy painting studio, my family and my pet dog. I also can show my painting works!!!

      It was very fun to paint animals with Filipe! I loved it! I want to start to paint animals. When I was in the class, I showed him some calenders that I had, and asked him which ones were good for painting. He celected a lot for me. It became my homework. So, I’d love to paint all Filipe’s suggestions!!!! I know we can’t do everything! However, we can make efforts to achieve the goal!

  8. paintergirl52 Says:

    your paintings were wonderful and you did such a great job in each class. Carolyn and I could always pick out which piece was yours as you always added your special touch. An animal is like painting a portrait only not as hairy. LOL!
    It was so much fun getting to know you and sit with you at dinner. I hope we will be able to spend some time together again next year. If you would like to visit Yellowstone Park sometime then you are invited to come to my home and I will take you there. I live only three hours from there and we go there a few times a year in the spring, summer or fall but not in the winter as most of it is closed.
    My big vase hasn’t arrived here yet but it was shipped today so in a week or so I should get it and I hope it is in one piece.
    Stay in touch on skype or facebook. I’m glad you enjoyed Tybee as I think it is a wonderful school with a great chief and crew.

    Your new friend,
    Rikki Spinner

    • Hi, Rikki!

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog, reading this blog entry and leaving such the great comment!!!! I’m very happy to meet you. I also love you!!!!

      Yeah, Carolyn also said the exact same thing to me when we ate dinner. She was so sweet!!!! When you meet her, please say hello to her for me!!!!

      Oooooh! I love it if I can visit you!!!! I’d love to do it! It would be very fun!!!! You also should come to my place! I can take you to many places here in Japan!!!! I can tell you that you love my country!!!!

      Did you receive your big vase? Wasn’t it gotten any damages on it? I really hope it arrived safely!

      We should stay touch on Skype and Facebook!!!!! I will send you an e-mail later, so please tell me your Skype ID. I’ll tell you mine, too. Talk to you later, Rikki!

  9. はじめまして。日本語で失礼します。
    妹がPorcelain paintingを少々しておりますので、今度貴ブログを紹介させていただこうと思います。

    • はじめまして。コメントありがとうございます!日本からのアクセスは四番目に多いのに日本語のコメントはほとんどありません。だから、是非ぜひこれからもどんどん日本語でコメントよろしくお願いします。また、フォローとサブスクライブありがとうございました!!!私もフォローさせていただきました。なんとかアワード、私もよくわかっていないのですが、ノミネートか受賞されたのでしょうか?おめでとうございます!!!ちょっと、忙しくてそちらのブログへお邪魔できてないのですが、そのうちお邪魔させていただいて、コメントさせていただきます!!!妹さんとシェアしてくださるとのこと、どうもありがとうございます。よろしくお伝えください!!!

  10. Lisa MacDonald Says:

    Yumi, I just now read your blog! We had so much fun, didn’t we? I’m looking forward to Tybee next year and to seeing you again! Have fun at the Michigan School! I will be in Michigan too late to take the school. Have fun!

    • Hello, Lisa!

      Thanks for the comment. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading the blog entry! I also look forward to meeting you again in Tybee. Spending a time with you was so much fun! I also look forward to meeting you in the Michigan school some day, maybe next year! The school is also very fun!!

    • Hi, Charles. Thank you so much for the comment and the links! I feel proud that I can join such the wonderful event while I was in America!

  11. Hi Yumiko,
    It is my pleasure to enjoy your words and paintings. They are amazing and beautifully painted.

    • Hi, Charlotte!

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the comment! I’m really glad to meet you at the GA school. I enjoyed our conversations!!

  12. Hi, Yumi!
    I finally got a chance to read all about your experience in Georgia! This was an interesting blog post. It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Georgia! All of your work is so beautiful. (I like your plates better than Alfredo’s!) Did you spend any time by the sea? I am curious about how you got all of your work back to Japan! Did anything break? Where do you keep all of your work?
    I look forward to reading about more of your travels!
    = )

    • Hi, Melanie!

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!!! Yes, I brought all of them to Japan. I always carry two luggages, lol.

      I will fly to America in 5 days! This time after school, I will go to Canada with my American friends! I hope you will come to the Canadian international show in Ottawa on the 2nd to 5th of May in Canada!

  13. Gigi Bull Says:

    I read your blog with great interest. You have the same passion for china painting that my mother had. She also had a great admiration for Jane Marcks and Alfredo Toledano.

    I have some pieces from each and one from Frances Braxton that you might be interested in. I would very much like to show them to you.


    • Hi, Gigi.

      Thanks for the comment on my old post. Thanks for visiting my blog.
      I don’t know the artist, Frances Braxton and I want to look for the artist.
      Thank you for telling me your story!

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