My Dresden Plate #4

Hello, friends. How have you been? I’ve been doing good, but I had been very busy for taking many painting classes both in Tokyo and Osaka. That’s why I couldn’t update my blog entry for a while.
I’d like to show my Dresden plate today. I’ve been practicing Dresden for a while. Before I started to focus on painting Dresden, I didn’t like painting it. However, after finishing 5 plates, I came to like painting it! Although I’ve painted 7 plates, I’d love to paint more Dresden plates! I hope I’ve been improving my painting skills in Dresden.

My Dresden Plate #4

My Dresden Plate #4

My Dresden Plate #4

My Dresden Plate #4

My Dresden Plate #4

My Dresden Plate #4

I fire my Dresden plates only once. I like the style, but I’m curious about other techniques. Of course, I’d like to improve my painting skills. So, I’m planning to take some classes of Dresden in America next year.



12 Responses to “My Dresden Plate #4”

  1. Beautiful Yumiko, you have captured the delicacy of Dresden painting – congratulations!

    • Thank you so much for the comment, Di. I’m very glad to hear that. I’d love to practice more and improve my skills in Dresden further!!

  2. It’s very beautiful

  3. Oh wow, I continue to be amazed!

    For some reason, I’m particularly impressed with the leaves on the rim. They’re so… Perfect!

    • Hi, Willam-san. A bit long time no see. I’m very sorry I couldn’t chat with you last time. So, how have you been?

      Thank you so much for the comment. If it seems to be perfect, I’m very happy! I’d like to practice more and would love to make you surprise more!

  4. Beautiful plate Yumi.I love it.

  5. Beautiful, so beautiful… I love your porcelain painting works. Wishing you, your dreams comes true in 2012… Thank you, with my love, nia

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