My First Tea Set

Hi, friends! How have you been? In Japan it is an Autumn season. We can enjoy looking at leaves changing right now. I quite enjoy the season. In Japan the Autumn season is called that Autumn is the best season for art. I hope that I can paint a lot and update many blog entries!
Today I would like to show my first tea set. Actually, it took almost two years for me to finish it. While painting midway, I became tired to paint. I
had left the set for a while. I painted it in a monotone color. That’s why  I guess I became bored. In addition, I painted too much details, hahaha. I always paint too much! I also became tired. When I sew the set left, I thought I had to finish painting. I’m happy I could finish it.
When I showed the set to my British friend through a web-camera, he loved it. He asked me if I could paint for his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. I’m happy he gave me a chance to paint another tea set. I haven’t planed for his parents’ tea set yet.
I’d like to follow my British friend’s favorite and paint something special for them. After I paint it, I will show you it here.
The tea set that I painted has a story. I imaged a tea party in the wood and painted it. When I went to a wood, I found a rose wood. When I peeped into the rose wood, I found a castle like a Cinderella castle. In the castle people was throwing a tea party.
I joined it and drunk some tea. After I drunk some tea, I realized that the tea was magic tea, and I could travel many places. However, every time before I went to new place, I returned back the rose wood first. And then I traveled some new places. That means I peeped many new places through the rose wood.
I quite enjoyed the design. The landscaps that I painted are all different designs. Some of them are very tiny. I hope you also enjoy peeping the scenery through my Nyon rose wood!

Thank  you so much for visiting my blog! Thank you also for seeing at the end of this blog entry!



18 Responses to “My First Tea Set”

  1. sonia biaggio Says:

    Ciao, hai fatto un lavoro molto bello, Brava!

  2. sonia biaggio Says:

    hai fatto un bellissimo lavoro. Brava! Sono felice di esserti amica

  3. Linda Badger Says:

    Absolutely Charming….

  4. Emilie Wiley Says:

    Hi Yumi,

    As usual, your painting is beautiful. Great job!!!! When you do your second tea set for your friend are you going to do it in a monochrome or are you going to go for more colors? Whichever way you end up painting it, I’m sure it, too will be beautiful.


    • Hi, Emilie. Thank you as always for visiting my blog! Thank you as usual for the comment! I would love to paint the other set in many colors. I guess my friend likes my Imari painting. So, I might paint the set with a Japanese style. I’m not sure if it will be pretty, but I hope so too!!!!


  5. Alicia M. Rikert de Trabal Says:

    Me encantó el BLOG y las hermosos trabajos que haces, felicitaciones!

  6. Beautiful, as I always say.

  7. Its wonderful to see such beautiful painting, congratulations! Just wonderful and so many pieces to finish!
    You asked me on Facebook about the Convention in Sydney 2013. Well I am Chairperson and would love you to come and visit & display your work-bring some friends. We have Peter Faust , Filipe & 2
    Australain Artists as our Guest Artists. More information on that next year. you can catch up with information on our blog and soon our special blog for the Convention will be ready to view.
    Cheers Di

    • Wow, Di. Thanks for visiting my blog, and thank you so much for the comment! Yep, I’m very interested in it. I wanna go there with some friends. I wanna ask my American friend if she can go there or not first. I know that going to Australia from America is quite far. I’ve been Sydney once twenty years ago. I will take Filipe’s class next year in America. I can’t wait to catch up with the information! Of course, if I can go ( compared to going to America, going to Australia is much easier for me!), I will take some my artwork. I love Facebook. It always gives me many chances to meet new friends. I can get many informations about painting, painting schools, conventions and so on. I also can see many many beautiful paintings! I love your paintings. I’m looking forward to seeing yours more on Facebook. I also look forward to meeting you in person in Sydney! I would like to link your blog. Is it OK? After I receive your answer, I will link yours to mine!


  8. wow!!!
    you’re so amazing!!
    they are so so so beautiful!!!

  9. I love blue colours… This one fascinated me dear Yumi. Thank you, with my love, nia

    • Actually, painting in blue colors was sooooooooooooooo tough for me. I’ve been used to painting blue colors with Imari painting. However, it is still difficult for me. Somehome, blue colors are my weakness, lol.

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