The Arizona School

As you know, since I had a great time at the Arizona school, I would like to write about it today.

It was my second time to go to America this year. Compared to going to Michigan, Arizona was much more far for me. It almost took one day for me to arrive at the school. When I arrived at the school, I was exhausted. However, while I was checking in, I heard some-one’s voice that I was used to. It was my dear American firends’. It was our first time to meet in person again in four months! We hugged each other, and we are glad to meet again. While we were chatting, our teacher, San came to us to join us. We also hugged. I’m glad that he remembered me. He told me that since I was so funny last year, he couldn’t forget me. My first day was passing away while I was suffering from a big jet lag.

I took two San Do’s classes at the school. He is my favorite painter. I really love his techniques. He is a great painter and a good entertainer. He is really good at making everybody laugh. In this time he picked on me a lot too. Two of my American friends, San and I hanged out all the time. After school, we went out to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant several times. We also went to some antique malls. Thanks to him, I bought a wonderful antique miniature portraits. I am thinking that I would like to practice some miniature portraits with it.

When I attended the school last time, I couldn’t understand a group conversation. On the other hand, although I still couldn’t understand some parts, I could understand and joined some group conversations. I sometimes said strange things without realizing, and I entertained San and my classmates. I made a lot of friends there. I exchanged our e-mail addresses. After I returned from America, I became friends with some of them on Facebook.

My first class was a portrait. I painted it with San Do.
Since I have a good Spanish friend, I painted her while thinking of my Spanish friend. I named her Marisol because it is my Spanish friend’s name. San also liked the name, and we called her Marisol. The class was very interesting for me. We painted the portrait from a rough painting. It was very fun. I learned how to paint portraits from a rough painting in the class.

We painted her with the rough painting.

My second class was pansies. I also painted them with San Do. I took the class with my dear friend, Gay. She and I really enjoyed the class. I enjoyed painting the pansies with many strokes. I also learned how to create front-ground, middle-ground and background in a bouquet. Controlling hues, intensity and values, all of them are important for painting. Even in flowers and leaves, they also have forms. So, while thinking about these things, I painted my pansies. While looking at San’s painting way, I learned how to control hues, intensity and valuses;  how to create front-ground, middle-ground and backgound in a bouquket.

At the end of school, San told me that he liked me very much, and hugged me. I almost cried. I am planning to attend his private class with Gay next June. I’m really looking forward to meeting him again.

I learned a lot at the school, not only painting techniques but also how to communicate with people, American culture, American slang and so on from San, my classmates and my friends. After I learned new terms, I tried to use them in my conversations. I sometimes made people laugh even though I didn’t expect it.

I will go to the school next year with my American friends and take San’s classes again.


6 Responses to “The Arizona School”

  1. Alicia M. Rikert de Trabal Says:

    Bellísismos trabajos

  2. Gracias como siempre por comprobar hacia fuera mi obra de arte! Gracias como siempre por los comentarios maravilloso!

  3. I love your painting.I´d like to do things like that.

    • Hi, Marisol. Thanks for visiting my blog entry, Thanks for the comment! Some day, I would like to paint your real portrait. I will try to improve my painting skills more. And then, I will ask you if I could paint your portrait or not. So, until then, please wait for my offer!

  4. You are very talent on painting…. I am impressed so much. Beautiful, so beautiful… Thank you dear Yumi, with my love, nia

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