My Dresden Plates #3

Hello, friends! Long time no see. I am sorry I hadn’t updated my blog entries for a long time. As you know, I went to America to take some painting classes. I had been there for a month. First, I flied to Arizona to take two San Do’s classes with my American friends. I had a wonderful time there. I will write about the Arizona school next time. After school, I flied to Michigan with my friends and stayed at one of my friends’ house. It was also awesome. I really appreciate my friends.

Meanwhile, I would like to show my Dresden plates today. I painted them for my American friends. I have been learning the painting style in Japan. These plates are painted with one fire because I painted them with a quick dried medium. I have been using Japanese pink for my both Dresden and Nyon roses. The Japanese pink has gold in the color, so before firing, it looks darker and kind of dirty. On the other hand, after firing, it changes very bright and high intensity pink. I love the cute pink!

I also painted the Nyon roses for my American friends. They are also painted with one fire.

I especially like the piggy bank. While I was in my American friend’s house, I painted it.


7 Responses to “My Dresden Plates #3”

  1. Alicia M. Rikert de Trabal Says:

    Me han gustado mucho tus piezas, hermosa y detalladamente pintadas . Son trabajos maravillosos, felicitaciones. Espero sigas subiendo fotos de tus trabajos en el muro “Porcelana, un Arte”. Gracias, saludos

    • Muchas gracias por el comentario. Yo había estado en Estados Unidos por un tiempo. Es por eso que Ic ouldn’t actualizado mi blog de ​​arte. Me gusta este estilo de pintura. Además, me encanta aprender diferentes estilos de pintura diferentes en todo el mundo. Por supuesto, seguiré publicando mis fotos obra de arte en la pared de Facebook, también!

  2. Hello! As always, this is beautiful work! I am amazed at how you were able to do the same design on very different objects. Have you thought about selling some of these pieces?
    = )

    • Hi, Melanie. Long time no see. How have you been?

      Thanks for asking. I started to think to sell some of my artwork. I’m also thinking that I would like to have my own art show. I will go to Canada next year with two of my American friends to attend a porcelain painting show. Although I don’t say that I would like to have a selling booth in the show to them yet, I would like to have it there! It sounds interesting and exciting!!!

  3. Hi.Yumiko.
    Thanku for tell me ur exciting blog. its so beautiful and fabulous. and study english for me. i love roses. so i always practice in paint all kinds of roses. but its very hard….. i do study on the model of ur works. im looking forward to see ur amazing works. good luck~ Hiroko

    • Hi, Hiroko-san. Thanks for the wonderful comment. My written English never sounds perfect. So, be careful if you would like to learn English from me. However, if my artwork and my English made you motivate up, it’s my pleasure. Thanks for encouraging me. Yes, I will try my best! I will update my next blog entry in three days. So, please keep on visiting my blog!


    • Hirokoさん、日本語で失礼します。実は私、日本語のブログも持っていまして、よかったらそちらもチェックしてください。日本語のブログでは完成作品は、アップしておりません。英語のブログと違って、日々のこと、英語のこと、絵付けのこと、アメリカ旅行記などこちらの英語の絵付けブログで書かない(実はもう一つ英語のブログを持っていまして、そちらでは、日本の文化を紹介していますが、そちらは、たぶんご興味ないと思いますので、省略させていただきます。)ことをつぶやいております^^。



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