My Bird Painting: Baltimore Oriole

I would love to show my bird painting:  Baltimore Oriole today. I painted it from an American bird magazine. The bird is one of wild birds in America. It has very pretty orange colors. I have not seen the birds in Japan. I prefer painting American wild birds because there are lots of colorful birds: Blue Joy, Cardinal, Baltimore Oriole and so on. Most of our wild birds are brown-ish. Of course, we also have some pretty wild birds like Japanese crane.     

It was my first time to paint on a vase. I designed the pattern to my vase. Although I wanted to paint the bird with an American painting style, somehow, I painted it with an European painting style. I paited it with only one fire.


15 Responses to “My Bird Painting: Baltimore Oriole”

  1. magnifique belle réalisation

  2. Wow, it looks soooooooooooo good!

    It looks so real.
    I can’t believe how talented you have become.

    I think everyone who reads the bird magazine will be so surprised to see such beautiful artwork of a bird native to America, that is actually painted by someone who lives on the other side of the planet.

    • Hi, Matt. Thanks as always to encourage me a lot. You are really one of my closest friends. I am happy that you can find some reality on my bird painting. Actually, calenders and magazines are good resauces for me to paint.

  3. Vitor batista Says:

    Sempre há uma maneira de apresentar um pássaro. Bem criativo, tenho de dar os parabens por está magnifica obra. Continue ardualmente. Vitor Batista Joinville Brasil

    • Hi, Vitor. Thanks as always to see my art blog and leave some comments! I really appreciate you! Thanks for the wonderful comment!! I am happy to have you as my friend!!!

  4. Emilie Wiley Says:

    Great job, Yumi!!!!

    See you soon.


    • Emilie!!!! I am really looking forward to seeing you in person! I am sorry I haven’t send you an e-mail yet. I definitly will send it to you later. Today my French friend shared a very exciting website with me on Facebook. We can buy a very cute and unique goose pottery there. Go to my wall on FB, and look at the link. I guess that you also love the ceramic. Actually, I have a good friend who is an builingul of French and English. So, after I will ask him how to buy it, I will share the way with you later! Can’t wait!!!!

  5. Your bird is beautiful Yumi.

    • Hi, Jane. Thanks as always to look at my art work, and leave wonderful comments on my every blog entries! I will fly to America in five days. So, I won’t long in FB over for a month, and I also won’t update this blog over for a month. I will miss you. I will try to send you an e-mail while I am in America! Talk to you soon!!!

  6. marilia goes Says:

    Parabens…lindo trabalho. O passaro ta perfeito. Parece que vai alçar voo a qualquer hora

    • Hi, Marilia. Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my art blog and take a look. I really appreciate you. Thank you also for leaving the comment! I am very happy if my painting bird seems to be alive and almost fly out. It’s really neat!!!

  7. Hi,
    great job-))) Really realistic – nice colors.

    I would like to ask you could you please share with me which brand of porcelain and colors, brushes…. do you use ?


    • Hi, Hana. Thanks for the comment. Basically, I have been using normal and cheap pottery because I would love to practice more. I have been using colors that I can buy in Japan. When I go to America, I buy some colors, but basically, I have been using colors made in Japan. I have been using Japanese brushes for painting portraits and Japanese style of painting. I have been using Winsor Newton (That is a British brand name )for painting with a European painting style. When I paint with an American painting style, although it depends on the objects, painting styles and my moods, I tend to use Japanese brushes and San Do’s brushes. I am not sure if my these answers will help you or not. So, if you can’t understand, feel free to ask me again.

      • Hi, Hana. Thanks for subscribing my art blog. I have to say something to you. I flied to America yesterday, and I arrived here safely today. I will sill stay here for a month. So, I provably won’t be able to update my blog enries in a month. So, see you again after I return to Japan!

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